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  1. Apologies if my initial post came across as disrespectful, it was certainly not intended to. I've looked through all the add-ons and still can't seem to find a solution to my shipping problems. So I'll elaborate here with an example which will hopefully make things a bit clearer. Example: I have 2 items for sale that weigh the same. One item is very small costing only £2 to ship by Method A. The other item is much bigger in volume and therefore costs me £10 to ship by Method B. The larger item can only be shipped by Method B, so Method A should not be presented as an option. I would therefore like to be able to add a tag within the respective product properties pages designating which shipping method each product should use. So the customer isn't given the option to choose the shipping method, but the respective product properties automatically designate the shipping Method A or B. ie. Item 1 = Shipping Method A (£2) Item 2 = Shipping Method B (£10) I hope this example sheds some more light on the problem. Thanks in advance for any advice you can give. Matthew
  2. Does anyone know of a way or a tool to categorise products, so that each product automatically uses a particular module to calculate the shipping? ie. To have a hierarchy of shipping methods 1, 2, 3 cheapest to most expensive, to which every product is associated a module/method. Small products would be categorised 1 to automatically use the cheapest method. Medium products categorised 2 to use the mid-priced method, and Large products categorises 3 to use the most expensive method. Then by default, if a basket contained several different items the highest shipping method associated with any of the products would be used for all items in the basket. Also, is there a more sophisticated module available to calculate packaging weight/cost per item? Cheers, Matthew