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  1. altoid

    Products with no Orders

    Yes, and I think it was a "soft redirect. Meaning, customer lands on intended page, but a message appears to whatever wording you choose. Mine is.."This product is low on stock or about to be discontinued. Please consider this recommendation? Then there's the recommended url displayed.
  2. Gary is this pertaining just to edge core related errors? I have some add ons that are causing some notices, etc.
  3. altoid

    Email queuing system

    Latest tweak working slick as a whistle.
  4. altoid

    Email queuing system

    Looks like a welcome, order process, review request and a "test email"
  5. altoid

    Email queuing system

    Received 4 and all's looking very nice.
  6. altoid

    Email queuing system

    Just ran a test order
  7. altoid

    Email queuing system

    Agreed. Very spiffy.
  8. OK thanks..for application_top.php the change was from if ((!defined(SEO_ENABLED)) || (SEO_ENABLED == 'true')) { include_once('includes/classes/seo.class.php'); if ( ! (isset($seo_urls) && is_object($seo_urls)) ){ $seo_urls = new SEO_URL($languages_id); } } to if ((!defined('SEO_ENABLED')) || (SEO_ENABLED == 'true')) { include_once('includes/classes/seo.class.php'); if ( isset($seo_urls) && !is_object($seo_urls) ){ $seo_urls = new SEO_URL($languages_id); } } if I have that correct. Otherwise with the new seo.class.php uploaded should be up to date then.
  9. Jack, I am two versions back on this. Can I just install the latest or should I install each version incrementally? I am currently at Version 2.2d-16 Thank you
  10. Being able to search the app market place by add on author would be handy.
  11. This is a great idea. Feed back should address funtionality, compatibility, etc. And not include personal attacks, snide remarks and so on. Feedback that goes personal should be removed. No drama please, I get that enough in today's politics.
  12. Or otherwise. I use it to link to my own blog articles.
  13. altoid

    Removing fake customers

    here's one: from ip: IP Location Moldova, Republic Of Chisinau Starnet Solutii Srl ASN AS31252 STARNET-AS, MD (registered Mar 31, 2004) Resolve Host 188-138-188-34.starnet.md Will be blocking - via my cp
  14. altoid

    Removing fake customers

    @Snarg same here, very similar to what you show. About 1 or 2 a day. I've been manually deleting.