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  1. After checking out the SQL this is definitely the fix for the missing "Session?" and "Referer?" info/icons on version 3.6.6 (Just required a few minutes to propagate) To fix this download version 3.5.4 by Steve Dallas and copy the file catalog/includes/functions/whos_online.php and upload to your store. Lovely stuff!
  2. Oh crap, here we are again. Just installed the ULTIMATE SEO URLS 5 and great stuff everything working exceptionally well. BUT!!! When clicking the 'Details' button it produces the 'PRODUCT NOT FOUND' page. In the usual manor I have scanned the forum and tinternet for an answer but with no positive results, lots of talk about server mods and work arounds to display a message on the 'PNF' page. Of course clicking the title and image produces the desired product information, but as we all know most customers are not always the brightest of buttons. So my question is: has there been a solution to this 'PNF' problem, what is the most likely cause and does Jesus play the guitar. All educated or experienced help appreciated, random guesses just at to confusion so just the facts please. Thanks in advance, Henlow!