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  1. danny002

    [Contribution] STS v4

    Thanks once again.... ok so now i instaled a new language pack, and when i select the new language on the page it loads up all messed up. my question is since the instalation of the language didnt have anything to be moved to the STS folder could that be whats causing the issue, because i remember the STS included some languages unfortunately it they werent the ones i needed. i posted this in the language section, but i figured if its a sts issue i could try here also... Thanks..
  2. Hi i just installed a module for a new language, and now when i switch ove to that language the page loads up, but the product/category/info/languages boxes everything is jsut loading up with a different setting than the one programed.. could it have something to do with STS, and does anyone know how i can fix this? Thanks Danny
  3. danny002

    [Contribution] STS v4

    Hi Bill thanks for the reply i was able to instal sts without any issues..i do have one other question maybe you or someone else on here can help me. if i want to use just one template to edit the whole site..i dont wan't to make any thing too complicated just yet. do i make all the changes where? Thanks
  4. danny002

    [Contribution] STS v4

    Hi...well im new to all of this, so its really confusing me...my question is i just downloaded a fresh version of the RC2, so i would still upload the STS folder, and then id merge the differences onto what/where? how?...and where do you go after to make all the editing to the code? Thanks