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  1. kenjidd

    Shadowbox For Product_Info.php

    ok i found a part of the problem ... You need to download the mediaplayer plugin for opera et firefox ... But still have a problem with opera ... the video doesn't play... the shadowbox open but don't find the video .... it just stay black Any idea ??? IE ok Firefox ok Chrome ok Opera ==> not ok
  2. kenjidd

    Shadowbox For Product_Info.php

    Hi guys, Is anyone knows why it doesn't work with Opera 9.64 and firefox 3.0.11 ??? I know about IE 7... so i changed the code and everything 's great now... buit still a problem with opera and firefox. (By the way it is not the same problem than with IE ) The problem is that we can't open the picture. google chrome 2.0 ok IE 7 ok Opera 9.64 ==> not ok Firefox 3.0 ==> not ok someone for help ? Thanks...
  3. kenjidd

    Shadowbox For Product_Info.php

    Hi, I have the same problem with IE ... Someone can help us, please ?
  4. Hi guys ! great contrib, thanks a lot ! I just have 2 questions. 1) Is someone can tell me how to modify code in supplier_s_statistic.php, in order there is ONLY the product of the supplier (or the manufacturer, cause in my shop they are the same ! ) could be display. I don't want supplier can see the statistic of the others. Only his result ! 2) I tryed a lot of changement in configure.php ... but i still can't fix my pbm. I don't have access to my images. I means the scr is good, but images can't display. ( images and buttons ) in all supplier_files.php. But in my shop everything's great... pictures are display ! any clues ????????? Thanks
  5. kenjidd


    Thanks for the answer ... But i know about paypal IPN solution, but i can't change my paypal module cause i need both... Cause each module works with a different currencies and different fees.... so i have to keep my paypal module. That's The Problem !!!! lol i need a solution for paypal standard module and paypal module. I could try to cut , paste and modify the original code of paypal IPN solution... but i don't know enought about php to do that .... I need help for that ! Please .... someone for help ... Thanks again for your answer !
  6. kenjidd


    Review pbm + Paypal Hi guys ! Thanks for this GREAT contribution !!!! So wonderfull, so great, so everything ! Thanks a lot !!!! I have 2 pbms. 1) is there a way for customers who write review on the site, can let only one review by product. Because each review cost me money !!! lol So, only one review by product by customer. 2) i have paypal module and paypal_standard module . But they both doesn't work with Points and Rewards. What's happen is that the reduction is correct and customer can pay on papal the good order total, but after paiment, the reward point are not deducted from the customer account and customer doesn't have any reward for the order his just pass. Please.... someone for help me.... Thanks again for the great contrib !
  7. kenjidd

    [Contribution] Purchase Order V2.3

    Hi guys ! Is someone know why I am now having the issue of the total of the order not subtracting from thier credit. Please tell me why !!!!! PLEASE !!!! I NEED this great contrib ! ( by the way thanks a lot for that ! )
  8. kenjidd

    Shadowbox For Product_Info.php

    In fact, .avi works find . The problem is with .flv.
  9. kenjidd

    Shadowbox For Product_Info.php

    Hi guys ! I'm sorry but i can't find a solution and i'm turning crazy !!!! Your contribution is really great . Easy to install , easy to configure and really great ! Thanks a lot . But i have a bug . Everything work find exept that my videos doesn't play. I mean your shadowbox open and the first image of the movie play while the rest of the movie download but that's all ! It stuck on the first image and doesn't want to be launch . There is your waiting image who's working ... and nothing elese can be done. I tryed with safari and ie ... same thing ... I have vista Please, help .... Thanks Online Merchant v2.2 RC1 - Header Tags SEO V 3.1.2 - Mp3_preview_with_Flash_player_v1.0 - TagCloud_2.0 - Stats_products_purchased_v4.1 - Ultimate SEO URLs v2.6 - stats_products_order - Welcome Email username & password - Payment Type Surcharge - PayPal Website Payments Standard - PayPal Fee - Gift Voucher (GV) and Discount Coupons (DC) - Starproduct pimped2 - Manufacturers In Category - Manufacturer list in product info V.1 - Sponsoring v2.6