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  1. Not sure if the contribution can support this, but here's how you can control tax/shipping for Google Product Search on a sku level. You can obviously control these settings on a global account level from within your Google Base account.
  2. Download the add-on from the Community Contributions section at
  3. SingleFeed Product Export Add-on Export your Products and List them on 12+ Shopping Engines with just 1 Feed! I have been working with the osCommerce community to create an export tool which will allow osCommerce store users to use SingleFeed for data feed management and optimization. By installing this add-on you can export your products from your osCommerce store into a feed that can be automatically imported into SingleFeed's system. SingleFeed then can submit your products to over a dozen comparison shopping engines including Google Base/Product Search, Nextag,, Pricegrabber, Shopzilla, Yahoo Shopping and many more. SingleFeed allows a merchant to manage their products with only one feed instead of one unique feed for each shopping engine. There are solutions out there that work on a per shopping engine basis, which still require one feed per engine. Our solution saves time and money; it's easy to setup and scales well to support multiple shopping engines. SingleFeed also automates the product submission, and optimizes and validates product data being sent to the engines to maximize performance. I am available via PM and email to provide assistance to new users, solicit feedback, and be notified of bugs/issues. Use of this add-on requires an account with SingleFeed.