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  1. So the exact files were copied from one server to the other, not simply the same changes made to the existing files, correct? Otherwise, there is still the chance of the line breaks getting added by a rich text editor while making the changes to the one with the older msyql. If you are positive that the line breaks aren't the problem (I've never seen html line break tags inside sql statements or php conditionals) then the next logical step would be to go to the mysql project website and look at the release notes identifying the changes made between those two versions and compare that with the code. Look for something new in 4.1 that the code is using. I doubt it is something bold. More likel ywould be some incorrect syntax that was allowed in 4.0 but disallowed in 4.1. All of the major projects like PHP, mySQL, JS, etc. are moving towards tighter syntax requirements. (by tighter syntax I mean more adherent to the current theories of best practices in coding)
  2. I'm not real skilled with php/mysql coding but from my limited exposure to it, I beleive those to line break tags (<br> ) shouldn't be there. If you can find where they are coming from it may solve it. In looking for the source of those line breaks, check places that got editied apply the contrib. In particular (but not limited to), check the lines added to /catalog/includes/database_tables.php . One possible cause of unintentional liine breaks getting into code is by editing the php code with a rich text editor like MS Word or Open Office Writer. Never use those to edit code of any kind. Simple text editors like Notepad (included in Windows) are good for it. Better yet is a php editor program like the free edition of phpDesigner.
  3. Yeah, the contrib says you can use percentages, but I couldn't get it to accept them either. I didn't get any error messages, it just didn't apply any discount when I entered a percentage discount. I don't know if that has been fixed in the new releases on the authors web site since I haven't upgraded it yet on my site.
  4. That is a different contrib. I think that is a common confusion, so here I will attempt to identify each coupon contribution and its support thread: Discount Code: That is the contrib that this support thread is about although the author of it doesn't seem to be participating (although as someone noted a few posts up, they have continued refining it and a newer version can be found on their site at http://high-quality-...oscommerce.html . Discount Coupon Codes: The support thread is here: http://forums.oscomm...t-coupon-codes/ Discount Coupons: There doesn't appear to be a support thread. This is a very old contrib (2002) and requires the Credit Class Gift Voucher (CCGV) contrib to be installed first. In 2008 the CCGV contrib absorbed the Discount Coupons contrib, thereby obsoleting this one. - and the support thread is http://forums.oscomm.../page__hl__CCGV Easy Coupon: The support thread is here: http://forums.oscomm..._Easy%20Coupons Coupons by Ingo: The support thread is here: http://forums.oscomm...showtopic=41151 (on the German forum) There are various threads discussing various issues: http://forums.oscomm...lem-with-ie-8-0
  5. Doesn't look like there is feature like that. But here is how I would approach it: Use the new version from the author's website mentioned a few posts above. It has the added feature of letting you limit the number of times per customer it can be used, for example one time per customer. Set up a discount code for use as a new customer discount. Add the new customer discount code and a sentence or two of explanation to the new account setup page. Either make the code real easy to remember or else encourage them to write it down. My way would be to make it real easy since the customer can only use it once anyway. hth
  6. My first thought would be to check to make sure the file: .../catalog/includes/modules/ot_discount.php uploaded correctly. If it is missing or got fouled during upload I think it would cause that effect. And if it didn't, I would check the other files that get uploaded to make sure they are ok while you are at it. Second possibility - make sure you are looking for the right thing in the admin panel. If it is the "Discount Code" contrib that you installed and not the "Discount Coupon" one, then when you go to modules>order total in the admin panel, one of the items on the main part of the screen should be "Discount Code". Select it by clicking once on it. After the page reloads, click the "Install" button. After that completes, set the sort order. If you installed the "Discount Coupon" contrib, that is a whole other bear and different support thread.
  7. I got curious and clicked the contribution author's profile. I hate to say it but it kind of looks like this contribution has been orphaned. The author "high-quality-php-coding" registered May 10 and posted the contribution. On May 11th set up this support thread. On May 16th posted an update to the contribution. And hasn't returned to this forum since May 17th in spite of issues posted on the thread. It's a shame. It is a nice simple approach to coupon codes with a neat clean admin screen.
  8. I haven't tested mine on PayPal. Just guessing here, but maybe the PayPal IPN module takes the subtotal, shipping and tax amounts and calculates its own total. In which case the IPN module would have to be modified. Or the simple workaround would be to change the sort order in the admin->modules->Order Total page so that the Discount Code module is ahead of the subtotal. (that is assuming that the reason for the PayPal problem is that it is calculating its own final total. Of course you would have to check your local sales tax laws before changing when the sales tax is calculated. Some jurisdictions require discounts to be deducted after tax is computed so that the customer is paying sales tax on the full amount. In determining that you may have to consider how you will be using the discount. If it is promotional discount or coupon, I think most jurisdictions will allow pretax deducting of the discount. But if it is described as a rebate almost all jurisdictions require it to be deducted after tax computation.
  9. As far as I can tell, this contrib doesn't have that ability. It is pretty simple code and bare bones functions. That is actually why I am using it. I have quite a few mods in my store and adding this one avoided some of the complications the other more robust ones were. If you wanted to add that feature to this, it shouldn't be too complicated for a osc experienced coder to create a java script to display it on page and update the total and then put an "apply" button next to the code entry box that would trigger the javascript.
  10. That sounds like a different (similar) contribution. Perhaps CCGV (Credit Class Gift Voucher). The Discount Code contrib's admin panel section is titled Discount Codes and I don't see any place to enter coupon description.
  11. I just installed it and by adjusting the sort order it works. But I did notice that it does not seem to work with percentage discounts. (unless I am missing something) For example I can enter 1.00 and it deducts $1 properly and it shows up everywhere it should. But if I enter 10% as the discount, it accepts it in the admin panel, accepts the code at checkout but doesn't make any entries on the summary, invoice or email and doesn't deduct from the total.
  12. In the contribution's files it is located at: \catalog\includes\languages\english\define_mainpage.php hth
  13. While I am not the contributor, I can say it works perfectly on mine and it appears to work on many other osc sites. 1. Are you sure the LinkPoint support people understood that you were talking about the contribution's version number and not their API's version number? The API is the code they provide that is not application specific. The contribution is a payment module specifically written for use in osCommerce that utilizes the LinkPoint API. The version numbers of the two packages are not related. And while the LinkPoint people are trying to be helpful, they don't provide support for the contribution. You may need to contact the contributor. He provided his email address at the end of the section titled Intro in installation_guide.htm. 2. I have no doubt that PHP has been compiled, but the operative question would be was it compiled with curl support? While I am not an expert in the inner workings of it, as I understand it, there are two ways curl can be implemented in PHP. Either as a module that is called when needed or compiled into PHP. As I understand it, several payment and shipping modules require it to be compiled into PHP. hth
  14. I don't know about a daily order summary with all the information like that (sounds like a good idea though), but there are several contributions that allow you to batch print invoices or packing slips and auto update the order status (i.e. default to pending and update to processing). Search the contributions on the keywords batch order. I installed one of them almost 2 years ago, but this one looks pretty good in that it has more features (I haven't used it though yet): Batch Print Center hth
  15. The API version is Link Point Card Services V2. It installs and works pretty smoothly in my experience. One prerequisite for the server is that curl must be compiled into PHP. So if you install and then while testing it get curl errors, contact your web host and ask them to recompile PHP with curl.