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    Multi images extra contribution

    For everyone thinking of using this addon: IT WORKS JUST GREAT. I have just installed it on a shop with 3 other addons already installed. - Minimum Product Quantity v1.5 - Product Listing Columns v2.2.8 - Volume Discount v1.3.5 This makes the installation of this addon rather tricky, but its possible if you know a bit about MySQL commands. If anyone else with the same setup of addons needs info about how to do it I will be glad to be of help. There are some small errors in the original zip file version Multi Images Extra v1.02 but they are all handled by the the following updates: - Bug fixe syntax error by rafsand - Fixing Warning array merge by maltchev - Bug fixe product_info.php by ocordoba Use these and the addon will work great. My hat of for nico1418 who did the addon in the first place. Boffa