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  1. Solved! The problem was simply that the path to the folder "JS" in the script came with lowercase letters, and the contribution of the folder in lowercase, and that's why it was not found. Thank you all. One doubt: BOX_HEADING_WHATS_NEW is set from the css? (typeface, and everything else) :lol:
  2. Dear friends, I tried to install this great contribution to my shop, but I have not been able to make it work, because instead of a box with a picture and the impact to change, what happens is that listed all the photos in a box vertical. (whats_new Box) Here you can see a picture of what I mean: http://www.otrosmundos.es/Fotos/Animated.jpg I've followed all the instructions to detail, but there is no way. Thank you very much beforehand and see you soon. Adolfo Burgos, Spain Pd: I regret that my English was so disastrous.