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  1. Ok... heart attack narrowly avoided! :blink: The problem is not with SecPay or osCommerce (obviously... how could I doubt them!) The problem is in server configuration. But I don't know what. We have two hosting accounts with DSVR and one of them behaves, the other one does not. If I had time to work out what that difference was, I would glady post the details here but I don't unfortunately so I will just have to say, watch out and don't dismiss your server as 'perfect' just because things have all worked up to now. Now on to the other problems... :rolleyes: Nik
  2. Hi you guys, I hope someone can help. I have a cart that is based on osC 2.2MS, using SecPay as a payment gateway. We use DSVR.co.uk's hosting facilities. I have made modifications to the code, contributions etc BUT I also have a *clean* install in which the same problem occurs. The problem is that when I get a callback from SecPay the credit card transaction fails every time. This is NOT the same problem as the original SecPay callback problem with the reverse DNS lookup (php: "are you secpay.com?") error. However the resulting error is the same. I get: Credit Card Error! There has been an error processing your credit card. Please try again. I have consulted SecPay (at some length) regarding this problem but as yet they have not been able to determine the cause of the problem. They have provided me with an exact copy of the result from the callback script on their server. > http://MYSITE.co.uk/checkout_process.php?valid=true&trans_id=MY_IDENTITY20040312033650&code=A&auth_code=9999&amount=94.98&ip= st_status=true&osCsid=93de201628bf4dc43a06e4b86e4e67ba&hash=08e9b7a2a771f073 486f477c861e93d8 However, when I paste this code into my browser and attempt the transaction manually - it is successful! WTF? This is giving me an ulcer. I really need some help... TIA Nik