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  1. Yes forgot I have width set to min-width: 205px; ( using a 1034 grid) so needs changed back to standard in stylesheet min-width: 148px;


    strange with the arrows seeing on IE and Firefox .



    Made that change and that fixed the width in the main category. Arrows behaving as you intended I believe John. Consistent through chrome, ff and IE.

  2. @@kymation



    Checking in here...been spending time with a family member health matter situation for several days...will test out the code/changes from both of you, maybe tomorrow.


    I decided to go with this live on a shop now being I'm so impressed by this menu and all. :)


    John, one thing...can't find where I put the code in the wrong file....the navbar.php. If you can tell me where you see that please.


    Cleaning up unnecessary files on github is on my to do list as well.

  3. @@grandpaj


    Regarding posts 66 & 67.


    If I can install this, and play around with it and its still going. With my limited knowledge, then there shouldn't be many questions.



    I brought the matter up for Jim's sake post release. That wan't intended for you. I'm glad you tested this out it gives another set of eyes on things.


    This will probably be a pretty popular add on for the 2.3 series so I see Jim getting hammered with how to this and how to that. We don't want to wear him out. :)



  4. @@kymation



    As with John's case...cache working fine. I checked the work folder and saw where it was caching superfish yesterday anyway so now I understand what Jim meant by doing that via ftp.


    Anyway, I am going to try Jolis css out and see what that looks like.


    Which brings up that once Jim posts this I can see down the road a spike in "how do you make it look this way or that way" support questions. Maybe in the extras folder toss in a couple of css files for users to try if they want different styling? Beyond that they can figure it out for themselves or hire a pro.


    I may make a new branch on the github site for all this just for different styling. If I can figure out how to do that.

  5. Formatting looks nice.


    --First run.....Products header won't disappear if I let the admin control space blank, or even change it to another word like Categories.


    Second run....uninstalled module like I was supposed to...re uploaded cache.php and bm_categories_superfish.php files...reinstalled module and voila!!


    --Module isn't showing in admin>tools>cache control.


    --Categories still aren't sorting as supposed to when compared to stock categories box.

  6. I enabled cache on a shop I am running this add on with and got a nasty error so I disabled cache for just the superfish box add on until that's working correctly. Probably something I did in the cache.php file where I added the accordion category cache code then tried to modify it tomake it fit superfish,


    Didn't work.


    Update here: https://github.com/skleiner/sf-menu/commit/2bd3c58e011acf7d576e3d9652ce6df8fc9420b2


    Did the disable cache thing in case someone downloads the code to try out so they won't have problems from my attempt.

  7. Just discovered the jQuery Migrate TOOL a while back when trying to sort an issue / conflict I was getting between quick checkout ( by matt ) , categories accordion menu (j Jim ) and jquery-1.10.1.min.js. there is also a minified version.



    That issue is something I've noticed and the somewhat cumbersome getting updates..recoding to keep things current. Deferring to Jim.

  8. not quite the same results here as John's....making that change to the module results in the superfish box going to the right side. Can't get it back over unless I remove the change.


    With both the stock category box displayed and the superfish menu, I note the categories are ordered differently from the stock to superfish.


    i got the version of hoverIntent John recommmended, minified it and placed that on github.


    I think I have it all here: https://github.com/skleiner/sf-menu


    which includes the updated js and css files for superfish.


    so other than that left/right column issue above the site i have this on looks ok so far.

  9. Jim, I think John's point was that the download from github for superfish has hoverintent.js in the js folder along with the other js files.

    Is ext/jquery/hoverintent/jquery.hoverIntent.minified.js the minified version of ext/jquery/superfish/js/hoverIntent.js?

    I downloaded jquery.hoverIntent.minified.js and set that up as you indicated above. You can view it here just to make sure.

    Or I can move it to ext/jquery/superfish/js/jquery.hoverIntent.minified.js and change template top accordingly.

  10. @@kymation



    Updated the path issue and superfish files as per John's post...that took care of where the subcategories display...they are now displaying cleanly to the right then expand downward.


    Lost my text wrap though on the main menu only..long category names go outside the main menu onto the body. Sub cats will expand to size of maximum cat title characters for that subset.


    changed superfish.css white-space to normal and that took care of main category issue...all sub cats wrapping as well. might prefer sub cats to just expand rather than wrap though.

  11. Used the mega fish.css cause he has a nice turning arrow :P well tested on ipod touch and he is working good so will test on another mobile device later as far as i can see he is working straight out of the box link to demo also works good in the vertical mode like your accordian menu by changing .sf-vertical in the superfish css .


    tested John's link/site on android smartphone...menu works fine

  12. OK thanks.


    Another question, maybe it's nothing more than a setting issue, but when a primary category is hovered over, can the displayed categories be set to show over to the right then down rather than straight down as they are now? As is the category subs displayed after the primary hide what's below.


    Whereas if they behaved like sub categories with the right arrow > they would not cover the categories below.


    I looked through the php and css and no luck finding a setting

  13. @@kymation


    Installed Jim, the blue theme pretty much matches my uniserver site so it looks ok to me. But my wife says I am aesthetically challenged so factor that in my assessment.


    I have 11 top level categories so they appear fine.

    Top level expands/drops vertically.

    Second level expands right horizontally then drops vertically.

    I have sub-categories that have a lot of same level members and they drop off the view-able portion of the page.


    Hover/expand timing is good for me as is.


    Also , the module admin side I see this:


    Content Placement

    Where should the module be loaded?


    But no options are given. Not that I'd change the current placement.


    So preliminary I'd say the module has good potential and worth consideration for live use....the off the screen drop down notwithstanding.