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  1. Lins

    Product Description 1.3

    Hello, thank you for a great contribution. I have one small formatting issue and was wondering if maybe someone could point me to the right location to fix it. The product name above my description is spaced over one. See here: http://jenenichelle.com/bracelets-c-22.html Anyone know how I can "backspace" my product's name? Thanks.
  2. I just wanted to post a common problem I see people have here and what I did which fixed it. My problem was similar to what the person above mentioned: After installing this contribution (v. 2.6) on my osCommerce site version 2.2 RC2, I would see that my urls were now structured properly for seo (i.e. http://www.jenenichelle.com/necklaces-c-21.html) but I would get an Error 500 message returned from the server. The problem was in my .htaccess file. My .htaccess fix: Knowing that mod rewrite was enabled on my server I figured out that my fix was to comment out the Options +FollowSymLinks So the first part of my .htaccess file in regards to this contribution looks like this: #Options +FollowSymLinks RewriteEngine On RewriteBase / Now it works just fine. It all depends on how your server is set up.