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  1. importing Database to new install

    I was going to do what you are doing, but I'm waiting a bit yet. My plan was do the frozen install then replace data, table by table from my gold plus to frozen with the exception of the configuration table. Importing images as well of course.
  2. Appreciate that you're keepin' on keepin' on.
  3. In thinking that over, and actually looking at what I do on site, it turns out my redirects for defunct items go to the category pages rather than another product for the vast majority of the time. On rare occasion, where there is virtually an identical product I may consider redirecting to that. So when redirecting to the category page, it seems very understandable and user friendly for the customer in and of itself. That coupled with the message stack, seems to be good. It's my understanding when using a 301 the search engine process that by removing the previous product from index when redirected to another by the 301. In webmaster tools I do not see any duplicate content other than product and product reviews dupes.
  4. Actually using Gergely's add on, my redirects from an defunct product are to the category of that product, with the message stack telling customer product is not available but here are similar items to consider. I think it's user friendly and effective.
  5. Back when Gergely was developing this we discussed that. He came up with a handy message stack that shows a nice clear message that after the redirect clearly alerts the customer such and such is not available but here is something you may wish to consider.
  6. Eventually yes over time as I understand it with a 301. I do that by choice to avoid a long term page or product not found. Once set up it stays there until you remove it. His mod let's you set whatever code you want too. By default the mod throws a 302, which you can review in a log and the change to 301, delete or whatever.
  7. @burt I have gergelys redirect installed and use it a lot. Mostly for discontinued items. When the last one sells of something I set up a redirect to an appropriate product or category. I also set up a 301 for SEO. I'm really interested in what you come up with especially with edge and PHP 7 in mind.
  8. As I see it the boot strapped version is what's keeping OSC above water.
  9. Only help I can offer would be installing on source tree and testing
  10. Installed and working. Thx for the update.
  11. I've been S L O W L Y upgrading to edge, I've been doing that via Github and installing commit by commit. I still have a way to go. My reasons for going to Edge is I want to run php 7* and folks are turning out addons that are meant for Edge.
  12. Slim Checkout for BS

    Can test but currently traveling. Couple of weeks...
  13. AJAX Attribute Manager support

    Hello, thanks for that info. Got it now. With that so updated, the values are showing in product_info neatly now. As you add them in the ajax portion, they will show in order of how you add them it appears. That's a plus. Also, I find by making and copying a template, when applying that template to a new product, the values show well as well. If a shop owner really needs to change the order, it is possible to do that manually withing the products_attributes table. Suggestion on instructions for AM... consider removing: 1) If you haven't installed the attribute sort order contrib then you should install that one first: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/1822 Maybe some explanation of what I observed above would help a new user. Also, in the code to be replaced for this purpose I see $HTTP_GET_VARS I believe that has been modified when going to edge. Thanks
  14. AJAX Attribute Manager support

    Hello, I was looking over the install instructions and for the optional product attributes sort order add on.. https://apps.oscommerce.com/2K0SB looks like it was last updated there in 2012 which is pretty much pre bs and edge. So I'll presume the coding there would be outdated. Wondering if table definition code would be the only thing needing updated. TABLE_PRODUCTS_ATTRIBUTES example