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  1. Can test but currently traveling. Couple of weeks...
  2. Hello, thanks for that info. Got it now. With that so updated, the values are showing in product_info neatly now. As you add them in the ajax portion, they will show in order of how you add them it appears. That's a plus. Also, I find by making and copying a template, when applying that template to a new product, the values show well as well. If a shop owner really needs to change the order, it is possible to do that manually withing the products_attributes table. Suggestion on instructions for AM... consider removing: 1) If you haven't installed the attribute sort order contrib then you should install that one first: Maybe some explanation of what I observed above would help a new user. Also, in the code to be replaced for this purpose I see $HTTP_GET_VARS I believe that has been modified when going to edge. Thanks
  3. Hello, I was looking over the install instructions and for the optional product attributes sort order add on.. looks like it was last updated there in 2012 which is pretty much pre bs and edge. So I'll presume the coding there would be outdated. Wondering if table definition code would be the only thing needing updated. TABLE_PRODUCTS_ATTRIBUTES example
  4. @raiwa, I installed QTPro in a test shop using edge and php 7+ that I already had ajax attribute manager installed. The Ajax attribute manager folder in the QTPro package looks like the files may need updated for edge and php 7. I ran into some errors initially but doing some updates as best as I could seemed to take care of those.
  5. @raiwa In a test shop with php 7.1.7 No errors displayed on shop or admin side. Once in stalled, had to go through and reset some settings to false because I didn't have the particular add on installed. but once done all's good.
  6. Facebook and Google log in worked.
  7. @@burt Gary, I lost track of where the php7 project is for Edge but in Github I managed to pull John's branch into my local branch (after dealing with a couple conflicts), the using the zip from that I ran a fresh install a "live" test shop using php 7.1. Hopefully what I have there is Edge up to the latest as of this date, then John's php7 work on top of that. Install went fine, no errors showing. A quick look around the test errors appeared but more looking needs done. FYI on that
  8. @@burt I can test, but it'll have to be on a uniserver test shop as my live shop is still way back from being caught up on Edge
  9. cannot find anything other than UTF-8 in tables and/or appropriate files. I'll look at PP configuration and if nothing shows on the PP app install. Thanks
  10. @@MrPhil @@mcmannehan @@Gergely Morning and thanks for the responses. Here is some info in response. Info: Version 2.3.4 BS (about 3/4 along the way from Gold to Edge) All table collation was and is utf8_unicode_ci Checking in table_orders I see for this customer customers_street_address: Bivackgränden 21 delivery_street_address: Bivackgränden 21 The customers customers_address_format_id is 1 Now looking at other format ids I see they seem to change from country to country. In my database table, it seems all the "1s" are mostly non US english speaking countries, but I do see Russia and Norway in there too. Page Source for some ON index page it is: charset="utf-8" on account.php it is: charset="utf-8" for address_book_process.php it is charset="utf-8" I only have English language activated on this shop. This situation is viewable to me on the admin side in orders.php and apparently is carried over to PayPal where in the payment notice I see the character situation in the shipping address. I have not yet install the PP App on this shop. I am using the stock PP Express module. Version: 3.0 (online status) API Version: 112 Thanks
  11. For a customer from Sweden, in his customer information address line it shows this: Bivackgränden 21 But in the address line in his shipping information shows this: Bivackgränden 21 Any ideas what's going on there? Thanks
  12. @@raiwa Found it admin/includes/header.php Got there from the original instructions it looks like.
  13. @altoid I am updated from Github. Regarding that duplicate message, I don't see anything in admin/includes/template_top.php Going through that again..when ordering a Value 8 MB card, where there is only one in inventory when completed over on the admin side when on the index.php page, I see just one notice: Warning: There are 1 sick products in the database. Please visit the QTPro doctor. It appears only with the catagories.php page, I see two notices now: Warning: There are 1 sick products in the database. Please visit the QTPro doctor Warning: There are 1 sick products in the database. Please visit the QTPro doctor. Seems something specific to categories.php?
  14. @@raiwa I'll update with what you advised and check things out on the test shop. Regarding my repo, I apologize, I got backed up and haven't kept that up to date. I'll do that with files from your repo which should get it up where it needs to be. Thanks for working on the QT Pro modification > BS. It'll surely help folks out.