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  1. cpe

    photo gallery for oscommerce

    I may have missed it, but was there an update released that allows you to specify a max number of photos per page? Right now they all load on a single page, which takes a while. Thanks!
  2. cpe

    Paypal Direct Payments Pro Info Needed Badly!

    I also have Paypal direct payments for CC processing in addition to Paypal Express. For whatever reason (that I can't find), the user receives a "Transaction Can Not Be Processed" message after inputting their CC information and are kicked back into the shopping cart. Paypal Express and Paypal Pro use the same set of API codes, and I'm at a loss whay this is happening. I can only process CC payments through the virtual terminal. It's quite frustrating, particularly that neither I or my webmaster can seem to find the cause...
  3. I know the Thawte SSL is installed correctly, and I only have one set of Paypal account API details (used for both Express and Direct Payment modules) I don't know what exactly CURL is, but it's located at /usr/bin/curl, so it must be installed. How/where would I look for the "request sent and response" information you're asking for? I didn't do any of the site coding but probably could muddle through it if I knew where to look. Thanks!
  4. We've had an issue since rebuilding the store into OSC, where each online CC transaction ends with a "This transaction cannot be processed." message with all CC payments. This message appears after the "Checkout Confirmation" page and loops the user back into their shopping cart. We ARE able to complete transactions using the Paypal Express checkout, so I know the API information is correct (it's the same for both setups from Paypal). We're using version 1.1 of the PayPal Website Payments Pro (US) Direct Payments contribution and for right now are only able to process CC orders over the phone through Paypal's virtual terminal. Basically bypassing the site altogether. I've turned back on the ability to pay via CC for purposes of this thread, but we've left this option off the site until now due to this error. We also have a Thawte SSL certificate, but we had these payment issues both before and after the certificate was issued. Thanks in advance for any possible help on this! http://www.crawfordperformanceengineering.com Brett