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  1. @@altoid

    The superfish files are included in /catalog/ext/jquery/superfish/. The only thing that I know is missing is a modification of /catalog/includes/functions/cache.php. The site this was coded for did not use cache. Otherwise everything should work.





    OK, the site on Uniserver doesn't have cache enabled so I'll go without that first, once I get things working, I'll look into setting up cache and check things out. I'll let you know.


  2. @@kymation


    I need some volunteers to test this. Put this on your test site and tell me what you think. It should be considered Beta code, so don't try this on a live site. I'm not responsible if it looks ugly, fails to work, or blows up your entire site.* Be warned. Oh, and it requires PHP 5+. I haven't scrubbed it of all the modern code.


    Jim, i'll try this on uniserver. Looked over the download...no instructions...in addition to placing the two module files and modifying the template top with the superfish code looks like I'll need to download and add the superfish js and css. Anything else? I am familiar with superfish but not fluent.

  3. I see others have asked about this IPN response but in my case this only occurs with refunds. Here's what I see in the shop:


    PayPal IPN Verified [Refunded (; $-23.07); refund; PayPal transaction value (-23.07) does not match order value (23.07)]



    Looks to me like the issue is the negative and positive amount being compared and flagged.


    This is on a 2.3.3 shop, paypal standard module.


    Any ideas on how to fix this up?



  4. once this is installed, does it automatically update any existing images already uploaded for products?


    ie, the existing default products that are in the fresh install, or would it start working from when you upload your pictures after installation?


    As they are being viewed. Meaning right after install take a look at the thumbs folder and it's probably empty, then go view one of your products and revisit the thumbs folder, you'll see the thumbs have been generated for that products images. This occurs for existing images and future uploaded images.


    also, does this alter the existing layout for product info and its images?


    Same layout, just thumbed.


  5. @@DesertCoder

    hmmmm...all i can think of is

    1 - making sure your site is considered live with usps, you actually have to contact them about this. but you apparently did that if you have another shop working

    2 - the usps user id wasn't entered in the module admin side

    3 - i found i had to futz with the shipping option sort order, i have more than usps...to get usps to show.


    other than that i am out of ideas

  6. Is there a way to toggle the email notifications <on and off> when someone subscribes or unsubscribes to the newsletter? I am referring to the emails sent to the shop owner when these actions occur. A shop owner may not want to see a lot of these notices after a while.




    I see in files newsletter_desabonnement_success and newsletter_abonnement the code where these can be disabled.

  7. Thank you for providing this add on. Doing some testing everything looks to be working well and appears nicely.


    I found out by trial and error that I had to have Use MIME HTML When Sending Emails set to true to get the email notifications to the customer to appear correctly.


    Is there a way to toggle the email notifications <on and off> when someone subscribes or unsubscribes to the newsletter? I am referring to the emails sent to the shop owner when these actions occur. A shop owner may not want to see a lot of these notices after a while.



  8. Hey all,

    I've got the latest USPS installed on 2.3.3 and First Class doesn't show up, regardless of the weight I use.


    I've followed this thread - and it's a long one - so I might have missed somethig. I *ONLY* ship National - no Int. - here in the US.


    $5.00 Shipping for an $8 - $10 item seems a bit high. Stamps.com - for the exact same item shows First Class at like $2.




    Make sure you use the fix posted by @@kymation earlier in this thread.

  9. @@Deelee


    Dee....yea I'd say step back, take a deep breath before deciding what you want to tackle here. Being a newbie there's a bunch that needs to be digested so as you don't spin your wheels too much.


    The 2.2 series add ons can be adapted to 2.3 if they have not already. There's a tutorial here on the forums how to do that by @@kymation.


    But I'd recommend not tackling that and look for addons alreay full converted over. Not to be further discouraging but sometimes folks upload add ons that are buggy or don't have perfect install instructions. It's part of the nature of how things are and work.


    The applications that compare files are great tools but you need to know what your looking at to begin with mostly.


    And the SQL that you mentioned is another matter. database updates are generally done from your hosts control panel (nothing directly to do with osc) then into something call phpmyadmin which ultimately allows you to run an sql query that will alter the database you are working with.


    so anyway, not to be discouraging but there's a bunch of basic concepts to get down before you tackle add ons and such.


    my recommendation is peruse through various forum postings along the topics you are interested in and read them over. search the forums for specific topics that deal with newbie questions.


    check this out, it may help as well. it's a bit dated but some good fundamentals are there.


    good luck

  10. Yes, I can duplicate that when clicking on Twitter. Clicking on the others doesn't do it for some reason. That's strange since the code for each is almost identical. Are you seeing the same thing - that it doesn't happen with the other icons?


    I only have a facebook acct to try that on. the oscsid appears to be remaining attached to that as well, on the facebook page when i hover over word link in "so and so shared a link" i see the oscsid as well.


    however when navigating to a product, liking that on facebook, i don't see the oscsid on the word "link" the second time around.


    so this appears to be the same thing that i saw on the twitter link

  11. looks like i have the latest version, so to recreate

    - close all browsers

    - open chrome

    - enter website index page

    - click twitter link


    on twitter page this shows:


    Check out http://www.myshop.com/index.php?osCsid=10b17a6c409fcd817ba31a98035f0512


    oscsid is there


    - cancel that

    - navigate to product page

    - click twitter link


    on the twitter page this shows:


    Check out http://www.myshop.com/my-great-product-large-size-p-174.html


    oscsid is gone

  12. I can't duplicate that here. There is a line in the social bookmarks module that is supposed to strip the SID. It seems to work OK for me.


    OK, I'll double check the module and make sure I have the latest. If I do and I can generate that issue, I'll get back to you on that.



  13. speaking of oscid... :)


    Jack I notice that if a visitor uses the social bookmark referral buttons AND if they are still on their landing page the oscid in the url will be passed along to whatever social site. i.e., landing page shows the oscid.


    If the visitor clicks to somewhere else staying on the site, no problem, the oscid is gone.


    It's that landing page issue. Any thoughts on this?

  14. @@krdito

    please note my disclaimer in my signature but in response to your matter i'd say that from what i gather from other postings in this thread and elsewhere there are at least a couple working versions of usps postage add ons. i am using the one that Jim mentions in post #45 above. With the update he just did that module works fine. that's this add on origninallyby fulluvscents: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8327. Jim's mod would need applied to that add on then.