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  1. r00ki3

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    Hey All, I'm currently using the AJAX Attribute manager succesfully. However recently I came across a small problem concerning the use of the prefix and price. Now when I have for example a certain size which costs the customer €10 more, I fill in + 8,40. The 8,40 is calculated by myself...10/1+tax rate. Instead of calculating it everytime...is there an option to just fill in +10 and it adds just 10 to the price instead of calculating the tax etc. in it. I've been looking in the code but could not find the code where I can define this. Any suggestion/help is appreciated! Thnx. Martin
  2. r00ki3

    Header Tags SEO

    I've just installed header tags 3.2.1. (latest version) on a shop (version MS2). Everything works fine as far as I can see...but ERROR_FAILED_FILE_OPEN appears at the top of my screen when clicking on the header tags section in the admin panel. Also the layout of the header tags section doesn't look like the screenshot provided in the package... All the items and options appears with the following format: HEADING_TITLE_SEO, HEADING_TITLE_SEO_PAGENAME etc. It's like the shop can't get the descriptions that are defined somehow. Anyone knows how to tackle this problem? Every single piece of help and feedback would be appreciated!! Thnx in advance...
  3. I solved the problems by installing an earlier version. Version 2.1d is installed now...without any problems. The only thing I still have question about is the url. For instance when I click a product the url is like http://domain/catalog/diesel-polo-p-237.html The category where the product is in is not generated in the url. When I go to a category....let's say: Kids clothing > Boys > *Brand* the url becomes like this: http://domain/catalog/-c-21_25.html What I would like to see is something like: http://shop.joujou-kinderkleding.nl/catalo...s-brand123.html Is that possible? Thanx in advance!
  4. Yes I'm sure I did... I even removed all the files and SQL stuff and started all over again...still no effect! If it doesn't work somehow...I've to find another SEO contribution. Thnx anyway...
  5. RTFM I would say.... How about the latest version?
  6. Normally...yes...but not in this case This is what I have in the Configuration section: My Store Minimum Values Maximum Values Images Customer Details Shipping/Packaging Product Listing Stock Logging Cache E-Mail Options Download GZip Compression Sessions Ideal Any other ideas? Thnx!
  7. Dear All, I just installed Ultimate SEO URL's 2.6 on a osCommerce 2.2-MS2 webshop. I followed all the steps which are in the manual...but somehow when I login in the admin section of the webshop I don't have the option to setup the configuration for the SEO URLs I couldn't find at which step they added the option to the admin section... Can somebody help me out? I'm running a dutch version...Maybe it's somewhere in the language files? I've got no Idea... Suggestions are more then welcome! Thnx
  8. Hey All, I installed Ultimate pics 2.08...but after the install the catalog and categories section in the admin area shows blank!! I replaced the admin/categories.php with the original file and luckily it was working again...but without any functionality of UltraPics 2.08...of course. With a "checking-differences-in-code" piece of software I was able to go trough the file step by step and I changed the original file step by step with the code available in the Ultrapics 2.08 file. With every change I made I checked if my catalog and categories section in the admin area still worked... I figured out that it goes wrong around line 964 in admin/categories.php As soon as I change the original file with this code it goes wrong...: <?php if (ULTIMATE_ADDITIONAL_IMAGES == 'enable') { $image_med_count_query = tep_db_query("select count(*) as total from " . TABLE_PRODUCTS . " where products_image='" . $pInfo->products_image_lrg . "' or products_image_med='" . $pInfo->products_image_lrg . "' or products_image_lrg='" . $pInfo->products_image_lrg . "'"); $image_med_count = tep_db_fetch_array($image_med_count_query); ?> I haven't seen any strange behaviour in the database or something...so I really don't know what causes the blank screen... As I'm not really a die-hard coder, I can't see what's wrong with the code...but somehow this code stops my catalog/categories section in the admin area from working! If there is someone who can help me with this...I would really appreciate that! Thnx!