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    Scaled image resizing for thumbnails

    I have a question, does the Automatic Thumbnail contrib redeuce the file size aswell? If not is there a contrib that will allow me to place my own thumbnails in the required boxes? Pompeylad.
  2. Pompeylad

    Customer Rewards/ Point System

    Hi, The contrib is here. Pompeylad
  3. Pompeylad

    Merchant Account

    Well, I have finaly got the all cear from WorldPay. Now all I have to do is to run some tests, this is where I face yet another problem!!! I have downloaded the WorldPay contribution from this site and have read install.txt afew times but when I have opened up the zip file I seem to have two worldpay.php files and two wpcallback.php files, now which ones go where?!? No 7 says: So where does each file go????? Pompeylad. :(
  4. Pompeylad

    Merchant Account

    Still no word from Worldpay!!!
  5. Pompeylad

    Merchant Account

    Hi Gordon, I got my bank form stamped the other week by LloydsTSB. They used their date stamp, it still had the banks name on but it was refused by WorldPay. I then sent them my business account comformtaion bank letter on Monday, which is what they asked for instead, but so far no reply. I did go back to the bank on Friday to get my new form restamped, but they restamped it using the date stamp again, insisting that it is the correct stamp. I have emailed WorldPay, but I guess that I will have to wait till tomorrow for an answer. Pompeylad.
  6. Pompeylad

    Merchant Account

    Sam, Java, hmm. I don't really want to go down that route, you never know a customer may not have Java enabled, thus not being able to process the order. Pompeylad
  7. Pompeylad

    Merchant Account

    Hi, Thanks to Sam and Yesudo. I applied for my worldpay account tonight, all I have to do now is fill out that form and get it stamped tomorrow. But if anybody else have any views please still feel free to add them. Thanks again, Pompeylad.
  8. Pompeylad

    Best Payment Gateway?

    So how much does it cost to set up authorize.net with and without a merchant account? Thanks, Pompeylad
  9. Pompeylad

    Merchant Account

    Thanks Sam, I used to have a Streamline account years ago (POS only). In the days before the one and only WWW. So how do the big boys do the seamless thing, i.e. Play.com, Amazon.com ect. Anybody? Pompeylad.
  10. Pompeylad

    All UK zones

    Hi, I have downloaded the contribution 'All UK zones' but I am now stumped on where it goes or what to do next? Pompeylad.
  11. Pompeylad

    All UK zones

    Anybody? I need help on this one asap. Thanks.
  12. Hi, I have just configured all the permissions but at the bottom of the page I am still getting an error it says "catalog/includes/application_bottom.php on line 20". I have tryed a few diffrent permissions but I still can not get it to go away. Please Help Me!!!!!! Pompeylad
  13. Pompeylad

    Database Set-up

    Hi, I am in the process of setting up OSC on my site, but I do not know the name of the database's in OSC?!? Do I have to make my own on my host's server, or in a DB program like Excel and PHP them on to the server, or are they all ready in the OSC program? I can have a max of 6 DB's on my server, is this enough? Thanx, Pompeylad (or should that be clueless?)