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  1. To be honest, I'm not too sure on how it works with the "show prices with taxes included" part of OSC and I'm also not sure what else was changed on your installation. If I set my shop to display prices with taxes, it still works as it was intended to; it shows taxes if someone's logged in and part of any of our zones where charge taxes, or no taxes if they are not.
  2. I took a look a the last version and it's a simple matter of the omitted parts in the query. In your shopping cart look for the query that begins like this: $gift_query = tep_db_query("SELECT fg.*, p.products_id, p.products_model, p.products_price, p.products_image, Then add " p.products_tax_class_id, " Next look for this line: if ($gift['products_id'] != $gift_exists && $deficit <= 0) { // this particular gift is not in cart but qualifies and change the line after that to this: $freebie[$p]['message'] .= sprintf(TEXT_QUALIFIED_FOR_GIFT, $currencies->display_price($gift['threshold'],tep_get_tax_rate($gift['products_tax_class_id']))); The change above will populate the line as it should when they've spend enough money for a gift e.g. "By spending over $100.00 you have qualified for the following gift! " You'll have to make one more change to show folks how much they have yet to spend to get the gift: Look for the line: if ($gift['products_id'] != $gift_exists) { // this particular gift is not in cart and change the line below it to: $freebie[$p]['message'] .= sprintf(TEXT_CLOSE_TO_FREE_GIFT, $currencies->display_price($deficit,tep_get_tax_rate($gift['products_tax_class_id']))); Sorry, I don't have line numbers to reference for you as my shopping cart page is almost completely rewritten, however, the above references should be good enough.
  3. foodawgmi

    One Page Checkout Support

    P.S. You are damn right about dynamo's checkout - it's freaking class! Works and has a ton of features. I just purchased it for the hell of it and it took all about 12 minutes to install (from time of order to installation). I'd post the link in here but I think that might be against forum rules. For anyone interested (and serious) in having a top notch and working one-page checkout feature, look up dynamoeffects.
  4. foodawgmi

    One Page Checkout Support

    No worries Steve! I somehow made the link since there are quite a lot of references to their "Rental" scripts and the older Single page checkout, including distinct formatting of comments (your credits from the old script and other scripts available by itWeb, including their source throughout their site). I honestly don't care how much it costs, as long as it gets done properly and on time. To me its not an issue anymore since it has been adapted to our store. I'd just rather give some one involved in the project a chance to make some money first :)
  5. foodawgmi

    One Page Checkout Support

    steve_s/it Web"experts" since you're the "provider" of this script I have a question for you which I'll post here since I have never received a response from your website: Is the $350 script posted on your website the exact same script you posted as the "One Page Checkout" contribution? And is it cleaned up (all the unused variables and references to your "renter" script)? I'm asking because if I purchase it, I would not want to have to spend more time on cleaning it up and getting it to work. Any answers would be greatly appreciated.
  6. foodawgmi


    You're right. I think I'll just leave off my additions This contribution works best as is. Since I put it up on a live store (early this morning), and within 6 hours we've had a little over 13 quote requests and only 2 of them included 2 products or more and everything went fine. Right now I'm only making the quote option visible to users with a certain amount of purchases over a specific dollar amount. With some more testing I'll open it up to the general public.
  7. foodawgmi


    In regards to the customer notification, I think that's probably a good option to not have it send out automatically. I just did not see an option from the front-end on where that could be done. At least on my side (unless my browser isn't handling it right) the notification parts are not functional. I'm not too worried about it as it's probably just a minor tweak. This is what I've done so far - I'll send it to you first and you can decide if you want to add it to your package. From the admin side: when an admin creates the quote it prepopulates the necessary fields in the quote (new product sku, old price, description(s) etc). I still have clean out some of my code as it includes over 30 different fields per product listing in use by this specific OSC implementation and I have no clue what the original categories.php file was like. I guess it would be easier for redistribution and compatibility if I used a pristine installation. If only I had an extra 4 hours per day :( Now that I think about it, the change I made above will only work for 1 (unique) product - Right now it only populates the quote with the first product from the list so my change is pretty much useless for multples (1 blue widget, 1 green widget and 1 red widget). Was your vision of the quote (admin side) to function as a package deal in the case of multiple products? Anyway, that's one of the changes I made so far.
  8. foodawgmi


    Jack, (Limited feedback) Very interesting contribution - I've spend all about 10 minutes installing this on a heavily modified OSC 2.2a installation and it works almost flawless. At least all the functionality is in place from the customers end. The customer is able to request a quote on a single product (not what's actually in the shopping cart). After an admin creates the quote it is available for the customer to see and he/she is able to proceed through the whole checkout process. Great! (First impressions) Some things I have not seen happen yet (and I must admit I have not gone through every line of code from the admin side yet): 1. the customer does not get notified when a quote has been created (not even sure if that is an option; if not, I can add that easily if required) 2. multiple products can not be added to the quote yet (again, should not be an issue for us either) 3. you have some kickass contributions and you are a great asset to the OSC community! If I find anything else to add (codewise or comments) I will send them your way for your perusal. -Wlad.
  9. foodawgmi


    That's because you're looking at the South Pole :) Set your correct long/lat values in the admin area and it will work.