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  1. koraldon


    same problem here
  2. okay, made it myself, you can download it here http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,2036 I must say this is not the most helping forum out there.
  3. c'mon ppl, someone must have done it...
  4. koraldon

    downloading 900 products with EP

    I have 200, no problem for me
  5. I tried doing it myself, but didn't succeed, no one have experience with it?
  6. someone? anyone out there?
  7. I'm looking for contrib which will randomize the products showed in the also purchased box. I didn't find one in the contribs section or here... so any help will be great :)
  8. koraldon

    Order Tracker New Contrib....

    I use it and it is really nice, I think it will make a very good contrib as is.
  9. koraldon

    Order Tracker New Contrib....

    Hi, is there any news about this contribution? as I'm really looking forward to a stats module :)
  10. koraldon

    Simple Easypopulate problem

    Well I solved the problem. although in a very crude way - I just editted the easypopulate file and deleted the query that update the date field in the database... Now it works
  11. koraldon

    Simple Easypopulate problem

    Actually I have the same problem even when I just download the model nubmer/qty/price option and then I upload it again without even opening the file... So excel is not even touching the file and there is no date field in the file.
  12. For some strange reason it resets the date of all the products in the database to the date of the update.... does anybody know this problem? now this is a GREAT mod which can make my life so much easier, but this bug is annoying. All the new products gets mixed up and even setup some products as pre-order. I tried downloading a file and then straight upload but it still didn't help. using MS2 Thanks in advance