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  1. domicilio

    Header Tags SEO

    Very thanks. But i don't understand. First i installed STS and it does work 100% correct! No Errors... After i installed YOUR script for Header Tags SEO, i got that error message. I don't want to post in 100.000 Topics all over the world and annoy everbody ;) Maybe someone else knows that problem :/
  2. domicilio

    Header Tags SEO

    I turned off STS and i had the same problem :/ What do you mean with the default? I did not change anything, only installed RC2, STS and the Header Tags... so it should be default at all?
  3. domicilio

    Header Tags SEO

    Hello! First i have installed the newest Version of OSC (RC2) and then i installed STS newest Version and played a little with the Layout of the Page. Then i found this SEO HEader thing and installed it. I installed the SQL File via phpmyadmin and then copied all files for RC2 and then changed all files like in the "install_catalog.txt". But i get the message Fatal error: Call to a member function image() on a non-object in /var/www/web292/html/includes/functions/html_output.php on line 78 when i try to open my website. On this line only stands // START STS v4.4: global $sts; $sts->image($src); // Take image from template folder if exists. // END STS v4.4 That doesn't tell my anything at all ^^ Can someone help me plz? :-/ Greetings from Germany ;)