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    Problem with using Paypal IPN v2.8,

    In the admin panel under Modules/Payment edit the PayPal_ipn module in the section that says.. Notify URL you should have this... http://www.youdomain.com/paypal_notify.php if the store is in the root or http://www.yourdomain.com/folderna...ypal_notify.php if it is in a sub folder... Mike
  2. Craftmall

    how to sell e-goods/digital files?

    osCommerce has the download feature already in it... J=You set this up in the attributes section of the admin panel.... You can also set a time limit and a download limit... Mike
  3. Craftmall

    Multi-Store Setup But No Store Button!

    I dont think that the button shows up until you have stores defined... Mike
  4. Craftmall

    Spaghetti Code

    There are modules in the contribution section of osCommerce site that helps this issue alot.. One is the InfoBox Admin and another is the STS template system... Look at these modules... Mike
  5. Craftmall

    Buy Now Buttons

    I had a client that had this problem... I turned off Search Engine Friendly URLS in the admin panel under configuration/My Store Mike
  6. Craftmall

    Need help

    Add this line to your includes/filenames.php file define('FILENAME_PRODUCT_LISTING_COL', 'product_listing_col.php');
  7. Craftmall

    Problem with checkout_process.php

    In the admin panel goto configuration/sessions and turn Check IP Address to False.. Mike
  8. Craftmall

    linkpoint pop up question

    catalog/includes/application_top.php Mike
  9. Craftmall

    Change stock level when order status is shipped

    That may be a mistake to do...That leaves you wide open to sell an item that is no longer in stock.... You may want to rethink what you ask for... Mike
  10. Mod It looks like this one.... Mike
  11. Craftmall

    Is USPS on the fritz?

    Did you Call and get on production server or email.... If you call its on right then if you email its Auto...It can take up to 5 days after they send you the email before it may start working..... Just A thought....Try and call the USPS using the number on your confirmation email and see whats going on....They are very helpful.... Mike Spires
  12. Craftmall

    Is USPS on the fritz?

    Have any of you set up to be on the USPS production server or are you using the Test Server still....The test server hardly ever works right...You need to call the USPS and have them put you on their Production server.. and all will be well.... Mike Spires
  13. Craftmall

    usps module adding a pound?

    Hello, In admin you goto Configuration/Shipping&Packaging and set Package Tare Weight to 0 that will fix it for you.... Mike Spires
  14. Craftmall

    USPS test

    The test account almost always never works...you need to call them and have them put you on their production server then it will work fine.... The weight is where usps gets its weights from,,, it should be formated like 5.00 Mike
  15. Craftmall

    get shipping quote without login?

    I installed ship in cart along with animated cart and as soon as the Customer adds an item to their cart the Number of item, cart sub-total, and shipping price is shown on the status bar,, look at www.spcmoa.com to check this out... Mike