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  1. @@BrockleyJohn The scenario sounds quite logically and interesting. Myself - on the other hand - tend to make my life easy... If I would want to offer discounts like that I would rather: -> calculate a percentage discount where the above conditions are met (always some might be a bit more favorable than others) -> set up a percentage discount for just these products As the discount for a reseller is normally more or less the same - depending on product groupe etc.. - I am able to find a percentage to go from there and offer a discount to my customers. If it is not a "straight" number - anyway, customer gets his rebate and might decide to purchase the products or products. Marketing would the read: Monthly offer: 25% (or whatever) off of Product A / B / C. And I don't have to worry about a lot of configurating items and coupons that much. Just from the perspective of KISS and my own opinion. Kind regards - Felix
  2. I need help to edit .pdf files

    Hi @ I tried to do for another member the same as I just go the admin login -->> just to say: forget it!! The same happened all the time - you can take out these extra "-->" etc - save the file - open it again and they are there again... So NEVER edit files on the server directly. Always download what you want to change - make a copy of that file - edit the original file - upload it. If something goes wrong, you still have the copy of the original file to replace. Use a ftp tool to access your server (eg FileZilla, which is free) - so you can quickly connect, up- and download. Especially when starting with add-ons which might require coding some .php files. Kind regards - Felix
  3. Hi Ellen You must update your LANGUAGE privacy.php file. This is why I wrote : Just open a new file on WordPad and copy only these infos into it then save as described above and upload to the destination below. You have normally multiple files of the same name: the core files and the language files. Your site misses the language file! (as well as the conditions.php file) catalog\includes\languages\english\... is the path to the language files for the store front . (Sorry - there was a error from my side with the admin....--> there are all the files for the admin side - it was very very late....). You have updated the privacy.php file from catalog. You will have to remove the code pasted into it from there. Hope that helps you further Kind regards - Felix
  4. Hey Ellen By looking at your site: Both language files for condition.php and privacy.php are missing. But the site shows ok. Thus the problem IS the language file! Just open a new file on WordPad or notepad (which I don't know) - copy the definitions from above to that file and save it as privacy.php It might be adisable that you enable "show file extensions" in your explorer settings - that way you notice maybe, that the file gets saved as conditions.php.txt (or else..) It must just be named .php. Upload the saved file to your server. (catalog\admin\includes\languages\english\...) DO NOT edit files within osCommerce! this is not working as expected. Always edit the locally. Give it a try and let us know the outcome! Kind regards - Felix
  5. Hi Ellen Seems you have messed up your privacy.php file. The unaltered file is as follows - just copy the code and give it another try: <?php /* $Id$ osCommerce, Open Source E-Commerce Solutions http://www.oscommerce.com Copyright (c) 2002 osCommerce Released under the GNU General Public License */ define('NAVBAR_TITLE', 'Privacy Notice'); define('HEADING_TITLE', 'Privacy Notice'); define('TEXT_INFORMATION', 'Put here your Privacy Notice information.'); ?> What do you use to edit the code? If you try it eg with MS Word it will never work! Use a simple text editor for editing .php files. Good luck! Kind regards - Felix
  6. Hello from Switzerland Quickly coming back to the discussion whether or not to clear a discount code: I felt the same way as @@spidometrs. More of the logic: if I enter something I want to be able to erase it as well. And do we all know, how customers think? I solved it for me that way: In shop/includes/languages/english/modules/content/shopping_cart/cm_sc_discount_code.php find and edit : define('MODULE_CONTENT_SC_DISCOUNT_HEADER_TITLE', 'Discount Code'); to define('MODULE_CONTENT_SC_DISCOUNT_HEADER_TITLE', 'Discount Code <br><small><em>To delete the code please enter NULL</em></small>'); Adapt the text to whatever suits your taste. And don't forget the other language files as well. Hint: <small> makes the text a bit smaller - <em> puts the text in italic and the <br> creates a new line. The output looks as follows: Maybe this helps anybody. Kind regards - Felix
  7. Hi Tsimi No problem at all - thank you for your reply! I have installed the latest BS version - ZIP says: Wishlist_BS_ver3.1_1_2 - I compared to the other file from the special BS add-on and they seem to be exactly the same. Just found out later reading this thread that you have made a new one for avoiding any confusion. But it is def. the BS version. Yes - I am happy to understand each day a bit more of the programming and the complexity. While checking again the above mentionned possibility: I see in the language files, that there is as well the guest message. Just as I am on a local XAMPP installation doing the whole set up, I am not able to test the mail function. IMHO I don't know if it makes sense to allow a guest to send a wish list around. OK, access from exernal websites should be blocked, thus minimizing the possibility of SPAM being sent - on the other side, if someone - even a close friend of mine would send me a wish list I doubt, that I would buy anything form him/her that way. In terms of functionality: While reading through the wishlist_public.php I see all the checks beiing performed. Jet it is unclear to me, if the product once ordered by me for a friend gets deleted in his / her wishlist. IMO the process should be the following: Only registerd customer is allowed to send a wishlist. Recipient of wishlist clicks on the link (now called friend) Friend ends up in customers public wish list. Decides to buy item for customer. Item is placed in the shopping cart of friend. Friend opens an account (or has already one). In account the customers default shipping adress is automatically retrieved and friend has the option to send the item to customer directly or to his own address. Friend can choose to have the item giftwraped (through add-on Giftwrapping Module). Friend pays for the item. Shop sends item to customer or friend depending on shipping address. Thus just leaving open the discussion, if customers details should be revealed to friend in respect to data protection / privacy aspects. But if I would send someone a wish list I strongly assume, that they know my address details already... Just my two cents. Kind regards - Felix
  8. Hello from Switzerland Just setting up a new store on 2.3.4 EDGE - quite successful as far with all add-ons and porting old data from my 2.2 MS store. I installed the Wishlist BS 3.1 version which is ok, except for some changes I made with the $HTTP_POST_VARS to $_POST and the glyphicon glyphicon-xxx which is now the fa fa-xxx. So far so good. Problem seems, that the old structure from "catalog/includes/modules/content/navigation/templates/navbar.php" is obsolete. I found the "FILENAME_ACCOUNT_PASSWORD" (step 8 in the manual) is now in "catalog/includes/modules/navbar_modules/templates/account.php". I added the code there and everything works. Except that even as a guest I am able to send the wishlist out - which I think should not be intended. I assume that because of the wishlist.php and the error messages I was translating to German. if(tep_session_is_registered('customer_id')) { // logged in $customer_query = tep_db_query("select customers_firstname, customers_lastname, customers_email_address from customers where customers_id = '" . (int)$customer_id . "'"); if (tep_db_num_rows($customer_query) != 1 ) tep_redirect(tep_href_link('logoff.php', '', 'SSL')); // invalid customer id Seems to me, that the check is not done correctly, but have no clue, how to find a solution. Btw: I emptied the cache and the cookies and the items I had in the wishlist were gone - so the reset function works. Any help would be appreciated Kind regards -Felix
  9. Optional Related Products, Version 4.0

    @ Rainer: worked like a charm - thanks for the help Kind regards - Felix
  10. Optional Related Products, Version 4.0

    @@malcolm: Thank you for the suggestion! I thought it must be something like that. @@Rainer: I will use that version instead. Thank you. Is the regular version the same as this module or do I "need" to go for the pro version? Am trying as soon as possible. @both :thanks for the quick response and help!! Kind regards - Felix
  11. Optional Related Products, Version 4.0

    Hello Rainer Just tried to install Optional Related Products in my new store setup. 2.3.4.BS latest version from jburt - I checked the config and modifications twice and cleaned the config file in sql after the first try, copied all files again, but this error shows up, when I click in "catalog" on "relatet products" Warning: require_once(DIR_WS_FUNCTIONSrelated_products_funcs.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in C:\xampp\htdocs\designshop\admin\optional_related_products.php on line 22 Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required 'DIR_WS_FUNCTIONSrelated_products_funcs.php' (include_path='\xampp\php\PEAR') in C:\xampp\htdocs\designshop\admin\optional_related_products.php on line 22 I have installed the 5.6 version from 3.Nov 2015 as I am not using the modular shopping cart. Any clue what could produce this error? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Kind regards - Felix
  12. Display Tax Info V3.0

    Hello Rainer Thank you for this simple contribution! I did not wanted to install the way to big German Market add-on (as for the moment Switzerland fortunately is not requesting these EU stuff...) - so I tired yours and it is working perfectly. In my old store (2.2 MS) I had as well an additional link to the shipping page included. I tried a bit around and found that the coding is quite simple. So I cam up with this solution: Starting at line 218 I added--> tep_href_ link('shipping.php') $format_string .= sprintf(MODULE_STORE_TAX_BELOW_PRICE_INCLUDING_TAX_AMOUNT, $products_tax, tep_href_link('shipping.php'), null); } else { $format_string .= sprintf(MODULE_STORE_TAX_BELOW_PRICE_INCLUDING_TAX_TEXTONLY, tep_href_link('shipping.php')); and in the language file I added <a href="%s">shipping</a> define('MODULE_STORE_TAX_BELOW_PRICE_INCLUDING_TAX_TEXTONLY', 'VAT incl. + <a href="%s">shipping</a>');/***!--- Put here the text to display when Display tax amount? = false--***/ define('MODULE_STORE_TAX_BELOW_PRICE_INCLUDING_TAX_AMOUNT', '%s%% VAT incl. + <a href="%s">shipping</a>');/***!--- Put here the text to display when Display tax amount? = true--***/ So I ended up with a clickable link which leads to the shipping & returns page. Maybe there would even be an easier way, but I am just a beginner :-) Regards - Felix