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  1. Gary is this pertaining just to edge core related errors? I have some add ons that are causing some notices, etc.
  2. altoid

    Email queuing system

    Latest tweak working slick as a whistle.
  3. altoid

    Email queuing system

    Looks like a welcome, order process, review request and a "test email"
  4. altoid

    Email queuing system

    Received 4 and all's looking very nice.
  5. altoid

    Email queuing system

    Just ran a test order
  6. altoid

    Email queuing system

    Agreed. Very spiffy.
  7. OK thanks..for application_top.php the change was from if ((!defined(SEO_ENABLED)) || (SEO_ENABLED == 'true')) { include_once('includes/classes/seo.class.php'); if ( ! (isset($seo_urls) && is_object($seo_urls)) ){ $seo_urls = new SEO_URL($languages_id); } } to if ((!defined('SEO_ENABLED')) || (SEO_ENABLED == 'true')) { include_once('includes/classes/seo.class.php'); if ( isset($seo_urls) && !is_object($seo_urls) ){ $seo_urls = new SEO_URL($languages_id); } } if I have that correct. Otherwise with the new seo.class.php uploaded should be up to date then.
  8. Jack, I am two versions back on this. Can I just install the latest or should I install each version incrementally? I am currently at Version 2.2d-16 Thank you
  9. Being able to search the app market place by add on author would be handy.
  10. This is a great idea. Feed back should address funtionality, compatibility, etc. And not include personal attacks, snide remarks and so on. Feedback that goes personal should be removed. No drama please, I get that enough in today's politics.
  11. Or otherwise. I use it to link to my own blog articles.
  12. altoid

    Removing fake customers

    here's one: from ip: IP Location Moldova, Republic Of Chisinau Starnet Solutii Srl ASN AS31252 STARNET-AS, MD (registered Mar 31, 2004) Resolve Host 188-138-188-34.starnet.md Will be blocking - via my cp
  13. altoid

    Removing fake customers

    @Snarg same here, very similar to what you show. About 1 or 2 a day. I've been manually deleting.