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    altoid reacted to krdito in USPS Rate V4, Intl Rate V2 (official support thread)   
    My husband, who is very knowledgable about PHP and posts here often, and I have spent countless hours since Sunday trying to fix this mess. We have never gotten the service names to show up (despite using the USPS naming nomenclature from their July 2013 web tools release document), have not gotten international or Standard Post to work at all, and can't get the handling charge to work. So, we set up 3 modules for zone rates, one for Standard Post, one for Priority Mail (both domestic and international in one module), and one for Express Mail (again, both domestic and international in one module). It took about an hour to define the prices by weight for each service/zone, but it's all loaded, working fine, each zone has our handling fee, and BEST OF ALL, we do not have to connect to the USPS for it to work! No matter what the USPS does in the future, our zone modules will be unaffected (although we will have to manually increase prices if there is a price increase, but is less than an hour's work and could be covered by upping the handling fee). I remember the USPS website was down for almost 2 weeks several years ago around the holidays, and then their January 2013 changes caused us problem for almost a week, and now this 6 months later.
    Zone shipping works great and will NEVER be affected by a silly name change by the USPS or any other useless change they implement to make their services less user-friendly.
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    altoid got a reaction from joli1811 in Super Fish Navagation Menu Vertical Superfish   
    Jim....thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise with us. :thumbsup:
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    altoid reacted to joli1811 in Super Fish Navagation Menu Vertical Superfish   
    Hi Jim,
    Got a test install done using mega fish and jsu updated the superfish files with the latest from git hub
    Used the mega fish.css cause he has a nice turning arrow :P well tested on ipod touch and he is working good so will test on another mobile device later as far as i can see he is working straight out of the box link to demo also works good in the vertical mode like your accordian menu by changing .sf-vertical in the superfish css .
    so all in all think it is ready for a few live tests will use it in a live site I am building in a few weeks.
    As regards the theme colours I personally think let superfish handle the css I think design wise it becomes a bit overpowering if there are a lot of categories IE: Accordion menu using the theme easy to make blend in so see no problem there.
    The cache is important remember from the old superfish menu in ms2 that he generated a lot of queries.
    Thanks for the file have been fiddling with this for months and just could not get to work.
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    altoid reacted to bruyndoncx in [Addon} Modular Front Page   
    How to add Woothemes flex slider as a front page module
    Please note only the essential switches are included as parameters in the module, if you want anything fancy you'll have to extend it, or modify the javascript directly in the code
    1) Javascript
    Download the last version from
    You need to create a new folder as /ext/modules/front_page/flexslider/ and put the css file and the javascript file in this folder (following the front_page convention for external files).
    2) Language files
    for each of the languages you use, create a flex_slider.php file as
    with the following content:

    <?php /* $Id: flex_slider.php v1.0 20101109 Kymation $ osCommerce, Open Source E-Commerce Solutions http://www.oscommerce.com Copyright (c) 2010 osCommerce Released under the GNU General Public License */ define( 'MODULE_FRONT_PAGE_FLEX_SLIDER_TITLE', 'Flex Slider' ); define( 'MODULE_FRONT_PAGE_FLEX_SLIDER_DESCRIPTION', 'Control the function of the flex slider module on the front page.' ); ?>
    3) ftp flex_slider front_page module flex_slider.php
    Load up the attached php as catalog/includes/modules/front_page/flex_slider.php
    4) install module
    Navigate to your admin front page section and install the module.
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    altoid got a reaction from suzgems1 in NOTICE: USPS is Updating Their APIs Jan. 27th, 2013-Test Servers Available Now.   
    what shop version are you using and what usps modification are you working with? there are several.
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    altoid reacted to Jack_mcs in Header Tags SEO   
    The manufacturers are displayed using the index.php file so you would check the manufacturers checkbox for that page. On the product_info.php, you would uncheck that checkbox.
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    altoid got a reaction from CrazyCarzCustoms in Simple Checkout - for 2.3.1 (official support thread)   
    Sure Timmy, I'll chime in on this.
    Last year Jetta saved me and probably a lot of others some serious aggravation by helping get a USPS shipping module working again after the USPS made some changes on their end that basically screwed up the functionality of the existing module. For that I owe her a debt of gratitude, and have come to respect her coding skills.
    While I see that some others are having problems here and there with a couple of releases she did of late, one with another version of the USPS module and of course the simple checkout module, both have been working for me. The IE issue is something I am aware of through your posts, so I am watching for that, and if necessary may disable simple checkout if I feel the problem is significant on my site. Yet I have to note that to disable the module, I just have to do that in configuration. No major code uninstall and other such torture. How handy, disable by just a setting change.
    Regarding what's put out here for anyone to use (for free), here's where I've come over the past years since I started with OSC.
    This forum has many very skilled and expert code writers, yet probably all of them, one time or another made errors in code or advice. Not through negligence or such, but simply because of they way coding works, with its intricacies, dependencies, particularities and so on. I've learned enough over the past few years to come to greatly respect and admire the original and current OSC developers for their extensive skills.
    My only claim to coding skill, is at one time I was a MS Access developer, using VBA to tweak and nudge Access to do all kinds of neat stuff. It was then I learned about how particular and demanding exact coding can be. So when you think of the OSC spiderweb, calling this, querying that, it's simply amazing that this product is here (for free) to use.
    Here on the forums I've learned that new releases (and old ones)likely will have bugs here and there. So depending on who is releasing the add on, I will sometimes take the plunge and do the install, knowing full well something may come up that we don't want. So i watch the site, see what's going on with overall functionality, and if anything flags out first try to figure it out myself, but usually posting for help on the support thread.
    As far as support, I don't know what to say about expectations. I am sure these folks have businesses to run, lives to live, so how much can we expect of them to help us out (for free) with our own particular issues. Yet they do. Maybe its not an immediate response, or perhaps they don't know the immediate solution and need time to do research on the bug/glitch or whatever. Or maybe they'll ask us to try this or that to help them narrow down the source.
    I try to be careful on asking for too much help especially right off. I try to figure things out myself. I don't want to burn these folks out. And I've seen a few get burned out, but mostly coming back after maybe a breather.
    Anyway, all said, I am optimisitic for simple checkout, and the eventually Jetta will help us work out bugs, glitches and so on. And all for free.
    Keep on keepin' on.....
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    altoid got a reaction from mcollina in [Contribution] Cross Sell (X-Sell) Admin   
    Make sure you did step 4
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    altoid got a reaction from basket of wonders in IP trap Version 3 released   
    I did "here" first..got through (of course)
    Then did "test" .....got banned.
    Then did "here" again and still am banned.
    So for me anyway...it worked.