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    Offical Google Checkout module for osCommerce Support Thread

    OK hi all new here, first post but this will hopefully help alot of people i think who are getting started. I've done alot of searching, reading, research and googling prior to this post. Problems I had while trying to get Google Checkout to work(Fresh OSCommerce install, Fresh googlecheckout install): Orders would be sent to google no problem but order was NOT in the admin section, No customer order in database. shopping cart was not being emptied after purchase. google tables in database are empty. syntax error, unexpected T_CASE. Here is what happened. Downloaded lastest ver. of oscommerce, went to oscommerce contributions. top of the list for google contributions was a file named "Full Package.zip" Assumed this was kosher, WRONG! Beginning of readme states: "GOOGLE CHECKOUT MODULE FOR OSCOMMERCE v1.4.5_CCS - 09/27/2007 NOTE: This will work with New OSCommercer v2.2. RC1" don't download this contribution from oscommerce site... Instead use this site as mentioned a couple times in previous threads. http://code.google.com/p/google-checkout-o.../downloads/list Hopefully people will stumble across this post when searching for these problems. Thank you all for your help I found searching this topic!!