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  1. Working with a custom theme and needed the first level categories to not show the default jquery css.


    So I changed /includes/modules/boxes/bm_categories_superfish.php from

                  $output .= '    <li class="sf-menu sf-vertical ui-state-default ui-corner-all" onmouseover="$(\'a#categories\').removeClass(\'ui-state-default\').addClass(\'ui-state-hover ui-state-focus\');" onmouseout="$(\'a#categories\').addClass(\'ui-state-default\').removeClass(\'ui-state-hover ui-state-focus\'">' . PHP_EOL;


                  $output .= '    <li class="sf-menu sf-vertical ui-corner-all">' . PHP_EOL;

    and adjusted /ext/jquery/superfish/css/superfish.css to get the display the way I wanted it.


    How does that look @@kymation ?

  2. Here's what the PayPal App admin>orders looks like after making the change as given by @@Mort-lemur  Thanks Heather.




    First change I made was to re-install the admin comments bar, the change detailed below is where I personally like the bar to appear, you may prefer it in a different position. This also assumes that you had the mod fully embodied prior to installing the paypal app.


    In admin/orders.php find (around line 343)

        <?php echo tep_draw_form('status', FILENAME_ORDERS, tep_get_all_get_params(array('action')) . 'action=update_order'); ?>

    add the following code immediately after:

    	<!-- Comment Toolbar 3.0 bof //-->
           <td><?php include ("comment_bar.php"); ?></td>
    <!-- Comment Toolbar 4.0 eof //-->  



  3. One more... :)


    At the first shop with the PP app,  rather than use the PP express button, and using the regular shop checkout button, I am taken to the sign in page.  I sign in and when ultimately ending up at the PayPal payment page, the text we are discussing shows Cancel and return to My Shop Name. 


    Not the PP business account name.


    I presume even though I did not use the PP express button, the checkout still uses the express module anyway.


    I'm considering keeping with the Express module given the above.

  4. Back on the first shop, using the PP app, with standard disabled and with express installed.


    At the PayPal payment page it is now showing Cancel and return to My Shop Name


    Where My Shop Name is that actual osCommerce shop name.


    The PayPal business account name is not displayed.


    So apparently it is with Express that that the shop name shows.


    With Standard the PP business account name shows.

  5. However, in another shop using PayPal Express Checkout using Version 3 API version 112, when I get to the PayPal payment page, it shows


    Cancel and return to My Second Shop Name


    and not the PayPal business account name while using the same PP business account as above.


    So in this case it's using the osC shopname, not the PP business account name.


    I am going to go back to the first shop, uninstall standard, install express and see what happens.

  6. @@Harald Ponce de Leon


    Hmmm..well this time through on live status it shows "Cancel and return to" and then the name of my PayPal business account.  Where as before it was showing my PP email address.


    What is supposed to show in the live status?


    In sandbox it shows "Cancel and return to Steve Kleiner's Test Store"


    Note...this is with PP standard installed from the PP App.

  7. Took a quick look through the documentation and became aware of some things I missed before.   Tried retrieving the credentials.  I had manually entered live credentials but did a retrieve just to make sure.  All was good.


    Then retrieved sandbox credentials and that worked fine.  Very handy for the shop owner, saving having to go to the actual PP account and troll around to find this info.




    Doing a database management; admin>tools>database tables, I see the table created for the log oscom_app_paypal_log is latin1_swedish_ci


    I'll just use the tool to convert that to utf8_unicode_ci




    Looking at the PayPal app log I see my eBay sales are showing there.  Which brings to thought again that it would be great to use the same PP business account on multiple osC shops all using the PayPal App.


    No osCommerce shop sales yet using the app.  (Working on SEO is ongoing)  :-




    I presume the documentation will have a section that shows what the action icons in the log mean to the user.  Such as APP, PS, etc.

  8. I was referring to your actual PayPal account settings at PayPal, not the PayPal App configuration parameters :)


    Try looking around PayPal -> Profile Settings -> Business Information -> Business Name



    Thanks for the clarification.  In my PP account the Business Name has been set to "My Shopname" and with previous versions of PP standard that is what would appear on the PayPal page where the customer chooses the method to pay.  Meaning it would say Cancel and return to My Shopname regardless of which osCommerce site was using this particular PayPal account.


    It's been that way for years and to this point I don't know it's been a concern to any customers.


    However, and not to complicate things,  I have a 2.3.4 shop with PP Express installed (Not the App Version) and there it will say Cancel and Return to My Wonderful Shop, where My Wonderful Shop is actually the osCommerce given shop name.   This occurs even though the PayPal account for the My Wonderful Shop site is set to the Business name of My Shopname.


    Maybe overall not a big deal but what occurs with Express as above seems cleaner and might be less confusing to a customer.

  9. The maximum length of the return to store button title is 60 characters (which includes the "Return to" string and the store name). If the whole string is longer than 60 characters, the default PayPal button title is used which is generated fruom yor PayPal account settings. You should be able to change the e-mail address to your business name in your PayPal account settings.


    The string of "Cancel and return to (shop name) totals 45 characters.  I tried putting the shop name in the email address which caused an error message when going through the checkout.  PayPal said there was an error in the sellers address. So FYI on that.



    I was able to set up Log In with PP successfully through the app.   Checking  info from my other PP account (that I used to sign on with), all info looked good, name, address, etc..   Ran a partial checkout on that information and it got me to the point on the PP site I had to commit to pay.  So all good there.

  10. @@Harald Ponce de Leon 




    i have this installed on a live shop now.  Needed to click around to get oriented and understand the approach here.   Such a difference, it's possible a user may be a bit confused if they are used to the previous system.  But since OSC users are so adept, maybe not.   :)


    Anyway, I ran a transaction test up to the point of payment over on PayPal.  All was good from what I saw.  One thing I noticed was to back out, PayPal was giving the statement:


    Return to (then my PP email address)


    I mention this as in another shop I have PP express installed and if I recall correctly, at the payment page it says something like 


    Return to (Shop Name)


    Just a preliminary observation there.



    Question, heretofore I was using one PP account to accept payments from more than one store.  To do this I had to set up code in PP standard that would generate a unique order ID so there would not be an error from PayPal.


    Now with the PP app, how would this affect things to two shop scenario.   Meaning I'd still want to have my one PP business account handle/receive from both OSC shop 1 and OSC shop 2.




    Managing all the PP apps from the PP box is interesting and so convenient.  I installed PP standard from the app, noting one the credentials are entered, that takes care of some of the data needed by PP.  




    I am going to go through things again, and set see if I can set up sign in with PP here like I have it on another shop.

  11. @@Tsimi Hi there,  if I understand what your looking into, I've had the modules form HT SEOs reloaded installed in one shop since Gary first released these, Then along the line I've upgraded that one shop to 2.3.4.  All's good and functioning well as far as the modules that I see.  The only thing I've not caught up on was mini descriptions and the testimonials part yet.   Was there something in particular that was an issue?  Again this is for 2.3.4, not the BS version.

  12. Jack, I may have this now.


    I followed the steps you suggested but that didn't affect anything.   So after putting the HT SEO code back in admin/includes/tempate_top.php I noticed there was residual coding there from when I first installed CKEditor (before I installed HT SEO).  So I removed that, and tested again and with SSL enabled in admin the editor is now appearing.  


    That residual code has been there for a long time but only after forcing SSL in admin apparently did it become a problem.  Or so I am presuming at this point.


    Tomorrow I am going to revisit this with Firebug and watch what happens when I test around a bit.


    Thanks for your time.

  13. Hi Jack, I was referring to activating https in admin via the configure file as per this line of code in admin/includes/configure.php:

      define('ENABLE_SSL', false);

    Where if set to false CKEditor will load for product and category descriptions.  That's all I have enabled.


    If set to true, CKEditor does not load.  Nothing shows in the space where it should be.


    Here is the code I have in admin/includes/template_top.php

    /*** Begin Header Tags SEO ***/
       case 'CKEditor':
         echo '<script type="text/javascript" src=".ext/ckeditor/ckeditor.js"></script>';
    	 echo '<script type="text/javascript" src=".ext/ckeditor/adapters/jquery.js"></script>';
       case 'FCKEditor':
       case 'TinyMCE':
         if (HEADER_TAGS_ENABLE_EDITOR_CATEGORIES == 'true'   ||
             HEADER_TAGS_ENABLE_EDITOR_PRODUCTS == 'true'     ||
           if ($action == 'new_product' || $action == 'new_category' || $action == 'edit_category') { // No need to put JS on all pages.
             $languages = tep_get_languages(); // Get all languages
           // Build list of textareas to convert
             $str = '';
             for ($i = 0, $n = sizeof($languages); $i < $n; $i++) {
               if (HEADER_TAGS_ENABLE_EDITOR_CATEGORIES == 'true') $str .= "categories_htc_description[".$languages[$i]['id']."],";
               if (HEADER_TAGS_ENABLE_EDITOR_PRODUCTS == 'true') $str .= "products_description[".$languages[$i]['id']."],";
               if (HEADER_TAGS_ENABLE_EDITOR_LISTING_TEXT == 'true') $str .= "products_head_listing_text[".$languages[$i]['id']."],";
               if (HEADER_TAGS_ENABLE_EDITOR_SUB_TEXT == 'true') $str .= "products_head_sub_text[".$languages[$i]['id']."],";
             }  //end for each language
             $mce_str = rtrim ($str,","); // Removed the last comma from the string.
           // You can add more textareas to convert in the $str, be careful that they are all separated by a comma.
             echo '<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript" src="includes/javascript/tiny_mce/tiny_mce.js"></script>';
             include "includes/javascript/tiny_mce/general.php";
       default: break;
    /*** End Header Tags SEO ***/

    Note that these two lines 


    echo '<script type="text/javascript" src=".ext/ckeditor/ckeditor.js"></script>';
         echo '<script type="text/javascript" src=".ext/ckeditor/adapters/jquery.js"></script>';


    Differ from the instructions because the version of CKEditor I am using calls for that file path.



  14. Hi Jack, I have a shop with Header Tags SEO installed. V 3.3..2.


    When updating to 2.3.4 and getting to the part that forces SSL in Admin,  CKEditor will not load if I enable that in admin/includes/configure.php.   If I disable, ckEditor will work.


    In HT SEO 3.3.2 I have CKEditor enabled for products descriptions and Header Tags Category Description only.  So when I try to edit those parts, the HTML editor does not appear.


    I am presuming that some SSL coding needs added to get this to work but I am not sure.   Looking through the install instructions for 3.3.2 I see some code with SSL includes is replaced by code that does not have SSL.


    What do you think?