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  1. Thanks for your help much appreciated
  2. Hey thanks so much.. Works like a charm. Does ot_total also include postage cost?
  3. Hi there I am looking for a way to pull order values for a particular county (New Zealand) between a set of dates. Ultimately I would like to create a report in admin but for now does anyone know or point me toward an SQL statement I could run against the database. many thanks Doug
  4. Hi there just wondered if you would like to share the code.. sounds great
  5. PHP

    I wish everything did magically update, was always correct, worked across all browsers and was individually what I need..... and every customers order was worth $100,000,000... Could this be incorporated into the next version please.
  6. PHP

  7. PHP

    Can I just check that if you go here... and then scroll down to the Edge: does that give you the most up to date version of edge?
  8. Hi Frank just tried the ajax add to cart ... very nice congrats
  9. That is how I have made everything in my shop... and when it gets to hard I ask / pay a coder to help
  10. Hmmm make absolutely sure that both sides match and make sure you are in live and not sandbox (very easy to confuse the 2 in settings). Only boxes ticked for me at paypal are basic info and address info and further down seamless checkout and allow customers who have not yet confirmed.
  11. and he entered the url and it was goooood thanks Frank
  12. cool just as you wrote that i found it
  13. is that at Linked in or in the osc files /ezsocial
  14. Awesome little Mod