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  1. PHP

    I wish everything did magically update, was always correct, worked across all browsers and was individually what I need..... and every customers order was worth $100,000,000... Could this be incorporated into the next version please.
  2. PHP

  3. PHP

    Can I just check that if you go here... and then scroll down to the Edge: does that give you the most up to date version of edge?
  4. Hi Frank just tried the ajax add to cart ... very nice congrats
  5. That is how I have made everything in my shop... and when it gets to hard I ask / pay a coder to help
  6. Hmmm make absolutely sure that both sides match and make sure you are in live and not sandbox (very easy to confuse the 2 in settings). Only boxes ticked for me at paypal are basic info and address info and further down seamless checkout and allow customers who have not yet confirmed.
  7. and he entered the url and it was goooood thanks Frank
  8. cool just as you wrote that i found it
  9. is that at Linked in or in the osc files /ezsocial
  10. Awesome little Mod
  11. I had many problems with email delivery, spam boxes, blacklisted (shared hosting). All the things people above are talking about. Swapping to Mandrill made them go away. The other issue was what my server could deal with eg emails per hour etc. If I needed to send out review requests I would have to make sure they didn't go out in a big block... just lots of little issues that I now don't have to worry about. Also I can see if an email has been delivered and if not resend etc. Mandrill is just the one i went for there are others.
  12. I use a Mandrill add-on Gary made which works very well. All store emails are sent through Mandrill review requests etc. I now wouldn't be without it.
  13. Vital point .. account creation option should come at the end of the process (if a customer wants to)
  14. if ($calculate_currency_value == true) { $rate = (tep_not_null($currency_value)) ? $currency_value : $this->currencies[$currency_type]['value']; $format_string = $this->currencies[$currency_type]['symbol_left'] .'<span style="white-space: nowrap;">'. number_format(tep_round($number * $rate, $this->currencies[$currency_type]['decimal_places']), $this->currencies[$currency_type]['decimal_places'], $this->currencies[$currency_type]['decimal_point'], $this->currencies[$currency_type]['thousands_point']) .'<small style="padding-left: 5px;">'. $this->currencies[$currency_type]['symbol_right'].'</small>'; } else { $format_string = $this->currencies[$currency_type]['symbol_left'] .'<span style="white-space: nowrap;">'. number_format(tep_round($number, $this->currencies[$currency_type]['decimal_places']), $this->currencies[$currency_type]['decimal_places'], $this->currencies[$currency_type]['decimal_point'], $this->currencies[$currency_type]['thousands_point']) .'<small style="padding-left: 5px;">'. $this->currencies[$currency_type]['symbol_right'].'</small>'; } return $format_string; } So for anyone reading this. This is what I have perfect thank-you
  15. i get a white-space: no-wrap; is an invalid property when i look in developer tools It does however all work fine.