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    Wishlist 3.0 Support Thread

    hello, wishlist is working great. however it would make sense to have a ADD TO WISHLIST button on the actual product listings page itself, not just the product info page, next to the BUY NOW column. could someone describe how to code that into /modules/product_listing.php ? that would be greatly appreciated and probably useful for other people using this contribution too. many thanks.
  2. Hello folks, After dropping the files over my OSC installation and importing wishlist.sql into the existing database, the ADMIN system will not load properly. The left hand menu shows but the right stays blank, regardless what section I click on. Also the catalog front end loads totally blank. Any suggestions? All I have done since installing OSC was customize the stylesheets a bit and removing some code responsible for the TITLE graphics on each page, and uploaded some sample categories and products. This shouldn't be a problem right as this contribution only overwrites certain files. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Paul
  3. silverporl

    Wishlist 3.0 Support Thread

    OK I've figured out that only logged in customers will be added to the REPORTS PRODUCTS WISHLISTED, not guests, fine. Also I've simply dropped another copy of my shop into another subfolder, to create a slightly different Wishlist look and feel, works fine BUT I need to make it so that the Wishlist is automatically sent to the shop admin, and no fields are shown for friends name's and email. So the client just types in their name and email and it goes off to the admin. I can't set that option to 0 on the admin system, as I still need the 10 fields showing for the normal version of the shop running off the same database, so somehow for the new version I need to hash out/modify the code to ignore those fields. Any help would be grandly appreciated. Thanks.
  4. silverporl

    Wishlist 3.0 Support Thread

    Hello everyone, I have a question. I have set up WISHLISTT latest contribution and it works almost fine. However the sent wishlists don't add into the ADMIN properly and also the Wishlist Reports Screen doesn't show the fields properly (even though I've added all the define codes etc correctly). See screenshot at http://clients.pcvmedia.com/osc/screen1.png (it appears that 1 sent wishlist added, but since then none!) Any ideas? Secondly, I want to have a seperate Wishlist, so in effect there's 2 types of wishlists running. One for normal visitors other for wedding giftlist visitors. Any suggestions how this would be achieved the easiest way? It could even have both on at the same time so 2 buttons ADD TO WISHLIST or ADD TO WEDDING WISHLIST, or even better, as the Wedding Wishlist visitors would be forwarded from another site, it would go to a version of OSC that only shows the Wedding Wishlist option. Any ideas of how I might achieve this easily would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, Paul