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  1. Piemol

    Security issue with KCFinder

    Well to be honest I stumbled upon this problem this week and made a solution... At the bottom of '/admin/includes/application_top.php' you add the session variables to make KCFinder enable the upload functionality. So only logged in admin users can use the upload functionalit: /* Enable KCFinder, the filemanager in TinyMCE */ $_SESSION['KCFINDER'] = array(); $_SESSION['KCFINDER']['disabled'] = false; In the /kcfinder/core/autoload.php I added to the top of the file: // BOF: Added to work with session handling of osCommerce: set_include_path('../'); include('../includes/application_top.php'); set_include_path(dirname(__FILE__)); // EOF: Added to work with session handling of osCommerce: Just change the include path to the path where your admin/includes/application_top.php file is. The path I used works when KCfinder is an direct subfolder of the admin. Now it is secure ! (I hope at least :) )
  2. Piemol

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    Okay, Change the htaccess file back please then :) What type of url rewriting did you chose in de admin? There are four different types, is none working for the categories?
  3. Piemol

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    Hello harperk, How do the urls to a category look like in the browser? Can you maybe try remove the underscore after "0-9" in this line, the second rewriterule: RewriteRule ^(.*)-c-([0-9_]+).html$ index.php?cPath=$2&%{QUERY_STRING} I'm not a rewrite expert, but i mostly do this on a "try and error" basis :). Do the category urls work then? Do you maybe get an other error?
  4. Piemol

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    I also couldn't find that statement in index.php, but the contribution is working. Allthough I don't have 'buy this' buttons on the categorypages. Haven't found something yet what isn't working. Is there any 'FILENAME_DEFAULT' in index.php, and that's not an argument of tep_href_link() ?
  5. Piemol

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    Hello, I've installed this contribution to replace Chemo's seo urls, because that one was modified by me and wanted to try this clean and more flexible one. I'm looking for a way to create the category urls without *.html on the end, and want to replace it with a /. What is the best way, or where do I have to dive into the code to make that possible, only for the category urls? I've seen some different functions that add '.html' onto the end of the url, but want it implemented as clean as possible. For example the file 'path_rewrite.php' has the functions: - createLinkString() - isValidUri() - parsePath() that add or check for .html But I doubt this is the only file I have to modify. My 'goal' is to add a 'filter' on the category pages, and the used filters will be added after the slash of the category url. So if you are in the category computers: www.site.com/category-c-123/ And in that category you add the filter "AMD" , you will get an url like this: www.site.com/category-c-123/amd/ Can you please advise me on where to modify this contribution? That will save me lots of learning time ! Thanks in advance, Leo Zandvliet
  6. Hello,

    I see your contribution navigationHistory remembering x number of pages v1.0

    It's interesting.

    just an information,

    I wish display the customer navigation correctly, your print_r($navigation) display all information with the array.

    How to display on the link of navigation history.




  7. something like "Ultimate SEO URLS v2.1 - Slashed urls" ? Would be nice to make it an option too, so you can configure the contrib in the admin with hyphens or slashes. And then you keep 'one' contribution instead of one with hyphens and one with slashes.
  8. To the people who posted earlier: I've rewriten this contribution so it makes the urls like this "shop.com/category/subcategory/productname-p-1234.html" The main bug that came with my rewriting was a redirect loop wich I made a workaround for. So it's fully functional but it could have been slightly better. How should I share 'my version' of this great contribution with the rest of you guys? Jack_mcs and FWRMedia, what are your opinions about this? Best regards, Leo
  9. Well the contribution works with the hyphen as seperator between the categorynames and the productnames. So the urls are as follows: www.exampleshop.com/category-subcategory-product-p-1234.html I've rewritten it so it uses the forward slash as separator between the categorynames and the productnames. The url in my shop is now like this: www.exampleshop.com/category/subcategory/product-p-1234.html
  10. Well Jack_mcs, the problem lies somewhere in the fact the contribution isn't created to work with my separator ("/" instead of "-"), at least, that's what i'm thinking. When I visit an old url, one like this: examplewebshop.com/productname-p-number.html, it keeps redirecting to the same, new url, wich looks likes: examplewebshop.com/categoryname/productname-p-number.html. So it ends up in a loop :S Also when i directly visit a url in the new format. I've been debugging and debugging, but can't find the reason. Then I thought, well if i can't find the cause, i'll make an workaround... In the function do_redirect() I've put an if-statement around the following switch: switch(true){ case (defined('USE_SEO_REDIRECT_DEBUG') && USE_SEO_REDIRECT_DEBUG == 'true'): $this->attributes['SEO_REDIRECT']['REDIRECT_URL'] = $url; break; case ($this->attributes['USE_SEO_REDIRECT'] == 'true'): header("HTTP/1.0 301 Moved Permanently"); $url = str_replace('&', '&', $url); header("Location: $url"); // redirect...bye bye break; default: $this->attributes['SEO_REDIRECT']['REDIRECT_URL'] = $url; break; } And now it looks like this: if($this->base_url.$this->uri != $url) { switch(true){ case (defined('USE_SEO_REDIRECT_DEBUG') && USE_SEO_REDIRECT_DEBUG == 'true'): $this->attributes['SEO_REDIRECT']['REDIRECT_URL'] = $url; break; case ($this->attributes['USE_SEO_REDIRECT'] == 'true'): header("HTTP/1.0 301 Moved Permanently"); $url = str_replace('&', '&', $url); header("Location: $url"); // redirect...bye bye break; default: $this->attributes['SEO_REDIRECT']['REDIRECT_URL'] = $url; break; }# end switch } Wich basicly just prevents a redirect loop. Best regards, Leo
  11. I don't think that's possible, that indicates wich product you are viewing. Without it, the shop doesn't know what to do :) I have an other problem: When i'm viewing a subcategory, and redirecting of this contribution is set to true, it keeps redirecting to the same page... Products in top level categories and top level categories itself are no problem. The urls are like this: shop.com/category-name/subcategory-name/productname-p-number.html But this particulary one ends up in an infinite redirect loop. What could be the problem, where do i have to start searching? Best regards, Leo
  12. Well as you can see this contribution is kinda 'young'. There allready is a contribution named "your recent history" that 'remembers' the last products and searches (http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/3204), maybe you can use that (add the categories to it)? You can also rewrite this one so it also remembers pagetitles, and add a function to make the history-crumbs. Then it would be a new contrib. But what benefit will it be over the back button in your browser then?
  13. Heya, I've updated this contribution. Now the shopping_cart problem is fixed. Hope this is an idea, maybe the idea to reverse this method is a lot better? So you'll get an array like: $pages_to_include = array{'index.php', 'products_info.php'); But I have like 8 or 9 pages like that, so the array will be a lot larger then the one with files to exclude, if you know what I mean.
  14. Oké, then I'll look if I can make a fix for the shoppingcart :) hope its the only page that needs a workaround else my new class isn't well designed :) Thank you very much for your feedback!
  15. With 'get stuck' you mean, if you press the continue shopping button after updating, and still are in the shopping cart? Maybe i can make a work around for that, but there is also a other solution for that: http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/340127-continue-shopping/page__p__1425102__hl__continue%20shopping__fromsearch__1entry1425102 Merry Christmas to you too :)