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  1. altoid

    QTPro BS

    @raiwa Thank you for the explanation. I uninstalled and reinstalled..set up some values and they are all in order now. 👍
  2. altoid

    QTPro BS

    Hello, I believe I have the latest version of QT Pro.. oscom-qtpro-bs-e317m-0xjSb for product info modules I have cm_pi_qtpro_options cm_pi_qtpro_table My options settings are: I can add the descending parameter and report back.
  3. altoid

    QTPro BS

    @raiwa I came up with plan B, a work around that takes care of what I want to do. In the attribute manager I enter the attributes in reverse order from what I want the drop down to show. It works and the table remains as I want it to as well.
  4. altoid

    QTPro BS

    that's yielding this error: [12-Oct-2018 14:53:25 America/New_York] PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '$attributes_price' (T_VARIABLE) in /home/Username/public_html/includes/modules/content/product_info/cm_pi_qtpro_table.php on line 80 but I want to note, the my table looks fine to me, the products are showing ascending properly from smallest to largest. it's the drop down that reverses the order (from largest to smallest) that I want to change to match the table. Thx
  5. altoid

    QTPro BS

    Hello...I changed to /** * Options Sort Order */ $this->add('AM_USE_SORT_ORDER' , true); and I see in admin how I can move the values up and down. What I can't figure out is to get the attributes drop down to sort like the table as follows: For reference, here is a product I did with just QT Pro before I added AJAX AM: Is there something I have to change in the pad_base class file? Thx
  6. altoid

    QTPro BS

    I have QT Pro installed with the Ajax Attribute Manager. As far as adding attributes, all's good. But in the product info page the option drop down is in reverse order of what I'd like it to be. The QT Pro Currently On Stock table is ordered as I want it. So looking at the sort order add on, it is so far out of date I am hesitant to mix that in with my CE shop running a PHP 7.1* version.. I was thinking about modifying a SQL statement in the padbase file with an order by to perhaps achieve to sorting I want. Thoughts?
  7. They were mostly notices, with a few warnings when I was on 7.2* PP Express related...and other add on we're the source. Often similar to the undefined definitions as you mentioned. Rolling back to 7.1 did reduce issues showing up in the log The shop was running fine on 7.2, it's only when I checked the log did I notice.
  8. As of now Edge/CE/ seems to be compatible with PHP 7.1 in my shop. I was running a 7.2 but it was showing more notices and warnings on my error log. I rolled back on advice from a professional.
  9. Rolling php back to PHP Version: 7.1.22 (Zend: 3.1.0) (I was at a 7.2 version) Just this one notice appears in the log: (whereas before there were multiple notices) PHP Notice: Undefined index: PAYMENTREQUEST_0_SHIPTOSTREET2 in /home/barkav5/public_html/ext/modules/payment/paypal/express.php on line 424 My existing code for that file and line shows: $ship_suburb = tep_db_prepare_input($appPayPalEcResult['PAYMENTREQUEST_0_SHIPTOSTREET2']);
  10. @Jack_mcs I rolled back to a 7.1 php version in that my 7.2 version may be causing some of these notices in the php error log. I'll advise later what I observe. Thx
  11. Hi Jack, for clarification, I am not having problems with SEO URLs working shopside. The URLs are generating as they should. I am only letting you know what showed up in the error log as an FYI. I use php.ini for my settings rather than change application_top.php. I've been considering disabling notices and may eventually do so as they are not critical at this point. But if I understand how this works, eventually a notice could turn into a warning with a future php release. Then an even later release the warning could lead to a fatal error. So just long term thinking here is all. Thanks SK
  12. altoid

    QTPro BS

    And installed and set up the appropriate product info modules in admin?
  13. altoid

    QTPro BS

    Hello...I am using the CE version about 4 commits behind what is in the repo that this time. For QT Pro..from the most recent update I am using the CE Frozen file package. By and large I am a paint by numbers coder so the inner secrets of coding lore are beyond my calling. However, for the product_info issue since this is a modular thing, if it was was me I'd start looking for something in this area ... \includes\modules\content\product_info and the associate language files. and how/where they are loaded and activated. That's just a guess though.
  14. Jack, according to the error log so far so good for the undefined constant fix. Here are the other php notices I see now in the log. PHP Notice: Undefined index: path in /home/barkav5/public_html/includes/classes/seo.class.php on line 2605 if (strpos($this->attributes['SEO_REDIRECT']['URI_PARSED']['path'], '.html') !== FALSE) { $u1 = $this->attributes['SEO_REDIRECT']['URI_PARSED']['path']; PHP Notice: Undefined index: path in /home/barkav5/public_html/includes/classes/seo.class.php on line 2642 if (strpos($this->attributes['SEO_REDIRECT']['URI_PARSED']['path'], '.html') !== FALSE) { $u1 = $this->attributes['SEO_REDIRECT']['URI_PARSED']['path']; PHP Notice: Undefined index: path in /home/barkav5/public_html/includes/classes/seo.class.php on line 2713 if (strpos($this->attributes['SEO_REDIRECT']['URI_PARSED']['path'], '.html') !== FALSE) { $u1 = $this->attributes['SEO_REDIRECT']['URI_PARSED']['path']; PHP Notice: Undefined index: path in /home/barkav5/public_html/includes/classes/seo.class.php on line 2743 else if (($pStart = strpos($this->uri_parsed['path'], "-c-")) !== FALSE) {
  15. altoid

    QTPro BS

    The very lastest...QTpro BS 5.6.3. https://apps.oscommerce.com/e317m&qtpro-bs