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    altoid reacted to burt in Phoenix Installation via Softaculous   
    Is now possible and takes seconds...
    Log into the Softaculous App on your hosts cPanel and you will find CE Phoenix in the E-Commerce section.  
    We are very pleased to have gotten CE Phoenix onto Softaculous as it opens up a whole new world of users who want/need an easy install.  
    Thank you to @ecartz for his months of hard work in getting Phoenix modernised and to @Heatherbell and @peterpil19 for their hard work in getting Phoenix onto Softaculous.
    Give it a go if you have a Cpanel host who runs Softaculous - but please make you do not overwrite your live shop installation (I have not tested and am not sure if it gives you a warning prior to potential overwrite).  Please give Phoenix a rating/review as word-of-mouth from happy users is the most powerful thing - thank you. Please note that I have since deleted that install that you see in the video as it was performed only for the video.
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    altoid reacted to raiwa in QTPro BS   
    Update uploaded:
    QTpro Phoenix 7.0.0
    Only one core file change left (modified file provided):
    Changes versus QTpro 6.0.1 BS
    updated for CE Phoenix 1.0.7.x hooked all modifications on admin side bootstrapped all admin pages and hooks hooked all changes on store checkout fixed error in order delete restock function added pi modules updated all store side modules to abstract modules general update to match actual core coding style  
    NOTE: Options Images support is not included in this version. It will be added again once it has been updated.
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    altoid reacted to nedragdnuos in From Frozen to Phoenix   
    Thank you everyone for your input, it is greatly appreciated, Special props to Burt for giving us Phoenix!
    I have made my decision to proceed with my Frozen conversion to and I will list my reasons below:
    1. Given the previous slow rate of oscommerce updates, it is great to see active updates with phoenix that are quick and easy to apply, hence to start with the latest, even if I take a month while converting my database the updates will be minimal and quick so I wont be left behind.
    2. After to doing an update from 2.2 to 2.3.4 upto Frozen, I found that the only modules I ever used were Quick stock update, modified specials (like a quick bulk update for specials), Ckeditor with Linuxuk Pages to edit pages, IP Trap, Store Mode, Honeypot Captcha and the now old Australia Post module (which I no longer use as I have setup zone rates finally.) I used to have alot of addons that were never used and not maintained by the original authors and since I am not a coder, I found it far too difficult to try and make them work. With such a small set of addons, some of which are now drop in without core code edits, along with various site tweaks, the setup process should be quite straightforward and will keep me up to date and secure.
    3. Even without the addons listed above, I can still get the store up and running as the core of oscommerce is there, which is to be live and get sales. It is rather interesting to look at my previous store versions and see how bloated I made it with addons that just never got used, and I hope I now have the essentials which will keep me going.
    I will be converting my database as per Burts guidelines, doing comparisons between each db table entry exept for the config files then uploading to the new store, then doing configuration.
    Again I want to thank everyone for their input, I will hope that this will help other people to make the decision to take the leap as to what will suit them!
    Cheers all!
    On an off topic, I was about to donate to Phoenix pro, but just lost my "real" job as of today due the corona virus, so my apologies Burt, my donation will have to wait until a bit longer.
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    altoid reacted to raiwa in Attribute Addon   
    This is supported by QtPro. Just leave the not availabe combinations in zero stock or do not define stock for them at all and they will not show. There is a secuential drop down menu available which would fit for your needs.
    There are modified core files supplied in the package. So you should be able to do a test installation on an unmodified Phoenix or lower test store in less than 10 min.
    Doing this with less core changes, at least for Phoenix and lower versions, wouldn't be possible.
    There will be less core changes for the next Phoenix versions, please be patient.
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    altoid reacted to raiwa in QTPro BS   
    Hello @joe122joe,
    I have anyway pending to do the update to the new bootstrapped admin page versions. I'll consider to include the suggestion for the attributes stock.
    Thanks and best regards
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    altoid reacted to TomB01 in USPS Rate V4, Intl Rate V2 (official support thread)   
    1) A bit of miscommunication; I'm familiar with phpMyAdmin, and am prepared to copy and poke.  I was just trying to figure out where to place the actual values in those SQL statements.  I think the country is already defined in your first SQL statement with ID = 223, but was trying to figure out the best place to put the real value of my zip code (5 digits) in the second SQL statement.
    2) Kymation has taken it upon himself to support the USPS Rate V4 module for the last several years, thank goodness!  I will be dead as an e-commerce store if I don't have USPS shipping.
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    altoid reacted to BrockleyJohn in Discount Code BS   
    Yes. Be sure to use my addon instead of the worldpay module delivered with Phoenix because that still has an unfixed bug in it and you'll get blank order emails. The addon also brings people who cancel back into the checkout process, and records more info on the order history.
    addon: https://apps.oscommerce.com/brAIY&worldpay-hosted-payments-extended
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    altoid reacted to 14steve14 in Product Page Layout   
    If you are not using the PI modules in Phoenix I have uploaded an addon to enable this type of page layout with only changing one file and creating a few new folders. Really easy to instal and use and can still use any standard content module that is created for the product info page.
    Addon can be found at https://apps.oscommerce.com/wilqp&better-product-info-page-layout-phoenix

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    altoid reacted to raiwa in List of my Phoenix compatible Addons   
    Uploaded updated Store Mode:
    Store Mode Phoenix 1.3.1.
    Changes 1.3.1:
    - fixed typo in header module english language file. Thanks to @mhsuffolk
    - fixed undefined error message. Thanks to @mhsuffolk
    Changes 1.3.0:
    - header module updated for Phoenix BS 4
    - Updated header module message to show correct offline time if 2h auto setting is used
    - Updated admin header module message for 2h auto setting
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    altoid reacted to raiwa in AJAX Attribute Manager support   
    Uploaded new package :
    AJAX Attribute Manager Phoenix
    v 3.0.0 for Phoenix (older BS version support removed)
    v3.1.0 for Phoenix 1.0.3.x
    + Updated for Phoenix 1.0.3.x compatibility
    + hooked all modifications
    + no core file modifications at all
    + removed modified files and references for older BS version
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    altoid reacted to piernas in Ultimate Seo Urls 5 Pro   
    It's ready.
    - Latest oscommerce (phoenix compatible.
    - Fixed more cache issues. Now sqlite and memcache are only enabled if system supports the methods.
    - Moved admin edits to hooks. Now only two files on catalog needs to be modified.
    - Removed database table constants.
    - TODO: Allow to processs links outside root folder (ie. ext/directory). This is useful for addons like Twitter typeahead.
    Can someone test the atached files before uploading to addons?
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    altoid reacted to LeeFoster in My Favorite Customer Scam Attempts   
    I think the best I've heard was someone bought a laptop in July and tried to return it as damaged in December as it was an 'xmas' present they'd not opened it until xmas day.
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    altoid reacted to 14steve14 in My Favorite Customer Scam Attempts   
    I have had a few funny return requests in the past.
    1. Customer contacts me and asks why the parcel they received was empty. They then insinuate that someone in the picking department must have stolen it. I explain that I am a one person business and I will check the certificate of posting to see what weight was registered when posting. The phone went dead never heard from again.
    2. The item is faulty. I ask that the item is returned  with a copy of the original invoice as proof of purchase. They refuse to return item, and I refuse a refund. Upon checking their details I find it was 13 months after they purchased the item. Never hear from again.
    3. A customer accused me of sending a short coil of wire. He bought 10m of wire which is hand measured and cut from a large reel. I ask for the item to be returned with a copy of the invoice and it does actually come back but its in about 8 short lengths. The copy invoice is not even one of mine, but one of my competitors who I get along with. We both laughed about it now, but no refund was given.
    Customers do at time try it on.
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    altoid got a reaction from puggybelle in My Favorite Customer Scam Attempts   
    Most folks are good, decent and honest.
    However, here are a couple of my favorite customer scam attempts...
    Customer:  I bought this item for my dog and it's too small.  Please send the next size up.
    Checking sale records we find the purchase was months, sometime a year or more ago.
    Response:  I'm sorry that happened.   Please return the item clean and original condition,  with tags attached and we'll process for you.
    Result:  Never hear from them again.
    Customer:  The item you sent is broken/damaged.  How do you plan to make this right by me?
    Response:  I'm sorry that happened.  Please send pictures of the damaged item and the original packing.  Thank you.
    Result:  Never hear from them again.
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    altoid reacted to Zzyzx1234 in My Favorite Customer Scam Attempts   
    We get the item hasn't arrived a little more often than we should, thankfully most of our items have some form of tracking
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    altoid reacted to LeeFoster in My Favorite Customer Scam Attempts   
    I worked for online retailers for about 15 years and I've heard all sorts of reasons for needing to return something. The good thing is for the most part the Consumer Contracts Agreement has you covered.
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    altoid reacted to raiwa in List of my Phoenix compatible Addons   
    Uploaded update for Phoenix:
    Sloppy Words Cleaner 3.2

    OSCOM Phoenix CE 1.0.2.x

    PHP: 7.0-7.3
    Changes versus Sloppy Words Cleaner 3.1

    - Removed legacy code for older OsCommerce versions

    - Added option to convert all special characters to standard ASCII
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    altoid reacted to BrockleyJohn in NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!   
    I have just uploaded v1.2.6 for CE Phoenix to
    It includes some bug fixes to edit_orders.php and the header_tags.php module.
    Bug fixes include those reported by @artfulweb and some of the php7.3 compatibility issues that I came across in a quick fire-up
    The thrust of the changes is that the hooks system is slightly different in Phoenix so the modified orders.php is different, some more constants have been hard-coded and checking if variables are set has been added before checking if they are arrays.
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    altoid reacted to raiwa in Discount Code BS   
    Update uploaded:
    Discount Code 5.1.2. Phoenix
    Please apply these fixes also to previous versions.
    Older versions, FROZEN, EDGE and Gold BS3, please use Discount_Codes_4.4.3_BS
    Version 5.1.2.:
       Fix for wrong order total showing when no tax is applied. Thanks to @bnguru for the report and testing
       Added support for stripe sca 3.0 payment module. Thanks to @peterespana for testing
       Fixed several minor errors in instructions, ot module and admin page. Thanks to @Demitry
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    altoid reacted to burt in Trouble with user.css on Phoenix   
    Big up to @BrockleyJohn who did all the investigating and all the fixing.  TY John.
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    altoid reacted to burt in Phoenix Announcements   
    Particular thanks to @BrockleyJohn for fixing the Hooks class.
    Demo Site:
    This Update;
    Fixes bug in Hooks Class that presents itself on some, not all, servers Update version to How to Update if on;
    Download this Zip: Unzip it Upload it Visit admin > tools > security checks and perform any needed actions Enjoy using How to Update if on earlier version;
    Find version you are on [admin > tools > version checker] Go back through this discussion and perform updates to get to Then follow "how to update if on" instructions - OR -
    You can download and install a brand new;
    clicking the green "clone or download" button at https://github.com/gburton/CE-Phoenix choose "download zip" unzip, upload, install After New Installation is complete;
    Visit admin > tools > security checks and perform any needed actions Enjoy using  
    - Join the Phoenix Club -
    https://forums.oscommerce.com/clubs/1-phoenix/ If you are not a member of the Phoenix Club, request it;
    you'll get to see some of the "behind the scenes" work and help to steer future releases.
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    altoid reacted to mfleeson in Moving Data from previous Osc to Phoenix   
    As part of my experimentation with Phoenix, I wrote the following database script to move my current live data into Phoenix so I could see what it did. I thought I'd share it for anyone who's needing to move a live store to test or vice-versa. Any questions/comments please let me know.
    For this script to work, load it into your database tool and search and replace changing old_db to the name of your current live site (or origin data), select the new phoenix database and run the queries there.
    A couple of things I noticed moving from a 2.3.4 to Phoenix.
    Check your old sites categories_description table.  Some older sites do not have categories_seo_description so this will fail on the select. change to '' in select.
    Check your manufacturers_info table for 'manufacturers_seo_description',and other seo fields and if it fails change them to '' in the select.
    If you get an error Data truncated for column then it means your old table has larger text length than in phoenix. Adjust phoenix field length and re-run query.
    A lot of old products table do not have products_gtin fields, modify field to '' in query
    Test Move SQL.sql
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    altoid reacted to raiwa in QTPro BS   
    Uploaded version 6.0.0. for Phoenix 1.0.2.x:
    Change Log:
    - updated for CE Phoenix 1.0.2.x
    - replaced ht module by sitewide hook
    - updated Options Images suport for v.1.6
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    altoid reacted to puddlec in TinyMCE   
    @René H4
    this is my current amount of progress.
    tinymce hook v2.zip
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    altoid reacted to burt in TinyMCE   
    Great stuff @puddlec
    This addon shows one of the first uses of the Hooks, chapeau!    Hooks are incredibly powerful.