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  1. Hi, Just installed Better Together on (a heavily modded) osc 2.2. The order_total module works fine, displays and deducts the discount but for the life of me I can't get the marketing code to work in product_info.php, no error message, it simply doesn't display anything. A quick check of the source code in the final page shows that the the code is being processed since " <!-- bof Better Together Marketing --> <!-- eof Better Together Marketing -->" appears, but nothing else. I tried replacing some of the code in the expression just to test where the problem is, First I tried; require(DIR_FS_CATALOG. 'better_together_marketing.php'); if (sizeof($bt_strings) > 0) { echo '<tr><td>Test</td></tr>'; } Still nothing, but I had a hunch that it wasn't obtaining the correct value for sizeof($bt_strings) and tried; require(DIR_FS_CATALOG. 'better_together_marketing.php'); if (sizeof($bt_strings) == 0) { echo '<tr><td>Test</td></tr>'; } Sure enough the "Test" text appeared when I reloaded the ammended product_info.php. Really scratching my head on this, I'm no PHP expert but neither am I a complete novice and this seems to be about the simplest mod I've ever installed for OSC! I know it's a tall order but anything at all anyone can suggest would be great.