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  1. ~Kira

    [Contribution] - USPS Methods

    Well for anyone else wondering, I installed version 5.2.2 and it works great! Thanks for the contribution : )
  2. ~Kira

    [Contribution] - USPS Methods

    I have a question for anyone who might know. I have a store running osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2 RC2a and using USPS Methods version 3.0, which is not calculating for international shipping and gives all kinds of funny characters for domestic shipping. I can see there have been a lot of upgraded packages for this contribution. Which one should I use?
  3. I don't see that anywhere. Can we search for only our version somehow? Like add-ons > shipping > v2.3.1 or something?
  4. ok I installed the last full version and it says There is nothing on that page that says "configuration variables." So, where exactly do I read these instructions?
  5. Hello and Happy New Year! I need to install easy populate on a site today or tomorrow at the latest. Which is the package I should download and why are there so many weird files in the list? The last one simply states "Easy Populate 30 Sep 2010 I'm not sure" --- lol. Thanks for any advice. Peace~
  6. Right, I'm not arguing with you, but am just wondering how to get the admin infobox contribution to integrate with STS so both are there.
  7. I spent a while installing this and I can create products called gift certificates but there is no way to customize anything. Where are the settings? Do I just make attributes for price and "to email or not to email"? There are no instructions. Has anybody else had any luck with this?
  8. Well so that it's controllable via the admin panel - for people who shouldn't be messing with templates.
  9. Is there any way to integrate admin infobox with STS - what I want is that if certain boxes are chose they show up - the others do not - and the ones showing up use the infobox template from the STS directory.
  10. ~Kira

    Urgent ePDQ Help Needed

    I am working on a store like that. It processes using authorize.net and the orders actually DO go through but as order 0 --- all of them. The store used to work correctly. Anyway, the orders 0 do not show up in admin. I think you might have an autoincrement problem in the database or something is wrong with the code. Check your orders table and orders_products and see if anything is in there. I think those are the right names. Either way, you're going to have to do some testing and debugging. I might be able to take a look if you want.
  11. ~Kira

    Header Tags SEO

    Actually I typed that wrong. It's showing the name of the page (not the title or the category name, which is what I want) so I get Index - Store Name Should I double check my categories file or do you have any idea why it's not pulling the right title? It seems to be going into the database when I edit the category and put stuff into the boxes. I really don't want to check the entire install again - the site is so modified starting with the template she bought - it was hard enough to get it installed the first time. lol Thanks for any help : )
  12. ~Kira

    Header Tags SEO

    I tried that, and I did the fill tag for just the one category and it's still showing generic "page title - store name" Am I missing something in a file? If so, which file should I look at. I can go over the installation instructions again. Thanks : )
  13. ~Kira

    Header Tags SEO

    Also, I have a slight other problem. When I go to use Fill Tags in firefox 3, the browser starts loading after I click to begin, and then it starts to download the file instead of refreshing, and it opens up other windows, so yesterday I started and went to take a break and had 124 windows open. I've seen this happen before with firefox on other sites, but usually once I reboot or just close the program, the problem goes away. This happens every time. Is there anything I can do to fix it? If not I'll use another browser.
  14. ~Kira

    Header Tags SEO

    No actually I just copied over the catalog folder, and my ftp sorts it all out to the proper directories. I just checked and there is no header_tags_seo.php in the root directory. So maybe it's looking for something listed in a file somewhere? I don't know. Everything seems to be working ok. Anyway I'm having another problem. My clients wants unique tags for certain categories & products. I have gone into a category in admin, and entered asdf for the title, desc & keywords, and it IS pulling that info into the database, but the page still shows "page name - store name" How would I go about changing one category/product page at a time? I don't want to fill them again or erase all of them - I want the others to do the default as they are set to do. Am I supposed to go to Categories > Edit Category ?
  15. ~Kira

    Header Tags SEO

    I should have stated this better. /home/ is just short for /home/site/blah/blah/balh/public_html/ so what it's really looking for is header_tags_seo.php header_tags_fill_tags.php includes/header_tags_seo_words.txt includes/boxes/header_tags_seo.php includes/languages/english/header_tags_seo.php I don't even see any root files in the "catalog" directory. These files do exist, but in other directories, where they are supposed to. I'm not sure if this is even an error because it looks like it's installed properly. I will try to run fill tags and see what happens.