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  1. I looked at the page in question, but I couldn't determine where I could add a note/text in it to be visible on the checkout screen. Could you tell me which text to look for that I can add it into it? Thanks!


    What that code is doing is assembling the data needed to make the page then generating the page. Take a look toward the bottom of the code on that page and that's pretty much where the web page page is constructed. Somewhere toward the bottom is where you could put your message in html format. But be careful as you can screw things up placing the code in the wrong place or using incorrect coding. So backup your files.


    Maybe Plan B would be to go to the language file for shipping..../includes/languages/english/modules/shipping/usps.php and try something there. Same disclaimer as before.


    Testing such changes locally using software letting you do this on you local computer first is really the way to go in doing such work. It saves a lot of pain and aggravation.


    Fatal error: Call to undefined function tep_cfg_usps_services() in /home/nvrmiss/public_html/admin/modules.php(424) : eval()'d code on line 1


    tep_cfg_usps_services is defined in my configuration table.



    Referencing the install instructions, make sure all the code dealing with this: function tep_cfg_usps_services is installed in admin/includes/functions/general.php, admin being whatever your admin is called

  3. That looks like the old USPS Methods file. That code is such a mess that nobody wants to try to fix it. There are at least two others: the official USPS module included in osCommerce 2.3.3 and the USPS Rate V4, Intl Rate V2 addon.


    I believe that the latter will work in 2.2 stores; you can check the support thread for more information. I've updated that module to work with the latest changes. The download link is in the support thread.





    USPS Rate V4, Intl Rate V2 does work in 2.2 shops, this latest USPS change prompted me to update all my sites of which 2 are the 2.2 version. Jetta's instructions include how to do it's for both 2.3 and 2.2 versions.

  4. If we choose the later in the above to make the selections fewer and store determine shipping containers, I still would like a note field to add to the customer for situations like if a storm is interfering with shipping and there may be delays, we can state that in the shipping screens so the customer is aware of potential delays due to weather or other factors.


    you could add something like this on the checkout_shipping.php page. (catalog/checkout_shipping.php or such depending where your shop is installed)

  5. I have made the changes to this module, but I'd like to have some of you test it before I put it up in the Addons section. The code is here.


    I have also modified the MVS version, and that code is posted in the MVS support thread (link below.) Comments on that code are also welcome. I've actually tested that one. Since they both use the same code base, the fixes to one can easily be ported to the other.





    Jim, using usps for a 7 ounce package with settings normally offered in my shops, for domestic I got the 1st-Class Parcel and Priority, which were the only two options wanted.


    All appeared to proecess using money order, paypal and google wallet options.


    then testing an intternational account i got 1st-Class Int'l Lg. Env** and Priority Int'l


    Missing was 1st-Class Int'l Parcel** that I had checked.


    Taking a purchase through PayPal got me to the Paypal page successfully

  6. So, once again, I ask that anyone interested in the future of osCommerce & who wants to help out, to go and github, and start rolling their own version of osCommerce. You never know that what you do might be rolled up into the official release.


    I've visited github per posts from this forum but haven't quite figured out how it works or how to actively use it. Meaning I've seen and actually used code posted in github, but how to actually be more involved I have not yet done. I would participate even if only at a basic level for now anyway.


    For example there are a couple add on's I've modified for my own personal use, but maybe my code changes would be of interest to others. I am not sure my minor tweaks merit going to being uploaded to an add on here on osC though.


    I've googled some sites that discuss git but if anyone has a reference for info directly pertaining to oscommerce and github and how to use them together I'd appreciate it.

  7. I haven't had this issue to deal with but I just checked a couple shops I have with multiple attributes. They appear in order as I want them. Without rummaging through the code to see what's going on my quick hunch is this may be tied to the product options ID found in admin>catalog>product attributes. In my items the first option showing for multiple options is the one with the lowest ID. Just a hunch though.

    An examination of the code would tell sure.


    Thanks a lot, Steve. It works fine. But only one problem. How to switch products options on page. I have two option names: One is Size (ID 2), the other is Color (ID 3). Now I have on the first selection place Color (which have to be selected firstly by customers), on the second place is Size (which is selected secondly). I use ''sequenced_dropdowns'' options in admin. I want to have Size on the first place and Color on the second place. Size option have to be selected firstly by customers! Could be the issue ID number of option name in attributes? ID 1 was deleted...



  8. @@Gornik regarding your posts 2082, if you go into admin>configuration>product info (qt pro) and test various settings I believe you will get what you are after. Note the option there to display a table with what is exactly in stock as well.


    If after trying that you don't have what you want, another option is to edit the products attributes and delete the attribute combination that has zero quantity

  9. Thank You for the repy, What I found also was if you change anything on the listing it resets the boxes clear. Problem is I have a lot of products that won't fit in a small flat rate box or envelope. And I have to insure that an international purchase made with products that do not fit in a small flat rate box, doesnt show that rate available at checkout. Or i will lose alot of money on shipping. So you can't be sure that the boxes didnt become unchecked from editing or changes.

    Wish there was a better way for blocking small flat rate boxes, when the products purchased won't fit.


    there's an add on out there somewhere that allows more control over the types of shipping you offer per vendor and even geographically. i haven't needed such for my shops so other than noticing it's there i can't say much more. try some googling for this add on in oscommerce and maybe that's what you'd need.

  10. The manufacturers are displayed using the index.php file so you would check the manufacturers checkbox for that page. On the product_info.php, you would uncheck that checkbox.


    Got this sorted out Jack. With settings exactly as you noted above, I was still having product_info show the manufacturer. I looked around and on page control, noted that on the right where the default tag box is, manufacturer was checked. Un-checking that fixed the issue.

    Thank you for your time and patience.

  11. All titles and meta tags can be edited.Just change it to whatever you want to use.


    Unless I am missing something, if I enable manufacturers in header tags I will get the proper manufacturer page meta, but I will also get manufacturer in product info whether I want it or not as so:


    product name + category + manufacturer


    I want the product name and category, but for Bing's issues I wanted to shorten the meta so I needed to drop the manufacturer.


    so if i don't want the manufacturer in the product info, I have to uncheck the manu box, but now my manufacturer page won't generate manufacturer meta, just the default shop.


    So it's either none or both as I see how that works

  12. I don't have a 2.3.3 shop setup but I don't think version would be any different in regards to this contribution. Do you have the manufacturers checkbox checked in Page Control for index.php? Are there titles and tags data in the manufacturers edit page in admin? If both of those are OK, try the included index.php file to see if it works.


    My apology on this, it was the checkbox. In thinking about this now, some time ago i unchecked the manufacturer because I think it was Bing Webmaster tools was telling me the title was to long for SEO, by removing the manufacturer info the titles went down to what Bing considers acceptable.


    If Bings issue is valid, it would be good to be able to have the manufacturer page meta controlled separate from product info meta.

  13. This has been reported before but I could never get it to fail. But, as it turns out, I just installed it into a 2.3 shop with a template today and I could see the failure. To fix it, edit the includes/functions/header_tags.php file. Change this line (should be around line 137):

    if ( tep_not_null($manStr) && ($type == 'top' && ($pageTags['append_manufacturer'] || $defaultTags['default_logo_append_group'] || $defaultTags['default_logo_append_manufacturer']))) {


    if ( tep_not_null($manStr) && (($type == 'top' || $type == 'man') && ($pageTags['append_manufacturer'] || $defaultTags['default_logo_append_group'] || $defaultTags['default_logo_append_manufacturer']))) {


    Jack, on a 2.3.3 shop I used the above code and my meta is showing the shop name and shop description for the particular manufacturer. The page itself is showing the manufacturer info correctly. The meta seems to default to the shops meta.

  14. I only received my first login email from usps. I didn't get the second approval yet.

    But would that make it not even show up as an option at all?


    it's been some years now since i set up our usps account so i don't recall the particulars, buy i can see where if your shop isn't communicating with the usps server, there may be code written in the add on that would hide usps because it's not showing valid info. that's my hunch anyway.


    also, make sure you did this step from the install instructions:


    USPS offers no test server for this API syntax. After you have registered

    with USPS and received your user ID, you must email USPS per instructions

    in the email from them, and ask them to switch you over to the production

    Mention that you are using OSCommerce. If you haven't received a reply within

    24 hours, then email a second time and ensure them that your script has been

    tested and is ready to go live. Or just call them.

  15. Everything looks ok to me on the admin side but USPS is not showing up as a option on checkout.

    What might cause that to happen?

    assuming you have the module enabled and have a usps account user id in place on the admin side, look at the sort order if you have any other options enabled. if there are more than one shipping option, try different sort orders. other than that, i'm out of ideas.