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Status Updates posted by altoid

  1. Can't post or message on the forum

    1. Tsimi


      ....or you both got banned. lol


    2. altoid


      Using Chrome..but just checked at at least I can post now. Still some issues though.

    3. Tsimi


      @altoid Tools -> "clear browsing data" or just ctrl+shift+del

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  2. Mirjam Ott Rocks. :thumbsup:

    1. Dan Cole

      Dan Cole

      OR Brad! Go Canada Go!!!!

    2. altoid


      Hat's off to the Canadian Curlers.

    3. Dan Cole

      Dan Cole

      Surely you mean "togues" off. ;)

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  3. If only I had a dime for every time I went to navigate to the Add-Ons (left side of menu), clicked to quickly while hovering and went to the osC Website instead.

    1. Mort-lemur


      if only I had a penny for every time I typed to instead of too ... ;)

    2. MrPhil


      You'd be able to afford a Starbucks coffee once a week!

    3. altoid


      yea...that to :)

  4. Major product / category revisions can cause interesting fallout in Google

    1. altoid


      Huge issue it seems. Gergely's aware and been working on it. Stay tuned.

    2. tgely


      I cant belive it but all my 404 page status prevention strategy success in server log. :D

    3. altoid


      in the past 24 hours almost 300 bad category urls here covered by a proper 404 with Gergely's module. :thumbsup:

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  5. Is still irritated about how the USPS has to make so many changes causing a huge PITA to shop owners.

  6. Great to see George aka multimixer as MOTM.

    1. multimixer


      This was unexpected, really, big surprise.


      Thank you Gary and Phil for nominating.


      When I started, some years ago, I could never imagine that one day, first thing to do in the morning, would be to check the forum.


      I'm happy to be a member of this community and happy to know all the great people here


      Yes, invitation to Greece is valid all time, including free ouzo:)

    2. Biancoblu


      Congrats George! :D a well deserved award! Like I said in my status update, I couldn't post a nomination so I'll say a few words here:

    3. Biancoblu


      George, you are always very helpful and respectful towards all members of the community and for that I thank and admire you.

      Every day you keep showing patience towards people and in situations where even a saint would lose its head. Thanks also for your terrific contribution to the osC project and for your great knowledge.

      Σας ευχαριστώ!

  7. Sometimes the most difficult problems have a simple solution. You just have to look at the obvious.

  8. Seeing nice core work being done to osCommerce on GitHub. Thanks Team!

  9. Wishing a Happy Mother's Day to those that are moms, and those that have moms. :)

    1. Biancoblu


      right on, happy mother's day to all the moms in the world :)

  10. i really need to quit putting off upgrading a 2.2 shop to a 2.3.3 shop...so here we go

  11. if ever get to pick teams i want biancoblu on my side. :)

    1. Biancoblu


      I am flattered....*insert blushing smiley*

      :) :)

  12. Noting Jack_mcs is the March MOTM. Well deserved and congrats Jack

    1. tgely


      He was the first contibutor who gives me some impression. Grat!

    2. Dan Cole

      Dan Cole

      An excellent choice. I've learned tons from many of Jack's posts. Congrats Jack!

  13. Retired today after 40 years in the wildlife conservation profession. A wonderful ride it was...

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