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  1. zonk675

    [Contribution] U HTML Emails

    Nice contribution....but... Does anyone have a working solution to using this with Paypal Standard? From what I saw on this forum, the last questions by Omnigag were never answered. Any help would be great. Thanks, zOnk
  2. I'm checking back on this one. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance, zOnk
  3. zonk675

    Printing USPS Labels

    I've been moved to the production server, so I'm all set up....but I still would like someone to let me know how labels are handled. Once the customer goes through checkout, how do I go about printing labels? I'm using the Paypal Payments Standard module and USPS. Thanks *with almost 300 views, I'm sure there are others that would like info on this as well
  4. zonk675

    Printing USPS Labels

    I'd like to know about this as well. I'm waiting to be transferred to the 'production server' at USPS, but I'd like to know where and how labels are printed, etc. once customers order. Any info would be great :) -zOnk
  5. Hi...I'm trying to set up my shop so that only free stuff (specials) are displayed on the index page. I've set up the Specials on Index and Categories V2.2 contribution, which works nice, but I need to be able to only display specials that are marked to $0. I'd like to keep 'free' specials displayed on the front page, and then on the actual specials page, all specials could be displayed. Is this possible? Is there another way to do this that is recommended? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks for reading, zOnk :)