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  1. At last, I've found a solution. I did what you say and I've realized while the images were centered, some tables were wrapped. I've tested setting widths from 100%(original) to 10% and I saw they were fixed. Then I've checked some other products with videos and longer description and soon I've realized that many products were perfectly shown in that way. So, I wrote some empty <br> tags to see what happens. Nothing... then I centered with <center> tag the empty <br> tags and voila! Everything works fine! I don't understand what is the problem but if it will work in that way, it doesn't mind me. I feel bad because I'm thinking that it's not an AI issue and I bothered you with this a lot. Sorry and Thank you for giving me a point to fix it!
  2. I've made the changes and the problem didn't fixed. On Firefox only it took the images to the left (was centered before) and nothing on IE (still overflow to the left). After that I changed from admin section (with the new settings): Product Info: Table alignment left (was center) and the image now is shown as the Firefox (aligned to the left). But still it has an overflow, like the "buy now" button still overflows... Thanks for helping me on this!
  3. I don't know. I've tried both of the possible fixes but it didn't work. Removing the position style just disappears the image under the page borders. :unsure:
  4. I have done some research and I've found some interesting stuff... First I think the issue can be found somewhere here... When I wrote "css position relative internet explore" on google I found a lot of similar issues because of differential handling of css on IE! :angry: Here you can see what I mean... http://snook.ca/archives/html_and_css/posi...ve_overflow_ie/ Unfortunately my programming skills are so bad and I can't figure out a solution. If anyone can give me a hint, I will appreciate it!
  5. Like I described an issue here: http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?act...amp;pid=1348639 and then replied in the quote below... I thought the problem was gone, but it didn't. Still, IE shows the picture of some products out of the borders of main page on the right. Example of working product info page: http://www.coolmodels.gr/microfilou-p-77.html Example of non-working product info page: http://www.coolmodels.gr/easyflyelectric-p-73.html Makes me think that only the products with multiple images are shown well... Thanks for your assistant!
  6. MarD

    Custom Product Builder

    Hello, what's the issues with SEO URL's? I'm using SEO URL's on my site and I wonder if this contribution work. Thanks.
  7. My problems are now solved! "Paypal Logo" infobox contribution caused that problem and when I removed it everything worked fine! Dunno why but I'm sure it wasn't Additional images bug. Thanks again for the great Contribution and sorry If I placed my posts in wrong place. I didn't got used to that new style of the forum yet but I will.
  8. Hi again. After a while using additional images and testing with Firefox browser, I saw a very strange behavior with Internet Explorer (version 6 and above) when in some products where I've added more than one pictures, puts them out of the border on the right. On Firefox works fine! example product info(working fine): http://www.coolmodels.gr/beltcprtf-p-31.html example products info(not working): http://www.coolmodels.gr/extra330lkit-p-33.html Also IE says I have syntax errors. I didn't found any but it says it's around there: If anyone could help me??? I'm gonna officially open my business this week... Thanks in advance. Marios
  9. MarD

    Live Support phpOnline

    I have the same problem with no image. I'm using Additional images contribution. Flash option works but always shows online status. Any suggestions? Thanks, Marios.
  10. 1) see mine. http://www.coolmodels.gr/coolModels (I don't use pop up windows) 2) You can keep your existing pictures and generate thumb, medium and pop images or/and add more images. Product descriptions aren't touched at all. 3) I'm using "restrict image sizes" option for additional images contribution and takes the values from admin -> configuration -> images hope that helped
  11. if you used other contributions or either it's just another version of what additional images has build on then you will have different code. It's not a problem, just add from // BOF to // EOF In 2.2 rc2 works like a charm in that way! I just had some problems with sql in phpmyadmin (products_image_med, products_image_pop, products_image_description). SQL commands and SQL import system gave me errors. What I did was to go under products table, check products_image and move on drop-down menus and option manually. This worked for me and I don't know why, after all looks the same command. Great distribution! Best one I've used yet!
  12. I have the same question. How to change box heading title and background color??? Also, only in index and in product listing pages the animated box works. In cart page etc the products scrolls down out of the box and they are static. If anyone can help it will be very appreciated. Thanks in advance, Marios.
  13. THANK YOU!!! It was so simple but I was too blind to see it!!! FileZilla didn't uploading right the files and since I changed my ftp client everything works fine! Your spots helped me soooo much!!! Thanks surfalot and thanks to everyone who helped to make this great contribution! Thanks again and again! Marios
  14. Hi all. I've just installed additional images on my store and I'm getting several errors. Contribution version: 2.10 System: Linux PHP: 5 (globals on) osCommerce version: 2.2 rc2 Error log when trying to upload an image: Fatal error: Class 'upload_quiet' not found in /hermes/bosweb/web198/b1987/d5.mard/public_html/coolModels/admin/includes/functions/additional_images.php on line 224 (Yes I checked everything many times. upload.php seems perfect. additional_images.php it's also a pure upload from the contrib) Error log when trying to display images from admin -> catalog -> Additional images thumbnail utility: Fatal error: Class 'splitUnionPageResults' not found in /hermes/bosweb/web198/b1987/d5.mard/public_html/coolModels/admin/additional_images.php on line 343 Thanks in advance, Marios