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  1. Lavarock

    OSC Links HELP

    Thank you, had the same problem today and this fixed it for me too. Same file. :D
  2. Lavarock

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Too bad we can't do our signup with Froogle the same way we do with the Post Office. We tell the PO that we are running OsCommerce and it is already tested with their site. Perhaps the author here can work with Froogle to somehow code an application name in the data and let Froogle semi-automate their side. This could be suggested to "Help Froogle cut costs of looking at every submission" :-)
  3. Thanks for the info! I applied the fix and it appears to work, but I need to test a bit more. Unfortunately I had to add these patches to the live store, but so far, so good.
  4. Mibble, perhaps you know.. I am still having problems with this contribution AND the one which adds product attributes and options. When you choose a discount code which takes a % off, if the item has options/attributes, the discount is not taken. This IS a known bug, right and there is no fix yet? I don't see one and think others reported this problem.
  5. Lavarock

    NEW USPS Shipping

    Well, I didn't say it was more accurate... :-) In reality, I use weight based (table rate) shipping and throw in some fixed shipping rates as follows: I cannot use the USPS shipping module because I don't have cURL and I also have a problem between my server host and the USPS website (I believe this is a PHP and DNS issue). The USPS Flat Rate packaging allows us to send items within the US by paying per envelope, not per pound. (It appears that the OSCOmmerce shipping module is not yet updated for these new flat rates) In my case, the majority of my shippings are all the same products, coffee. So far I have been able to set up rates for shipping, knowing that there are a few options I have based upon the weight of products and their size. I have 2oz sample bags (up to 2 of them will fit in a number zero insulated bag). A 4oz bag of coffee also fits in that same bag. Thus 4oz I charge $1.29 because that is what that zero bag costs to send from Hawaii to the East Coast addresses by 1st class postage. In a USPS Flat Rate envelope I can fit two 8oz or two 1 pound bags of coffee. It is a tight squeeze, but they fit. Thus up to 2 pounds I charge the flat fixed rate of the USPS for that envelope at $3.85. I have products that will fit in that bag, but are heavy. To make life simple I add $3.85 to heavier items prices and then list the weight as 0 pounds and show the item as having "Free Shipping". Shipping is never "FREE", it is just included in the price. In this case, I get paid $3.85 extra for an item where I know the shipping will cost me $3.85. The customer still pays for the shipping, and the shopping cart doesn't know the difference. USPS FIxed rate shipping takes about 3-5 business days from Hawaii t othe East Coast. Thus except for a guranteed 2 day air shipment, this is a very cost-effective option for my customers. NOTHING is overnight from Hawaii and from some outer islands, an extra day is needed for shipping. Continental US shippers may have to offer better solutions than 3-4 day shipments, but people just expect stuff from Hawaii to take longer :-) My weight based shipping is based upon pounds. Thus .25 pounds is slightly heavier than 4 oz. 0:0,.25:1.75,2:3.85,4:7.70,5:11.65,6:12.20,7:13.40,8:14.60,9:16.80,10:18.00,11:1 9.00,12:20.00,13:21.00,14:22.00,15:23.00,16:24.20,17:25.40,18:26.60,19:27.80,20:2 9.00,21:30.20,22:31.40,23:32.60,24:33.80,25:35.00,50:00 --- 0:0 <no weight is free or shipping included in price> .25:1.29 <4 oz is $1.29> 2:3.85 <up to 2 pounds (flat rate envelope) is $3.85> 4:7.70 <up to 4 pounds (2 ea flat rate envelopes or the new box) is $7.70etc I hope that I have been able to explain this well enough. I do some shuffling of prices and options to give my customers inexpensive shipping without making the shopping cart too difficult to use or manage.
  6. Lavarock

    NEW USPS Shipping

    I am not a coder of this module, but I assume the following whill happen: USPS has probably already changed their site to return the pricing for these fixed price boxes via the API. Some one will soon modify this shipping module to take advantage of the new calls to the post office. The change should be pretty simple, as it just adds some text and a radio button or two. When that change is made, they will post it and you can update your store to take advantage of it. One thing to note is that, as mentioned, there is no weight limitation to speak of, with these boxes. HOWEVER, you have a size limitation. That means, the item must fit inside the boxes, so most stores will have to go through on an item by item basis to determine if this particular box will work and is a cost-effective solution. Although it may the the cheapest solution, some customers may prefer a different solution. I personally use the flat rate shipping when possible because so far, no package from Hawaii to the mainland has taken more than 5 business days and many have taken just a couple days. Within the 48 states, it should be even faster. Also with the fixed rate shipping, you know exactly how much to charge and can pre-purchase stamps for these if desired.
  7. Lavarock

    Charge for shipping only - Item Free

    How I offered free items. I use weight-based shipping. The "catalogs" fit into a USPS Flat Rate envelope, thus I knew the shipping would be $3.85 no matter what was in the envelope. I set the weight to zero and charged $3.85 for the item.
  8. Lavarock

    NEW USPS Shipping

    The story can now be told... :-) I mentioned these in the General Chit Chat forum a few months ago, but forgot to post it here :( The shipping boxes should be available for you at the post office as we speak, and orderable via the USPS webstore. The API's are being modified... I had to notify USPS that these new boxes are hard to find on their site. The first shows up but to order the second, you have to look at their whole catalog. They say they will consider having both links on the description page. We believe that our local Postmaters in Hawaii pushed this through, primarily because our coffee shipments are straining the Flat Rate envelopes. Imagine an envelope holding 2 pound bags of coffee and just bursting the seams. They would not let us tape the envelopes either. Anyway, then came the boxes. Your post office already should have them. Here in Hawaii they are coming by boat and we are waiting and waiting... :-) The 1st box is called a "shoe box" and the second a "garment box". Hopefully with flat rates on the boxes and the existing envelopes you will be able to offer some neat deals for customers. Add $3.85 (envelope) or $7.70 (box) to the price and offer free shipping :-)
  9. Yes, it does seem that if a product has an attribute, the discount does not work. I chased this down all day. Does anyone have a fix, even if it involves removing code making adjustments for attribute costs? I don't use any price difference at present and need the attributes on my products.
  10. Lavarock

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Yes, I wrote them and nudged them. I asked what was wrong with my feed or was I just jumping the gun. Soon thereafter, my feed went live. I think they were just behind checking them. They say it takes a few business days, but still... FYI, I read where since Google had their stock listed, many people are now multi-millionaires and may be jumping ship. I can imagine that if Froogle is run by Google, they may be somewhat slow to respond :-) http://www.nzherald.co.nz/storydisplay.cfm...section=general 04.10.2004 11.00am SAN FRANCISCO - As Google nears the end of its first quarter as a public company, industry watchers say one of its emerging challenges is how to keep soon-to-be wealthy workers from cashing out and moving on.
  11. Lavarock

    UPS and USPS stopped working

    I have continued to have problems getting USPS module to work. I believe that I read about a PHP DNS lookup problem in earlier versions and perhaps many of us are on hosting companies that have not applied the fix. I do know that I have been quite unsucessful getting MYDOMAIN.COM to add or fix any core programs, etc. USPS does not seem to work if you hardcode the IP address in the code, possibly because both the test and production servers point to the same IP address Searched in Oscommerce forums for this error are difficult because words like IP and DNS and USPS seem to be blocked in searches.
  12. Lavarock

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Ok, so today I got tired of waiting and emailed them. They emailed me an hour or so later and now I see the entries all active. I guess I just had to nudge them a bit... :D
  13. Lavarock

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    I'm betting that it just has not been verified. I'll just leave this up there until they do that. I guess I thought that was an automatic procedure.
  14. Lavarock

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Actually, the file name is not text.txt. Even though there are no passwords or private information in the file, something made me change it when I made the posting public. :D
  15. Lavarock

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    I see no error at all and I have looked. I am NOT using advanced options. There are no lines of text where I would expect the errors to be listed. That is why I thought it might be that Froogle had not reviewed my data. If they are responding quickly, I'll email them and ask what's up. I just didn't want to bother them if they are taking 3 days to review the feeds and I was jumping the gun. ===== All uploads for test.txt Uploaded at ▼ Processed at Outcome # of active products # of errors 2004-09-23 14:36:46.0 2004-09-23 14:52:07.0 Success with errors 0 1 2004-09-21 12:02:13.0 2004-09-21 12:16:20.0 Success with errors 0 1 2004-09-21 11:51:34.0 2004-09-21 12:07:46.0 Success with errors 0 1 ===== 2004-09-23 14:36:46.0 upload View all uploads Outcome: Success with errors Number of products processed: 11 Number of products succeeded: 11 Number of active products: 0 Feed file name: test.txt Uploaded at: 2004-09-23 14:36:46.0 Processed at: 2004-09-23 14:52:07.0 Errors Line # ▲ Error Bad feed data Feed will not go live - help