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  1. Hi there just setting up a fresh install from scratch Bootstrap Edge on a php7 server. I have run into 403 error at the second part of the install install/install.php?step=2 So all the first bit is fine database etc and then client denied by server configuration: /var/www/vhosts/*************/httpdocs/*****/install/install.php, referer: http://www.*************/******/install/install.php
  2. @@frankl @@rudolfl This sounds very promising I have the time but unfortunately not the skills. If there is a framework somewhere... I may be able to work it through but I think it will be a bit beyond my skills. Happy to have a look and a go but if there are others on here who would also like to try that would be great.
  3. @@rudolfl @@frankl Hi there, I have had a reply from ZipPay and they want to have a chat re-integration and have asked for a number to contact. I was hoping someone here with much more knowledge than me could volunteer to speak with them. I don't want to stuff up the chance to get us all onboard. Doug
  4. That is awesome :lol: :thumbsup: (w00t) Does that mean it also runs on earlier versions of PHP as well or just 7 and up.. (please excuse my ignorance) Thanks for all the work Doug
  5. Hi there, as a matter of interest up to what php version does Bootstrap Gold currently work with? and also Edge as currently exists on GitHub. The other point is upto which php version and also backwards compatible does edge work with. So if your server is currently compatible with php 5.5 and you want to future proof and install edge etc what is the php range back and forth. Doug
  6. Happy Easter A simple question I hope and not to tricky for your chocolate infused brains. I am trying to identify on checkout_confirmation when PayPal payment is the method being used. It is for affiliate code so I can check paypal sales match up. I have this code... if (tep_session_is_registered('cart_PayPal_Standard_ID')){} It correctly identifies PayPal on checkout confirmation but I just wondered if there is another way... A better way? Doug
  7. @@rudolfl wow how did you manage that.. I got a flat no. When I said I was on Oscommerce they said no new APIs and it was an internal issue. I didnt even hear back from Zipay Good luck ...let us know how you go :thumbsup:
  8. @@rudolfl sounds great.. but won't you need a merchant id etc
  9. .@@BrockleyJohn "It's not as if they can tell what code is on the other end of the api calls" that is what I thought too.
  10. Hi there this response from AfterPay (below) will see what zipay say "Hi Douglas, Thanks for letting us know. However, for now we're not in the position to on-board any custom APIs. We'll let you know when this policy changes. Kind regards Matt"
  11. @@frankl I have applied to Afterpay so lets see what happens Doug :thumbsup: Also signed up with Zipay.
  12. @@Sam-AUST Maybe we could see how many AU merchants on here would be interested in Zipay or Afterpay..get together and get one coded? Or is there a module for another cart we can get our hands on to see what needs to be done?
  13. @@Sam-AUST @@frankl Hi guys any more info on these companies and or modules Doug:->
  14. I see so nice and quick. Did you set it up on a test shop, or just run the query Doug
  15. @@John W what is the 3 total? Doug