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  1. ept_llc

    Fedex Zone Contrib version 2.0 ready

    I installed this add on and it went so well after i clicked the link to check out , i can see the shipping automatically using FedEx ( since I only use that one ) but when I clicked continue, the page didn't go to the next page, it just returned to the same page anyone has idea bout this ?
  2. ept_llc

    curl & test gateway

    Hi, i'm so new for this stuff Question : 1. i dunno what to put in curl? fyi I'm using 1and1.com, any idea ? 2. I'm trying to setup osCommerce with Authorized.net, all i have to do is just to put login ID, transaction key, and MD5 right ? 3. how to test it to know it works ? 4. what's the diff between SIM and AIM ? and which one is right for me ? thx b4 guys cheers
  3. ept_llc

    Quickbooks Merchant Service v1.0

    I agree with you, seems like they just don't intend to give some helps even I thou I have QB account unless I'm using one of the shopping cart they support just so that they can charge us more ! btw, whose IP i should input ? cuz I'm using hosted model :D
  4. ept_llc

    Quickbooks Merchant Service v1.0

    how to import those 2 certificates from intuit ? what should i do with that ? and how ?
  5. ept_llc

    Quickbooks Merchant Service v1.0

    and how to create CSR btw ?
  6. ept_llc

    Quickbooks Merchant Service v1.0

    i'm really new with this, is there any1 would guide me step by step to install this payment ? pls send me msg ok ^_^ thx b4