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  1. @altoid

    I am updated from Github. 

    Regarding that duplicate message, I don't see anything in admin/includes/template_top.php


    Going through that again..when ordering a Value 8 MB card, where there is only one in inventory when completed over on the admin side when on the index.php page, I see just one notice:


    Warning: There are 1 sick products in the database. Please visit the QTPro doctor.


    It appears only with the catagories.php page, I see two notices now:


    error.gif Warning: There are 1 sick products in the database. Please visit the QTPro doctor

    Warning: There are 1 sick products in the database. Please visit the QTPro doctor.


    Seems something specific to categories.php?

  2. @@raiwa

    I'll update with what you advised and check things out on the test shop.


    Regarding my repo, I apologize, I got backed up and haven't kept that up to date. I'll do that with files from your repo which should get it up where it needs to be.


    Thanks for working on the QT Pro modification > BS.  It'll surely help folks out.

  3. @@raiwa

    Using the files from the github, I completely wrote over existing files from new and modified files in qtpro-5.0-BS-master

    and then reinstalling,  I see this happed during a trial purchase:


    Adding a Value Model with 8 mb to the cart


    Model Memory Price Qty. Value 4 mb $299.99 1 Value 8 mb $349.99



    Noting there's just one of those in stock.  On the shopping cart page when I update the quantity to 2 and refresh this message appears.


    Matrox G200 MMS***
    - Memory 8 mb
    - Model Value

    Products marked with *** dont exist in desired quantity in our stock.

    You can buy them anyway and check the quantity we have in stock for immediate deliver in the checkout process.


    Continuing through the checkout process...


    checkout_shipping > checkout_payment > checkout_confirmation




    2 x 

    Matrox G200 MMS
      - Memory: 8 mb
      - Model: Value


    I get to checkout_success and done.


    In admin I see this message:


    Warning: There are 1 sick products in the database. Please visit the QTPro doctor.


    QT Pro Doctor says:


    You currently have 28 products in your store.
    3 of them have options with tracked stock.
    In the database we currently have 0 trash rows.
    1 of the producks with tracked stock is sick.

    Sick products in the database:

    Product with ID 1: The summary stock calculation is wrong. Please take a look at this products stock.


    Clicking products stock I see duplicate warnings at the top:


    error.gif Warning: There are 1 sick products in the database. Please visit the QTPro doctor

    Warning: There are 1 sick products in the database. Please visit the QTPro doctor.


    Noting stock for that Value 8 MB

     Value    8 mb     -1


    Below  I click on:

    Automatic Solutions Avaliable:

    Set the summary stock to: 14


    QT Pro Dr is happy now but in stock for that item stock shows:



     Model   Memory Quantity      Value    16 mb     5      Premium    16 mb     6      Value    4 mb     1      Premium    4 mb     2      Value    8 mb     -1  


    That's it for now

  4. @@raiwa

    That languages issue was because I didn't uninstall that module before I updated the module file. An uninstall and reinstall fixed that.


    Testing adding product with options for

    Model Memory Price Qty. Value 4 mb $299.99 1


    mg200mms.gif Matrox G200 MMS
    - Memory 4 mb
    - Model Value


    In shopping cart, when I change the number order to 4 and refresh..


    I do not get a notice of ordering more than is in stock.  I am able to click Checkout.


    Ran a test checkout, completed successfully with


    4 x  Matrox G200 MMS
      - Memory: 4 mb
      - Model: Value


    In admin stock shows -3

  5. update to beta 5

    With these settings, 

    Show Out of Stock Attributes

    Mark Out of Stock Attributes

    Display Out of Stock Message Line

    Prevent Adding Out of Stock to Cart

    Use Actual Price Pull Downs


    Here's what I see for the various displays for Product Info Attribute Display Plugin with memory of 8 mb out of stock for both models:



    8 mb shows, no out of stock message and I am able to add to cart



    8 mb shows, with out of stock message. When trying to add to cart this popup shows:

    The combination of options you have selected is currently out of stock.  Please select another combination.



    8 mb does not show



    8 mb shows with out of stock message. Trying to add that to cart gives pop up notices.



    8 mb shows with out of stock message. Trying to add that to cart gives pop up notices.


    In the edit mode for qt pro options..looks like a language mix up:

    Admin Stock Warnning ENGLISH
    Definición de idioma usado en admin QT Pro Stock


    Out of the edit mode I see:

    Admin Stock Warnning ENGLISH
    Warning: There are %s sick products in the database. Please visit the QTPro doctor


    Clicking that link, I get a page with this error on it:

    Bad Request

    Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand.


    That's it for now


  6. @@raiwa

    I am at beta 3 right now, so maybe beta 4 will fix things.


    But I am getting mixed results on the product info page when I select different options in the QTPro options module.

    Depending on the display I choose I am sometimes seeing different results

    EX when Show Out of Stock Attributes is negative


    With Product Info Attribute Display Plugin set to single_dropdown and single_radioset

    I see the 8 mb memory although the value is zero


    With multiple_dropdowns it's hidden


    Anyway, I'll get to beta 4 and see what that does.


    It's nice to see the affected core files reducing with each release.

  7. @@raiwa

    I installed beta 2 and notwithstanding any mistakes, here's what I see:


    - WARNING_SICK_PRODUCTS in /admin/qtprodoctor.php  Did I miss a language define somewhere?


    - Just an FYI, but in php 7 for various files I am seeing this type error:

    Deprecated: Methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP

    php 5.6 is OK


    - in configuration, admin/configuration.php?gID=888001 for QT pro, it seems at least some of the settings are not used now and this is done now in the module setting instead?


    - for and item I have one of the option values set to zero.  Example, Memory 4 mb =2, 8 mb=0 and 16 mb 06.  In the content module I have this setting:

    Show Out of Stock Attributes


    Yet in the product display, the 8 MB still shows.  How is that supposed to show?


    Then over in the stock report, 8 MB is not showing at all for that product, where as 4 and 16 are.  I was thinking perhaps it would be better to show at zero than not showing at all..


    That's it for now.

  8. OK

    It's working on uniserver

    Available Options and Currently on Stock table showing in listing.


    Able to modify option tracking and quantity in admin.


    Adding tracked product to cart works.


    Trying to add more option quantity in the cart than actually are on stock generated warning message.

  9. @@raiwa

    OK, I think I have the product_info.php correct now. You'll have to bear with me, I'm 95% shop owner and 5% coder so sometimes I don't quite grasp right off exactly what's going on with the whys and wherefores of code application.


    I have a couple forks going on this. One fork applying qtpro to edge.



    Then another fork of your repo.


    I've been updating the manual for my purposes while going along with the updates.  I just pushed changes to date here:


  10. @@raiwa

    Some questions re this step:

    B.: upload and install the product info content modules and (IMPORTANT!) uncomment the complete options/attributes section in product_info.php instead to apply the mods


    Modules installed and appear to be OK.


    Not sure where to uncomment the complete options/attribute section?


    I had to remove a curly bracket after updating product_info otherwise there was an error.

    See here: https://github.com/skleiner/Responsive-osCommerce/commit/e6f5202f8b44cd6b85431bc30d95ec7c65af0ad9


    Also, around line 156, does that file path need modified?

      if(PRODINFO_ATTRIBUTE_DISPLAY_STOCK_LIST == 'True'): require("includes/modules/qtpro_stock_table.php"); endif;

  11. @@raiwa

    Still working on this on the Edge test shop.  As noted the instructions are out of date, so what I'm doing is changing them going along to better match Edge coding. Then I'm modifying files based on my instruction updates. This is the only way I see to do this for now.

    I have the instruction changes in a branch.  I haven't yet pushed the changes, I'll do that if/when I get this done without screwing it up.

  12. @@Jack_mcs Hi jack...I'm catching up to where Gary has Edge. Along the way, there are commits affecting any FILENAME_*, and eventually with removing the the filenames.php and the referring code in includes/application_top.php, ref here in Github.


    So if I understand the process correctly all code with FILENAME_WHATEVER will have to be changed to 'whatever.php' and so on.


    This only applies if someone is going from Gold to Edge. Otherwise..no change needed.


    I'm only up to shopside...further along same thing applies to the admin side from what I see.

  13. @@Jack_mcs After modifying as above, that notice does not appear now.  This is in a uniserver test shop, with the php as above and error reporting as follows:


    // set the level of error reporting
    //  error_reporting(E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE);