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  1. it works!! thanks Jack, it was just the username which i found where you said it would be. Thanks again. will
  2. this is getting crazy. I think this fix is going to be so dumb but i just cant seem to find it. I installed and everyting is great. always email is checked quarantine files not checked verbose is checked log files checked log file size 100000 delete reference file is nothing to: my address from is From: my addrss the last four is where i think the problem is start directory i tried every possible username i had and it is still "Reference file creation failed." admin directory is and nothing else for the username and password But when i leave blank the username and password it automatily fills in my personal information, which i try out and still nothing. this is driving me crazy
  3. Jack i use the contrubute and it was very easy to install. this question might be a little dumb but when i hit the frist button it says (Reference file creation failed.) insted of the (file was ran for the first time) i am not sure how to fix it. it might because i am not using any of the curls and my start directory is at defult, /home/username/public_html. not sure what to set it t please help will
  4. allright, that could still be extreamly time consuming. Going throu each one and finding them, labeling them deleted, and then uploading them. Thanks for the information, i guess i just need to look into the problem in a different way, that is to try to fix it. thanks again will
  5. deleteing the whole catalog was the way i was doing it. The only problem with that is that you loose all the "reviews" and the "best sellers". Its no big deal, not really informaton that will destroy the site. BUT what where you talking about making a spreadsheet of the discontunued product with a "Delete" as the status? Is this a completely new spreadsheet that i upload after i upload my updates? I might be intrested in that, can you explan alittle bit more? thanks will
  6. hello everybody, My site is up and running and i have EP installed within it. It works great, i split, upload and i am done. What my question and problem is........ when i use EP it install's. when i update, and i no longer have "that" product anymore, EP can not get rid of it. I have to go in manually and delete it. Thats no big deal but with 15000 products that could be a huge problem. I downloaded and installed EP in dec, of 08. so what i am asking is, is their a new EP that will delete a product that you no longer have within you Excel sheet? Or is their any way of deleting a product any other way rather then one by one. i read in the start of the post VJ said Hello, I've added a code patch, that now enables removal of product attributes linked to a product. You can download the new code here. but this was 6 years ago, any help would be great!!! thanks a bunch. will
  7. in the start of the post VJ said Hello, I've added a code patch, that now enables removal of product attributes linked to a product. You can download the new code here. VJ does the above version have this added to it?
  8. I WANT to download VJs easy populate because in the beginning of the post he said he found a way to delete old product. I dont know where or how to download his contribute. please someone tell me where or how. thank you.... will
  9. i installed paypal expresscheckout IPN module by alexstudio and it works great. i tryed everything and that one was the only one that worked for me
  10. thank you for your help, and i do have some good news. i tryed the second add-on you suggested to cory, the PayPal Express Checkout IPN by AlexStudio and everything works and its great. thank you for your time and help will
  11. i installed this contrubute and it works great, i am so happy. one small prblem. in the admin when it says Utilize Express Checkout Button? Do you want to show the Express Checkout Button in checkout shipping page? (RECOMMENDED: Yes) i said yes but when i go to the shipping page their is just a x where the picture should be. what is the file name and where is it looking so i can put something their. that is so their will be a picture their. its an easy fix i just need to know what to name the file and where to put it.
  12. i do apologize for asking in the wrong place but i was hoping that you could enlighten me a little on my problem and the fact that someone else had a similar problem as myself. Yes i am running RC2 but i did upload the files from the add-on in hopes that their was an update or something else that my site was missing, and no i didnt make any of the modifications on that link. I hoped that the address would shed some light on why it was not returning to my site.
  13. sorry the url was http then mysite then this ext/modules/payment/paypal/express.php?osC_Action=retrieve&token=EC-12F891466S355980W&PayerID=FZNHLQTBLPXSW
  14. Glen, it looks that you are a huge help for everybody within this string...... I need your help too. i am trying to get just paypal express to work and have been told to do many differnt things. i downloaded a contribute for just express and it worked, the problem was paypal made a duplacate of the user account and oscommerice didnt register the tranaction so i had no idea what was bought. so i read a post of you talking to corey saying What I understand from this conversation is that you no longer need to use the Direct Payment portion of WPP because you have added a merchant account through as your credit card solution, but you still need a PayPal solution that doesn't carry a monthly fee. You may want to evaluate the following modules to replace WPP in your MS2 shop: PayPal Express Checkout by hpdl PayPal Express Checkout IPN by AlexStudio osCommerce PayPal IPN Module For 2.2MS2 i took your advice and try installing PayPal Express Checkout by hpdl and everything was working till i tryed going from paypal back to my site and all i got was a blank screen and this in my address bar i have tryed everything and i still have nothing. i am going to see if i cant get the other contribute to work and see where that takes me PayPal Express Checkout IPN by AlexStudio. all i need is to get paypal express to work.. please help
  15. i downloaded that contribute and for me it works, it takes me to paypal and back and the transaction gos through. But what you decribed sounds like what i am going through. Same thing, i login and use paypal express and it creates another account with the same name. Also does oscommerice register the order within the admin, because i am getting nothing, when some one uses the paypal express, just a invoice from paypal, and i have no idea what they bought.