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  1. I'm researching all over the net for some info, but since I haven't found anything yet, I thought I might ask here on the small chance someone might have done this before. I want to make the front door of a store graphic a link that takes the customer into the OSC store itself. In my searching, all I seem to find are references to creating a "HotSpot" in the image, which sounds easy enough, but all refer to software called Dreamweaver which runs hundreds of dollars. Anyone have any experience with doing this and (hopefully) doing this with FREE software? Thanks ~
  2. Thanks for your help with this. I have just read and re-read over the thread for the Contribution and I think I understood it to say that you can't use it with Simple Template System (sts), which is installed on my site from years ago. I have since backed everything out and will have to live with the single picture for now. Thanks again! Lalla
  3. The middle edit is causing a error in line 285 Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '<' in /home/jnothing/public_html/product_info.php on line 285 the line only contains : <?php
  4. Thanks so much for that, but it still didn't work. Still not showing product info or pictures. Also, is there a way to copy the code from here and get it in the right format? I just spent all this time since you posted it trying to get the text formated back. Had line errors but I knew what the problem was when I looked at it in HTML-Kit.
  5. PLEASE HELP! I swear this is the LAST contribution I am going to attempt because I can not afford to spend any more time breaking and repairing this site <_< . I just finished installing the 1.4.3. I thought it all went well, but not I have not only NO pictures on the product page, but no product info as well !!! What did I do???? and how can I fix it????? :huh: It does show the option 6 image places thru admin and it lets me upload them and everything, it even shows the pic on the list of products page, just not in the listing or the listing info itself. Please help! Thanks Lalla
  6. Thanks so much! I will definately check into it and see if I think my brain can handle it :blush: Thanks again!
  7. I've been at this for days now.... not the add a pic part, but just cleaning up my site and getting ready to stock the shelves. I now need to be able to add one more picture to my product pages. I don't want to have to install a contribution that offers all shapes and sizes and as endless amounts of pictures, I just need one more that works the same as the one that shows with Stock OSC. I sell books and I want to show the cover pic and a pic of the blurb on the back for the storyline. Is there a EASY, SIMPLE contribution to do just this? I just spent days getting the Make An Offer installed, removed and installed again 3 TIMES as well as several other contributions and edits... broke the store a few times but was able to fix it... now I just want simple. If there isn't a simple, I can always edit the two pics together into one, but they just don't look very nice that way. Any suggestions? Thanks! Lalla
  8. Just found out that the First Class option is now missing from my Domestic as well ... HELP!
  9. Was a real fix for this ever found? I am also getting everything correctly EXCEPT for the First Class International Package. I don't understand the post about the database :blush: , if that has helped others to get it fixed, can someone please tell me step by step how to do it? Thanks :huh: Oh, using 4.3.0 ALPHA
  10. You guys can yell at me or close my thread or whatever you have to do, but I have been posting the problem with this contribution to a thread that no one is reading. Apparently the maker of this contribution hasn't been on this site since Sept of last year, so I'm looking to everyone else for help! I have installed this 2 times now. First time broke my site, this time got it installed but the only show up of it is in Admin under Config, where you can choose Accept Offer Directly and the percent you are willing to consider. I have read and re-read and re-re-read the posts in the Make An Offer ...ok just had an earthquake while writing this...but need to go on.... it says that nothing will show up unless you set each individual product on or off, but when I go into admin and edit a product, there isn't the option there or any mention of it. Nothing on the customer view side either, but unless I can get it turned on per product, I figured as much. Anyone else have this problem and what did you do? HELP! PLEASE! ...this is more upsetting to me then the earthquake (which says a lot)! Thanks, Lalla
  11. Apparently, I'm the only person reading (and posting to) this thread. I'm adding one more update in the hopes that someone will stumble upon this and HELP! I removed ALL of the things I had added yesterday and got the site working again. Thought I would start with this contribution FIRST since the other things I added (Log Out contribution and a USPS one) worked perfectly until I started on this Make An Offer. I am still stuck at the area I posted above..... In the update_v2.2_to_v3.0_install_english.txt, right before step 6, it tells you to replace some code in catalog/product_info.php As you can see from my post above, I do not have the area to replace that is shown... that I can find.....I'm receiving errors, but I'm thinking its because I have done everything BUT that one code change. Where do I replace or add that code????? Someone PLEASE help! I'm getting desperate enough now to start a new thread, which will probably get me into trouble <_< , but at this point, I just need to get this done! I have eBay customer's waiting for us to enter our stock and they use the Best Offer option on eBay and want to use it here. Since this contribution mentions that you have to "turn it on" per product, I don't want to start adding books and have problems later. Please, can someone give me a heads up on where in that file the code needs to go? You can see a copy of my file above in the thread before this one. Thanks!
  12. I should have left it alone when extremely tired! ..but I didn't and now when you click on a product's title you get : Fatal error: Cannot redeclare tep_db_connect() (previously declared in /home/jnothing/public_html/includes/functions/database.php:13) in /home/jnothing/public_html/includes/functions/database.php on line 25 What did I do and how do I fix it? I see posts like this everywhere, but no real answers on how to fix it. HELP!!!! <_<
  13. OK, think I should add, I see the area in Admin to edit, and read in a post here that you have to turn on this feature per product , either as added to site or edited, so I went into the few test items I have and there is NOTHING about Make An Offer at all there for me to edit . can't show up until I edit it, but it doesn't show up where I'm supposed to edit it..... <_< I'm gonna go play on Pogo for a few and clear the cache in my head :huh: Hopefully someone will still be awake and can help me finish this up before I go to bed..please oh please oh please :blush: Thanks!