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    I am fairly new at this and have installed OSCommerce for about the 6th time. This time I've got the design correct and installed the Clear Cart Button In Cart contribution. My site provides English, German and Spanish versions of our shop (THE LIGHTHOUSE--starchild1.co.uk/mirages). Everyhing works fine in clearing the cart on all language versions. However the image is missing on the German an Spanish language versions. On those versions all hat appears is the space with text (Clear Cart) where the image is supposed to appear. Although it does work how can I have the Clear Cart button image also appear on the German and Spanish language versions? Desperately in need of help please!! Thank you! Starchild1 starchild1@starchild1.co.uk
  2. Hi: I uploaded the file in his package (SHOW SUB CATEGORIES) to: catalog/incles/boxes. My store home page does now show the expanded Categories an Sub_Categories List in the infobox on the left as I wanted it. But it has deleted all my images in the infobox on the left repacing them with a square with a red X where the image once was. It only affected the images in the Category/Sub-Category infobox on the left ONLY. On the site and product pages the images still appear fine. I've tried renaming the Categories, Sub-Categories, Images and trying that. The Category/Rename takes effect but still no image appears other than the square with the red X in the center. I've triedadding a TEST Category with an all new Image. The Test Category does appear but still no image..just the square with the red X. I've tried adding a test category without an image. The test category does appear but it still shows the square with the red X. Help please as this makes the store very tacky and cheap looking. If you want to see how it looks just key in: starchild1.co.uk/starshine You do no need to key in the (http://) Very desperate :blink: :o :blink: