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  1. hlee

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    I was got the same problem, since I change the setting in admin then I solved the problem. Try this: admin --> localization --> order status --> Preparing Paypal --> edit --> and un-tick everything --> update. It's working for me. You can try, if not work then put it back again to original and hopefully other member can help you. Good Luck
  2. hlee

    All Customers Report

    Sorry... I shouldn't forget about this at the first place. Many thanks as well to everyone who involved to build this contribution, especially to Jared. Well done.......... :)
  3. hlee

    All Customers Report

    Hi Jack, Thank you very much for this contribution. Very useful, easy to install and easy to customize. All work good on 2.2 RC2a God bless you.
  4. hlee


    Very useful contribution, easy to understand and clear installation instruction. All working perfectly except everytime running "Execute Sitemonitor" (middle update button) I get two emails (run without cron job), but totally is not a hassle at all for me. Thanks for the author (Jack), two thumbs up for you. God bless you.
  5. hlee

    Checking File Permissions

    I would lilke to say thank you to Geoffrey Walton for the contribution which is very useful. Very clear instruction, easy to follow. Now can control file and folder permission easily and safe a lot of time. Once again thanks Geoffrey for the good work. GOD Bless you.
  6. hlee

    Sitemap SEO

    Very good contribution, very easy to install and clear installation instruction. Now need to find out how to use it :rolleyes: Thanks Jack for the good contribution. :)
  7. Hallelujah, finally I found the answer here after spent almost the whole day. Thanks GOD and thanks to you MIKE. (Almost three years since your post, but anyway there is someone still want to say thanks to you)
  8. hlee

    how to install templates

    Hi everyone, Until now I don't get that pdf file and forget about it. I think better try to search on Youtube. You will get the idea from there as well about installing templete and don't forget from osCommerse website you will find a lot of informations there. Thanks
  9. hlee

    how to install templates

    Hi, Could you or anyone send me copy of pdf, "how to install templetes" please. My email: hendralee788@hotmail.com Thanks