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  1. Well I am loving the contrib, here are some bugs/issues that I have came across. When I hit the PC Site button it will redirect me to the PC website but after doing that I can not get back to the mobile site. I have tried this on 2 iPhones. Clearing cache, history and cookies on the iPhone don't help. I am guessing it's a session issue. It must save the session and not reset it. I went into the SQL and deleted the sessions that were there and the website worked fine. To offer an option to get back to the mobile site until the session expires I placed a link at the bottom of the PC Site called "Mobile Site". I decided to name my directory "m" instead of "mobile" so I had to go into the mobile_redirect.php and change var $mobileDir = "mobile/"; to var $mobileDir = "m/"; If for some reason your site redirects incorrectly then try doing that as well as make sure your configure.php file is set up correctly. Instead of commenting out the file that is called for the AJAX function in each file I just created empty files called categories_js.php, account_js.php and about_js.php and deleted the others. This way I would not have to comment out the line in every single file in the mobile folder. I really hope to see the AJAX come back, I was loving it in the demo. Really makes for a native iPhone feel. I am not a PHP pro but I have been using OSCommerce since 2001 and a web designer since 1997, if I can help in any way please let me know. Thanks! Jerad http://www.google.com/profiles/hill.jerad
  2. I figured it out. I manually added the changes to admin/categories.php and the error went away. I believe that the file provided has some additional addon that was included in that file causing the error. Make the changes by comparing the files and only adding what you see inside the comments and you will get it to work.
  3. I am getting the same error. Anyone know of a fix?