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  1. Soundfreak

    Japanese language problem

    Hi, My store runs both English and Japanese with Japanese Yen symbol displayed properly on Front, Back and in SQL. Everything is setup in Unicode (utf8). Do you know which encoding you are using to display Japanese and which encoding is set to the currency field in SQL ? (EUC, Shift-jis, etc.)
  2. Soundfreak

    Custom Product Builder

    Hi, Just installed on V2.2 RC2 (PHP 5 - MySQL 5). It seems I have same problem ... I can build the product on builder_main.php but when I click on "Build Product", I go back to catalog index page and the product is not added to any category ... I wish I could get this addon working, the demo looks great ! :) As I have many mods in my shop, I will try again to install it on a fresh new install of RC2.