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  1. roger5

    fix for Authorize.net AIM module

    I forgot to mention in prior post that the line in authorizenet_aim.php where the offending line of code had to be corrected is at about line 280. Incidentally, I only became aware of this solution because, by chance, I happened to finally speak with a tech support agent at Authorize.net who actually knew what he was talking about. Each of the agents I had spoken to earlier didn't have a clue and claimed the problem wasn't theirs. So, if you are an Authorize.net customer and have a problem getting their tech support to be helpful (always PHONE them, NEVER rely on their on-line support except on weekends), just hang up and redial 1-877-447-3938 option 1, then 4. If you're lucky, on the next call you'll get someone else to help you, hopefully someone as smart as the guy I finally got. - Roger
  2. If you are in test mode with Authorize.net, you are using their AIM system (which they say has now become mandatory), and you have SSL; ...and if when putting through a test order and during credit card processing you get an error with text similar to: "[TEST MODE] Error: either the merchant ID or password is wrong..." ...then here is what fixed this problem for me. In the authorizenet_aim.php program file, there is a URL specification that checks if you are in test mode, and if so, then uses the line $URL = 'https://test.authorize.net/gateway/transact.dll' But if you have switched "test off" then it instead uses the line $URL = 'https://secure.authorize.net/gateway/transact.dll' Well, in my case, I have to use ..."secure.authorize.net"... (the 2nd version above) in both cases - for "test" as well as for "test off". This is because they have my account interface on their main server ("secure.authorize.net") instead of on their "test" server - which is where the first URL is pointing. So if you are being driven crazy by this error, then just try changing the line in authorizenet_aim.php from ..."test.authorize.net"... to ..."secure.authorize.net"... and use that for both testing and when you go live. Apparently, they are using their main server now even for "test mode" - at least they are for me. - Roger
  3. To clarify my prior post, I used the "mysql_send.php" program, downloaded from the book's author's website, to enter and run the suggested MySQL query. - Roger
  4. On the first page of the Install Guide, one is told to "Run this SQL query on your store's database:" ALTER TABLE 'orders' ADD 'transaction_details' NEXT NULL AFTER 'cc_expires'; I got syntax errors if I ran the query like this, using the "mysql_send.php" program from the book "PHP & MySQL for Dummies" (which uses mysqli instead of mysql commands). But after I eliminated the single quote marks from the query, then it worked just fine, as... ALTER TABLE orders ADD transaction_details NEXT NULL AFTER cc_expires ; I don't know enough about MySQL queries to know why this is so. Another problem I found with the Install Guide was on page 2, where it said to make a change to the catalog/admin/orders.php . The problem is that "before" and "after" examples shown are identical. There is no indication just what changes need to be made. - Roger
  5. roger5

    problem with Authorized.net

    The file in which the suggested changes need to be made is authorizenet_aim.php . It is located in the /catalog/include/modules/payment folder. (the "catalog" folder may be named "oscommerce" on some installations. This file is included in the "contribution" file "AuthorizeNet_AIM_10-24-08.zip" which can be downloaded from the contributions section here. - Roger
  6. roger5

    Need advice on Transaction Errors

    See my comment in "Error 14" thread above.
  7. roger5

    Error 14

    I'm having the same problem. Have had several phone conversations with Authorize.net tech support. We are getting this error because we are using the SIM (Server Integration Method) option for credit card processing instead of the preferred AIM (Advanced Integration Method). Using the SIM method, the user (even in test mode) is connected to a secure page on the Authorize.net website where the processing is done, whereas with AIM (assuming that you have your own secure socket layer) the user is not referred to a page on the Authorize.net site. Apparently, because so much is being processed through the A--.net website, there is a delay in their site sending out the confirming emails that is longer than their timeout setting. Thus the error is actually caused by a timeout. The solution is to switch from SIM to AIM as your Authorize.net processing method. This is apparently accomplished by using an oscommerce AIM module, which I haven't yet been able to find. Does anyone know where to find the oscommerce AIM module for use with Authorize.net?