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    [contribution] Super Download Store

    bah never mind I just came across the very deep buried post on enabling downlaods, http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=236224 and for some reason i cant edit my above post
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    [contribution] Super Download Store

    Hello I am trying to get this add-on to work with my store. I have installed the latest version of oscommerce and followed the directions supplied with the add-on. When I do a test purchase I can see the status has been changed to download now available but I have no download links showing anywhere? on installation for step 3.1, this is a fresh install of the store so I just uplaoded and replaced those 5 files and for step 3.2 I added the lines to those files. So I am not sure what I am missing. For the testing I used both the Credit Card (Not For Production Use) and check/money order and manually set the status to ready for download. Any ideas or help please?