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  1. The attached are screenshots of just before confirming the order.


    As I recall, the sand box checkout took me back to the shop then for the order confirmation for both transactions, but I can try again and look for something specific you want to know aboiut.



  2. Hello there, checking out with PP sandbox, successful for two purchases one in and one out of Florida. I saved the checkout confirmation.php screenshots if you want to see those.


    Checking my account, I have the primary address automatically assigned as in San Jose California. During the checkout process I created the Florida account. Both showed up in my account details on the osc test site.


    So for now, that's what occurred.

  3. I apologize for the mistakes. If anyone find any others, please let me know. I will get them all applied and uploaded.


    No need to apologize, if someone would just look at the enormity of what you work on and contribute here they'd have to conclude how could one NOT mix something up now and then in those thousands of lines of code. Thanks so much for what you do. :thumbsup:

  4. Hi Jack, the recent upgrade has some very nice features.


    I noticed in the product_info.php file provided with the download it appears




    looks like it's being called a couple times there toward the bottom of the file if I'm reading the code correctly. I think just once is intended.


    Also, just in Chrome, do the bookmarks appear with a peculiar configuration of an outline as shown in the attached. This does not show up in Firefox, nor IE. Nor on my android version of Chrome.


    Any ideas on that?



  5. Jack, working on update 3.3.1, for the SQL update I get this error:


    #1170 - BLOB/TEXT column 'page_keywords' used in key specification without a key length



    for this action: ALTER TABLE headertags ADD INDEX idx_page_keywords ( page_keywords ) ;


    data type was mediumtext


    I changed that to: varchar(255)


    I ran that code again and this time it was successful.


    Just checking with you on you thoughts of using varchar(255).





    Then your altered code won't work with this addon. The redirect from this addon happens in index.php and from what is said above, a redirect has been added/altered in application_top.php so I suspect that change is bypassing the check in HSH.



    OK thanks. Gergely's code is addressing a different issue with categories so it's helping clean up duplicate content in goggle.


    i'll let things sit for a while then if needed I might remove that code and see what happens with HSH then regarding categories. In the meanwhile HSH is still dealing with deleted product fine, which is a bigger issue right now for me than categories



  7. @@Gergely



    @@Jack_mcs and


    the 301 index.php redirection found in application_top.php after my suggested modification.



    change the redirect to 404 page to original 404 header

    	 header("HTTP/1.0 404 Not Found");
    	 tep_redirect( tep_href_link("404.shtml", tep_get_all_get_params()) );


    With these changes, I am getting a 404, the resultant url looks something like this



    Where cat 236 does not exist. (was deleted by me) and cats 133, 66 and 167 are still valid.


    In cpanel, the initial redirect for the invalid url is a 302 as so:



    1/20/14 7:12 AM




    and then the error page is a 200 as so



    1/20/14 7:12 AM





    Shouldn't the first redirect be a 301 so google will know it no longer is valid?

  8. If you go to (shop)/my-catetory-name/c-273.html, or whatever the missing ID is, does it redirect to the 404 page?


    Jack, all the following urls are redirected to index.php






    as well I tried a never used category.../-c-9999.html and it was redirected to index.php

  9. Do you have the redirect page in the settings set to something other than the index file? What happens if you turn the url rewriter off - does it redirect as expected?


    Redirect page is 404.shtml page it seems to be working fine other than this situation.


    With rewriter off and testing (shop url)?index.php?cPath=90_265_224 am taken back to index.php

  10. @@Gergely


    try to change in application_top.php


    	 header("HTTP/1.0 404 Not Found"); //302 Status




    	 header("HTTP/1.0 301 Moved Permanently"); //301 Status
    	 //header("HTTP/1.0 404 Not Found"); //302 Status


    Changing the application_top.php file as above


    the url (shop)/my-catetory-name/c-90_266_273.html

    where category 273 has been deleted redirects back to the index file

    cpanel shows a status 301 code for the redirect.

  11. I'm not sure I understand the problem completely but your question made me realize I hadn't considered a cPath with more than one ID in it. I just ran a test here and the code is not working correctly because it only checks the first ID. To fix that, please find the following in the includes/functions/headerstatushandler.php file:

     if (isset($cID)) {
    	 $db_query = tep_db_query("select 1 from " . TABLE_CATEGORIES_DESCRIPTION . " where categories_id = '" . (int)$cID . "' and language_id = " . (int)$languages_id);

    and replace it with

     if (isset($cID)) {
    	 $id = explode('_', $cID);
    	 $db_query = tep_db_query("select 1 from " . TABLE_CATEGORIES_DESCRIPTION . " where categories_id = '" . (int)$id[count($id) - 1] . "' and language_id = " . (int)$languages_id);

    Please test it and let me know if it still doesn't work correctly.


    Jack..changing the code as above to look like this:


    	 if (isset($cID)) {
    			 $id = explode('_', $cID);
    			 $db_query = tep_db_query("select 1 from " . TABLE_CATEGORIES_DESCRIPTION . " where categories_id = '" . (int)$id[count($id) - 1] . "' and language_id = " . (int)$languages_id);
    	 return tep_db_num_rows($db_query);


    the url (shop)/my-catetory-name/c-90_266_273.html


    where category 273 has been deleted redirects back to the index file


    cpanel shows a status 302 code for the redirect.

  12. Jack taking note of what @@Gergely says here I am coming to the HSH to see what you think about if this?

    During a shop category / product reorganization I Google webmaster showed that some categories I am completely removing from shop are not producing 404 but rather 302 status code taking the visitor to the index page. The SEO negative is that these would then show duplicate title/descriptions for the deleted categories. At least this is how it looks at this point.

    I have both HSH and the GitHub modification that Gergely authored installed on this shop and both appear to be working pretty well.


    As Gergely noted this seems to only be occurring (so far from what I see in webmaster tools) when the endpoint category is removed. Such as in home>category level 1> sub category level 2>sub category level 3 >product where the product is relocated and sub category level 3 is then removed.


    It is the deleted url path to sub category level 3 that is being redirected (302) to index.


    Is this something to be looked into via HSH or as noted in Gergely's post this is something regarding validating categories otherwise?



  13. Thanks Jack, I posted here pure on a hunch that if USU5 was somehow tied into my situation with the duplicate content as USU5 has been related to other issues as noted in the previous pages. These matters only showed up in this one shop I had USU5 installed on. Maybe be coincidence though..I just am not sure.


    USU5 has been removed and the SEO urls that you maintain replaced this.


    I'll carry this on over in HTH for the category issues as noted keeping an eye on the categories issue. Thanks

  14. Steve - When you say duplicate content, do you mean duplicate titles or descriptions? They are not the same. I'm not aware of anywhere in webmaster tools where they list duplicate content pages but I suppose there could be. But if you have items that no longer exist, I suggest you install the Header Status Handler. It will return the correct status for those missing pages.




    Hi Jack, what I've observed is I am getting duplicate title and description for certain type categories that not longer exist. (this is for a shop I've been doing a major overhaul on).


    The duplicates (title and description) are arising because in my reorganizing site categories and products some of these were apparently indexed along the way so now even though they no longer exist, google thinks that the redirects for example


    /product-category-c-133_90_266_273.html (original category tree)

    /product-category-c-90_266_273.html (subsequent category tree but then altogether removed a bit later)


    is temporary but in fact they are completely gone.


    This 302 code redirect seems to be only occurring where a category has been completely removed from the shop. If the category is still valid but been moved elsewhere, the previous category is correctly being redirected to where it should be with a 301.


    From what I understand the 302 tells Google this is just a temporary change and google will keep the deleted category as valid. So unless I manually do a 301 redirect in htaccess that deleted category will remain incorrectly in the google system.


    I do have header status handler installed and that is working for missing products but does not seem to be working for a completely missing category.


    I hope that all makes sense.

  15. @@Gergely


    Due to a conflict with another add on I had to switch from FWR medias USU over to the Chemo based USU maintained by Jack_MCS.


    is the code you provided over in the SEO forum to deal with duplicate content compatible with the Chemo seo urls add on?


    Since changing from FWR media to Chemo's version I am back to getting a lot of duplicate content in google webmaster tools, most coming from categories that have been deleted are now being 302 redirected to the index which give the duplicate content.


    I'm looking for a place to start looking to try to fix this. Thanks

  16. Altoid,


    Thanks for the help! I'll install it tomorrow and let everyone know the result.


    I posted it under this topic because I noticed Chemo's SEO modification handled this problem. I thought it would be of interest to FWR to take a look at.


    You're welcome. Took 6-8 weeks for google to work its way back around and finally remove the dupes. Since then I've removed seo urls 5 and gone with the version Jack maintains.

  17. Redirect child path to full path



    Combined with KISS meta tags I've been receiving duplicate meta tags when the child path is accessed without the parent id. I'm not sure how this happens but I can re-create it manually and Google seems to take notice as well.


    Example: parent id = 21, child category = 23




    The above links both go to active pages with the same meta title, desc, and keywords. Instead, it should always be -c-21_23. How can this be done?


    Why it's occurring I don't know.


    See this post by Gergely, it fixed the same situation I had.

  18. Couldn't resist trying this out right away....did some playing around. Great.




    On the install instructions say: inludes/languages/*english/modules/header_tags/dynamic_frame/framecontroller.php


    The folder dynamic_frame isn't needed?


    On the admin side..Enable Dynamic Framework probably not needed. If "no" selected site displays blank page on the front side.. I'd say once the template files are modified, you'er committed and the module has to be installed.


    Ran Gtmetrix and the scores went up from what they are usually. I've been hitting around 91-92% for index.php, now its 95%.


    Looking at a product page, The images boxes have shifted to the left of the body area, with the text below. Whereas before the image cluster was to the right with the text directly to the left. Wondering if this is caused by a image modification I am using that I got from github that Herald had posted. https://github.com/haraldpdl/oscommerce2/commit/45124d4087ad0ed6101efd5fe613c0ce97474892


    I'd want to change some text styling, so I presume I can do that in ext/css/frame.css


    As the install instructions say, the allowance for great design control there and that add so much to the mix in setting up a shop.


    I've been wanting to try out a no columns index page and this gives that so easily. With a menu generated from a horizontal bar this opens up a lot of possibilities.


    I'm wondering now how Kymations front page modules and Gergelys head/footer content modules might work into the mix here.


    Somewhere along the line I'd like to address responsiveness. I'll need to do some research on what's needed to remove the 960gs from osC and implement bootstrap.


    Nice, nice work Gary. Thank you for making that available to the community.

  19. Commenting out that line just leaves whatever setting is in the php.ini file. I strongly recommend that you set it to




    for a live store. I also remove the error messages from the database functions so the customer does not see those.


    I have no idea why the Display Weights would matter, but do whatever works.





    In my case my host requires I set up my own php.ini in the shops root folder meaning here: /public_html/php.ini given how my directory is set up.


    That file contains this:


    display_errors = Off


    and that that did it.


    Thanks for the help here.

  20. After updating to the latest add on via Jim -> USPS Rate V4 Intl Rate V2_r3


    domestic US shipping is working fine


    international shipping gives something like this:

    Warning: Value is not properly chunk encoded in /home/myusername/public_html/includes/modules/shipping/usps.php on line 649


    Warning: Illegal string offset 'ServiceName' in /home/myusername/public_html/includes/modules/shipping/usps.php on line 111


    With the second warning repeating numerous times.