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    altoid reacted to raiwa in Discount Code BS   
    Update uploaded:
    Discount Code 5.1.2. Phoenix
    Please apply these fixes also to previous versions.
    Older versions, FROZEN, EDGE and Gold BS3, please use Discount_Codes_4.4.3_BS
    Version 5.1.2.:
       Fix for wrong order total showing when no tax is applied. Thanks to @bnguru for the report and testing
       Added support for stripe sca 3.0 payment module. Thanks to @peterespana for testing
       Fixed several minor errors in instructions, ot module and admin page. Thanks to @Demitry
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    altoid reacted to burt in Trouble with user.css on Phoenix   
    Big up to @BrockleyJohn who did all the investigating and all the fixing.  TY John.
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    altoid reacted to burt in Phoenix Announcements   
    Particular thanks to @BrockleyJohn for fixing the Hooks class.
    Demo Site:
    This Update;
    Fixes bug in Hooks Class that presents itself on some, not all, servers Update version to How to Update if on;
    Download this Zip: Unzip it Upload it Visit admin > tools > security checks and perform any needed actions Enjoy using How to Update if on earlier version;
    Find version you are on [admin > tools > version checker] Go back through this discussion and perform updates to get to Then follow "how to update if on" instructions - OR -
    You can download and install a brand new;
    clicking the green "clone or download" button at https://github.com/gburton/CE-Phoenix choose "download zip" unzip, upload, install After New Installation is complete;
    Visit admin > tools > security checks and perform any needed actions Enjoy using  
    - Join the Phoenix Club -
    https://forums.oscommerce.com/clubs/1-phoenix/ If you are not a member of the Phoenix Club, request it;
    you'll get to see some of the "behind the scenes" work and help to steer future releases.
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    altoid reacted to mfleeson in Moving Data from previous Osc to Phoenix   
    As part of my experimentation with Phoenix, I wrote the following database script to move my current live data into Phoenix so I could see what it did. I thought I'd share it for anyone who's needing to move a live store to test or vice-versa. Any questions/comments please let me know.
    For this script to work, load it into your database tool and search and replace changing old_db to the name of your current live site (or origin data), select the new phoenix database and run the queries there.
    A couple of things I noticed moving from a 2.3.4 to Phoenix.
    Check your old sites categories_description table.  Some older sites do not have categories_seo_description so this will fail on the select. change to '' in select.
    Check your manufacturers_info table for 'manufacturers_seo_description',and other seo fields and if it fails change them to '' in the select.
    If you get an error Data truncated for column then it means your old table has larger text length than in phoenix. Adjust phoenix field length and re-run query.
    A lot of old products table do not have products_gtin fields, modify field to '' in query
    Test Move SQL.sql
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    altoid reacted to raiwa in QTPro BS   
    Uploaded version 6.0.0. for Phoenix 1.0.2.x:
    Change Log:
    - updated for CE Phoenix 1.0.2.x
    - replaced ht module by sitewide hook
    - updated Options Images suport for v.1.6
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    altoid reacted to puddlec in TinyMCE   
    @René H4
    this is my current amount of progress.
    tinymce hook v2.zip
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    altoid reacted to burt in TinyMCE   
    Great stuff @puddlec
    This addon shows one of the first uses of the Hooks, chapeau!    Hooks are incredibly powerful.
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    altoid reacted to puddlec in TinyMCE   
    now available for download
    support thread
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    altoid reacted to burt in Phoenix Trivia   
    A lot of triviality, but if things are bust they need to be fixed.  Anyone can raise an issue at Github, chat about it to find the best resolution... then if necessary they can fix & push, that's the beauty of an open codebase allied to people who care about Phoenix being the best it can be.
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    altoid reacted to peterpil19 in Ancient Coin Traders - Phoenix   
    Dear All,
    My website has been upgraded to Phoenix  (latest version).
    It was previously Edge BS3 (pre-frozen).
    Main improvements are:
    1. much faster
    2. new features in Phoenix (sitewide hooks, modular shopping cart, product_info pages, improved modules etc.) make life easier.
    3. Bootstrap 4 has much neater ways of doing things than Bootstrap 3. Shorthand classes in particular make things cleaner and simpler. Bootstrap 4 is also mobile first.
    A special thank you to @burt for accepting my request to assist me with what was a very quick 'migration'  to Phoenix. This involved starting off fresh with Phoenix, making change and cleaning up all my blundered custom 'coding' from my BS3 installation.
    Thank you also to @burt for keeping the project alive.
    I have done a lot of comparisons recently against other open-source and commercialised shopping cart software. I  also habitually look closely at any website I am on as I am sure many others here do.  Phoenix holds its own against most others. You can get a nice-looking website up and running fairly quickly from scratch.
    Happy as always for any feedback or areas of improvement.
    Note: I could not edit my original post on this board for some reason, so happy of course for them to me merged if a moderator obliges.
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    altoid reacted to raiwa in List of my Phoenix compatible Addons   
    Phoenix ready Addons:
    The following free Addons are updated for Phoenix and available on the Marketplace:
    Spanish Language Pack:
    Recently Viewed Products:
    Related Products:
    Featured Products:
    Holiday Message:
    Shop by Price:
    Wholesale Lite
    Discount Codes
    Checked and compatible with Phoenix:
    Slim Checkout:
    Modules Control:
    Coming soon:
    KissIt Image Thumbnailer
    only one small update needed see:
    PWA (Purchase without account – Guest Checkout)
    Reviews Navbar Header Module
    Store Hotline
    Store Mode
    Sloppy Words Cleaner
    I’ll keep this lists updated when I’ll have ready new modules for Phoenix
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    altoid reacted to burt in Upgrade Path TO Phoenix   
    At this moment, today...Phoenix is the only viable option for a shopowner who wants a php7 ready and responsive version of osCommerce.
    I work on Phoenix every day, pushing it forward as best I can and I have a good group of shopowners and developers backing me up and giving ideas and advice.  If I wanted to start up a shop or to update an older osC version, I would utilise Phoenix and become involved in where it goes next.
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    altoid reacted to raiwa in Notes don't work   
    Discount Code BS 5.1.0 works with Phoenix:
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    altoid reacted to raiwa in QTPro BS   
    Hello @artfulweb, 
    It needs to be updated for Phoenix. Please be patient. It's on my to do list
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    altoid reacted to raiwa in Español pack para OsC Responsive BS EDGE o Gold   
    Uploaded Versión for OSCOM CE Phoenix
    Español para OsC CE
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    altoid reacted to burt in Bootstrap 3 is EOL   
    As of 24 July, BSv3 is EOL with no more security updates etc
    This news should nudge you to at least look 👀 at Phoenix (BSv4 Shop Side) if you have not already done so.
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    altoid reacted to burt in Sliding Product Listing Module   
    You can do anything you like...that's the beauty of the open codebase.  Go to it!
    Do note that I have plans to overhaul and simplify the code in the product_listing module at some point in the near future.
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    altoid reacted to Mort-lemur in Products with no Orders   
    .....Well that was easier than I thought
    I now have a new field that shows how many have been ordered since day 1 against each product:

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    altoid reacted to raiwa in Slim Checkout for BS   
    Tested and works with CE Phoenix under PHP 7.3
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    altoid reacted to raiwa in Modules Control   
    Module Control 1.2.0 tested with OSCOM CE Phoenix under PHP 7.3 and works flawless.
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    altoid reacted to raiwa in Products with no Orders   
    What about filter options:
    - products ordered: <,>,=,≠
    - products stock: <,>,=,≠
    - product status: 1, 0
    - products price: <,>,=,≠
    - date added: <,>,=,≠
    - date modified: <,>,=,≠
    makes sense?
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    altoid reacted to burt in Phoenix Announcements   
    How to update
    Make sure you have applied the hotfixes Make sure you have applied the hotfixes Make sure you have applied the hotfixes Make sure you have applied the hotfixes Make sure you have applied the hotfixes Apply the files -> You could also simply download & install the latest v1.0.1.1
    https://github.com/gburton/Responsive-osCommerce/tree/ and install it.
    You could make commit by commit changes to https://github.com/gburton/Responsive-osCommerce/compare/
    I suggest the simplest way (assuming you are on is to grab the zip, unzip it, and upload the files.
    Special Thanks
    to @Harald Ponce de Leon for the gzip fix to forum members for their constructive feedback and bug hunting Completely Uninstall Modules (if they are turned on)
    Admin > Modules > Header Tags > "Google+ Direct Connect Module" Admin > Modules > Social Bookmarks > "Google+ Share" Admin > Modules > Social Bookmarks > "Google+ +1 Button" Delete Files (after having turned off the modules above)
    includes/functions/gzip_compression.php  includes/modules/header_tags/ht_gpublisher.php includes/languages/english/modules/header_tags/ht_gpublisher.php includes/modules/social_bookmarks/sb_google_plus_one.php  includes/modules/social_bookmarks/sb_google_plus_share.php includes/languages/english/modules/social_bookmarks/sb_google_plus_one.php includes/languages/english/modules/social_bookmarks/sb_google_plus_share.php Enjoy.
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    altoid reacted to raiwa in Updating my site to Phoenix   
    The errors you report here are errors of your uncomplete update, they are not errors produced by the Phoenix files. Please revise your update and try to replace complete files if possible.
    In general terms it would be easier to start from scratch with a clean Phoenix installation. Then redo your modifications and add the addons you need. Consider that Phoenix is much more modular than your old store. So the installation of addons and other modifications are doen different than in your old store. Avoid core file changes like they were necessary in your old store, as much as possible.
    This error only existed in Phoenix Please replace the complete file with the version supplied in or higher. The wrong code is not visible in a normal text editor. You have to replace the whole file.
    Instead to add manually missing constants to the database, you'd better uninstall and reinstall the module. This is more safe.
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    altoid reacted to burt in Discount Code BS   
    I truly believe that these sitewide hooks are a step forward  
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    altoid reacted to raiwa in Discount Code BS   
    New version uploaded:
    Version 5.1.0 Phoenix
    Removed support for earlier EDGE versions Fix for discount not showing on first page load in ship in cart order total module in shopping cart, disable "Apply" button until code is validated. Added sitewide hook for session unregister of discount code on logoff ( @burt, sitewide hook used for the first time 😀) This Package will be separated in a neew addon, once a proper label for Phoenix version is available.