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    Hi Rhea I am so a NEWBIE. I have been told by a couple of members that you might be able to help me in my plight. Perhaps if you can take a look at my site, www.ktllogistics.co.uk you will see what I have done so far..which is pretty much done through the admin tool on my pc. When it comes to doing all the other stuff I hit a brick wall because I cant get to the locations on my server that start with /catalog/etcetera. This morning I was told to download filezilla, which I have done and installed it BUT I still cant see/find the folders that I need to work with for my site. I have read the forum posts but have been unable to find the exact assistance that I need. Can you point me in the redirection? I would be happy to give you my cpanel username and password if that would help? I did try to message you but that didnt work..sorry