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    altoid reacted to BrockleyJohn in Can't configure PayPal due to TSL v1.2 error   
    The test SSL errors are an irrelevant distraction. It fails for everyone because it tries to connect to servers that paypal created to support the upgrade (ssltest.paypal.com). These servers no longer exist.
    @glamocanilaktasi if everything works fine in sandbox you just need to make sure your settings are identical in live - both on your site between sandbox and live module settins and also in both paypal accounts.
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    altoid reacted to Smoky Barnable in USPS Rate V4, Intl Rate V2 (official support thread)   
    In \includes\modules\shipping\usps.php I commented out the following in the $request variable.
    '<Country>' . tep_get_country_name($order->delivery['country']['id']) . '</Country>' . '<Container>RECTANGULAR</Container>' . '<Size>LARGE</Size>' . //'<Width>0.2</Width>' . //'<Length>0.2</Length>' . //'<Height>0.2</Height>' . '<Girth>0</Girth>' . '<OriginZip>' . SHIPPING_ORIGIN_ZIP . '</OriginZip>'  
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    altoid reacted to raiwa in QTPro BS   
    Update uploaded:
    QTpro Phoenix 7.3.1
    Version: 7.3.1.:
    OSCOM CE Phoenix
    Tested with Phoenix
    PHP: 7.0 - 7.4
    Core changes:
    Changes versus QTpro 7.3.0
    - fixed non working attribute stock update to zero in Admin : Categories/Products : Attributes Stock Tab.Thanks to @Owl Sauron
    - fixed attrributes Price with Tax. Thanks to @Owl Sauron
    - fixed undefined errors in checkout for products without attributes. Thanks to @beerbee
    Changes versus QTpro 7.2.0
    - updated for Phoenix
    - fixed glitches in admin categories hook
    - moved shop hooks and template files into custom template
    - replaced order class extension by order process sitewide hooks
    - merged order process hook into order process sitewide hook
    - replaced alternative hopping cart content module by override template
    - added support for PayPal Standard IPN attributes stock deduction
    - modernized code to match actual core standards
    - added back option images support
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    altoid reacted to raiwa in QTPro BS   
    Update uploaded:
    QTpro Phoenix 7.0.0
    Only one core file change left (modified file provided):
    Changes versus QTpro 6.0.1 BS
    updated for CE Phoenix 1.0.7.x hooked all modifications on admin side bootstrapped all admin pages and hooks hooked all changes on store checkout fixed error in order delete restock function added pi modules updated all store side modules to abstract modules general update to match actual core coding style  
    NOTE: Options Images support is not included in this version. It will be added again once it has been updated.
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    altoid reacted to raiwa in Attribute Addon   
    This is supported by QtPro. Just leave the not availabe combinations in zero stock or do not define stock for them at all and they will not show. There is a secuential drop down menu available which would fit for your needs.
    There are modified core files supplied in the package. So you should be able to do a test installation on an unmodified Phoenix or lower test store in less than 10 min.
    Doing this with less core changes, at least for Phoenix and lower versions, wouldn't be possible.
    There will be less core changes for the next Phoenix versions, please be patient.
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    altoid reacted to raiwa in QTPro BS   
    Hello @joe122joe,
    I have anyway pending to do the update to the new bootstrapped admin page versions. I'll consider to include the suggestion for the attributes stock.
    Thanks and best regards
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    altoid reacted to TomB01 in USPS Rate V4, Intl Rate V2 (official support thread)   
    1) A bit of miscommunication; I'm familiar with phpMyAdmin, and am prepared to copy and poke.  I was just trying to figure out where to place the actual values in those SQL statements.  I think the country is already defined in your first SQL statement with ID = 223, but was trying to figure out the best place to put the real value of my zip code (5 digits) in the second SQL statement.
    2) Kymation has taken it upon himself to support the USPS Rate V4 module for the last several years, thank goodness!  I will be dead as an e-commerce store if I don't have USPS shipping.
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    altoid reacted to raiwa in AJAX Attribute Manager support   
    Uploaded new package :
    AJAX Attribute Manager Phoenix
    v 3.0.0 for Phoenix (older BS version support removed)
    v3.1.0 for Phoenix 1.0.3.x
    + Updated for Phoenix 1.0.3.x compatibility
    + hooked all modifications
    + no core file modifications at all
    + removed modified files and references for older BS version
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    altoid reacted to piernas in Ultimate Seo Urls 5 Pro   
    It's ready.
    - Latest oscommerce (phoenix compatible.
    - Fixed more cache issues. Now sqlite and memcache are only enabled if system supports the methods.
    - Moved admin edits to hooks. Now only two files on catalog needs to be modified.
    - Removed database table constants.
    - TODO: Allow to processs links outside root folder (ie. ext/directory). This is useful for addons like Twitter typeahead.
    Can someone test the atached files before uploading to addons?
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    altoid reacted to BrockleyJohn in NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!   
    I have just uploaded v1.2.6 for CE Phoenix to
    It includes some bug fixes to edit_orders.php and the header_tags.php module.
    Bug fixes include those reported by @artfulweb and some of the php7.3 compatibility issues that I came across in a quick fire-up
    The thrust of the changes is that the hooks system is slightly different in Phoenix so the modified orders.php is different, some more constants have been hard-coded and checking if variables are set has been added before checking if they are arrays.
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    altoid reacted to raiwa in QTPro BS   
    Uploaded version 6.0.0. for Phoenix 1.0.2.x:
    Change Log:
    - updated for CE Phoenix 1.0.2.x
    - replaced ht module by sitewide hook
    - updated Options Images suport for v.1.6
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    altoid reacted to raiwa in QTPro BS   
    Hello @artfulweb, 
    It needs to be updated for Phoenix. Please be patient. It's on my to do list
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    altoid reacted to raiwa in Español pack para OsC Responsive BS EDGE o Gold   
    Uploaded Versión for OSCOM CE Phoenix
    Español para OsC CE
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    altoid reacted to raiwa in Slim Checkout for BS   
    Tested and works with CE Phoenix under PHP 7.3
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    altoid reacted to raiwa in Modules Control   
    Module Control 1.2.0 tested with OSCOM CE Phoenix under PHP 7.3 and works flawless.
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    altoid reacted to raiwa in Holiday-Promotional Message Add-On BS   
    Updated to Holiday-Promotional Message 3.0.0 BS
    Changes version 3.0.0:
    - Updated for CE Phoenix.
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    altoid reacted to fiodh in Fake accounts   
    Hi Jack I just want to say I don't hold you responsible for these problems  - your add on contribution has really helped tremendously. Thanks for all your work.
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    altoid reacted to Jack_mcs in Instant Discount   
    Instant Discount is meant to grab impulse buyers. When a visitor arrives at your site by clicking on a product link in a search engine listing, a dialog will appear saying that he will get a discount if the item is purchased within a certain amount of time. The discount amount, how long the offer is good for and various other things are controlled by settings in admin.
    This addon is written for the CE version. It may work in BS 4 since little is displayed outside of the addon files. It also may work with the official 2.3.4 version. It won't hurt anything in any shop since it can be completely turned off or used in text mode.
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    altoid reacted to Jack_mcs in [CONTRIBUTION] Ultimate SEO URLs v2.1 - by Chemo   
    I doubt one of the latest versions of this addon will work for you. Try installing 2.2d-13 or earlier. You'll lose improvements and security fixes but that's the trade-off when running such an old shop.
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    altoid reacted to JcMagpie in Fake accounts   
    I have been monitoring this crap for a number of months now and have installed honey pot on a number of site and it works for nearly all  but some still get in. The vast majority of these are from .ru and they are relentless in there attacks. In the end I have had to change the settings in admin to limit the form submtions to every 50-60 miniute I did this in incraments of 10min and the attacks reduces in line with the increese in time. Now with the resubmit set to 60 minutes they are down to 3 or 4 per email address per day.
    I guess they just give up after a few hours!
    From what I have seen on the 4 test sites that have been under attack these are not bots but actual people, they are clearly using some sort of script to generate the user names as they follow a pattern but all the emails used are real and clearly stolen and most are real.
    In my sites they all appere to be attacking the customer account form. From what I can tell so far they are attempting to inject scripts into the address fileds.
    Why? Who knows I've yet to find a sucsessfull injection! I simply deleat the accounts every so often.
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    altoid reacted to BrockleyJohn in [CONTRIBUTION] Ultimate SEO URLs v2.1 - by Chemo   
    @douglaswalker sorry Doug didn't think properly - you need to change the query string rather than the url
    RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} "^([^\s%20]*)(?:\s|%20)+(.*)$" RewriteRule ^ %{REQUEST_URI}?%1%2 [L,R]  
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    altoid reacted to raiwa in Modules Control   
    New Version 1.0.3 uploaded. 
    Modules Control
    Changes Version 1.0.3:
    - added script to admin/modules_control.php to scroll back to top after update to show success message.
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    altoid reacted to raiwa in Holiday-Promotional Message Add-On BS   
    Updated to Holiday-Promotional Message 2.1.2 BS
    Changes version 2.1.2:
    - added additional fix in admin/modules_content.php to prevent escape backslash for sql sensitive special characters to be duplicated when edited.
    Changes version 2.1.1:
    - reverted wrong fix introduced in 2.1.
    - applied correct fix in admin/modules_content.php to allow sql sensitive special characters like single quote (apostrophe) in Text definitions.
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    altoid reacted to BrockleyJohn in [CONTRIBUTION] Ultimate SEO URLs v2.1 - by Chemo   
    @vampirehunter I recommend that you try to get the mysqli extension enabled for your installation. mysql is deprecated even on php 5.6 and not available on php7. It's possible that there are bits of code that don't work properly on this old extension.
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    altoid reacted to Jack_mcs in [CONTRIBUTION] Ultimate SEO URLs v2.1 - by Chemo   
    A new version has been uploaded. Itjust fixes the problem with the ConnectDB introduced in the last version. If you have applied the fix mentioned in this thread, you don't need the update. But if you want to apply it, just upload the includes/classes/seo.class.php file.